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Sue The Banks

When the banks break the law, we break the banks!

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense legal strategies aimed at helping homeowners facing foreclosure protect their rights and find alternatives to losing their homes.

Quiet Title Litigation

Quiet title suits to establish clear and marketable to your real estate by resolving competing claims and removing improperly perfected liens or clouds on the title.

Mortgage Fraud Litigation

Sue your mortgage lender or servicer for legal violations, errors and fraud. Get financial compensation for banks fraud and make them pay you to go away.

FRAUD STOPPERS Glaski Bad Assignments
Trial Ready Evidence

Bloomberg audits, chain of title investigations, expert witness affidavits and testimony

Turnkey Lawsuits

Professional litigation packages for mortgage fraud, quiet title, and wrongful foreclosure

Paralegal Support

Professional paralegal services for legal documents, legal research, case management, and support

Attorney Networks

Nationwide attorney network for foreclosure defense, mortgage fraud, and quiet title litigation

About Us

FRAUD STOPPERS is Your Trusted Partner in Fighting Fraudulent Mortgage & Foreclosure Practices. FRAUD STOPPERS is a Private Members Association (PMA) that provides litigation support services to law firms, foreclosure defense advocacy groups, and pro se litigants nationwide.

When it comes to protecting yourself from fraudulent practices, you need a trusted partner by your side. That’s where Fraud Stoppers comes in. With our extensive range of services and dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to helping individuals like you combat fraud and safeguard your rights. Whether you need assistance with litigation support, foreclosure prevention, expert testimony, or legal education, Fraud Stoppers is here to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

FRAUD STOPPERS revolutionary hybrid method can help you save time and money, and simultaneously increase your odds of success getting the legal remedy you seek and deserve.

Overturn the tables on the money-changers and save your piece of the American dream. Open a case file now for a free fraud analysis and professional consultation by clicking here


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For over a decade as an industry leader FRAUD STOPPERS PMA has been providing cutting edge legal information, products and services to support mortgage fraud and foreclosure defense litigation.

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Members Reviews


“Well guys here we are 14 months later and I just left the court where Wells Fargo foreclosure case was dismissed with Prejudice. That’s right with Prejudice! Can you believe it. Now all we have to do is sue for quiet title and I’m home free.” Victor Seabrooks


“Thank you, for helping me end his ongoing nightmare with Ocwen Loan Servicing . In all humility, knowing that God has his people in various place to help tear down obstacles and set others free; to stand up and bring in justice to the weak and those trodden downs without hope. Thanks for standing up for those like me. God is not a man to use and abuse; for he will repay, promote and enlarge your camps. Thank you.” Julia Elva


“FRAUD STOPPERS helped me in many ways. I contacted them because I was struggling with a foreclosure action started by Bank of America. FRAUD STOPPERS began its help by providing a free audit of the mortgage history of my property and introduced me to the concept of tangible and intangible note and security documents.” Dutch Maynard

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