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“A mortgage can be enforced only by a person who can enforce the underlying debt; a mortgage is but incidental to the promissory note.” Adam Levitin. Discovery how to save your house from foreclosure with cutting edge Foreclosure Help and mortgage fraud resources from the #1 Foreclosure Help organization.


According to a government audit nearly 83% of mortgages surveyed contained legal errors and violations that could be problematic for lenders attempting to foreclose. Learn how to make the banks pay you to go away and get the remedy you deserve with the #1 Foreclosure Help organization!

FRAUD STOPPERS Free EBook Foreclosure Traps Pitfalls and Swindles


FRAUD STOPPERS Hybrid system provides you with Foreclosure Help and Mortgage Fraud Defense Solutions and Support that can save you time and money while increasing your odds of success.

Mortgage Fraud Audits

Appraisal Fraud Audits, Bloomberg Securitization Audits, Forensic Audits, Robo-Signing Audits, Handwriting Analysis, and more

Turnkey Lawsuits

Quite Title Lawsuits, Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuits, FDCPA Lawsuits, TILA Rescission Lawsuits, Auto Loan Lawsuits, Credit Card Lawsuits, and more.

Legal Documents

Administrative Documents, Custom Court Ready Legal Documents, Answers, Briefs, Complaints, Injunctions, Appeals, and more.

Attorney Network

Nationwide Foreclosure Help Attorney Network Covering all 50 U.S States, Canada, and the UK.

Affidavits & Testimony

Signed and Notarized Expert Witness Affidavits and Expert Witness Testimony available.

Litigation Support

Professional Paralegals Providing Pro Se Support and Foreclosure Help Services 


Legal Education

Pro Se Legal Education & Foreclosure Help Education to Increase Your Odds of Success

Loan Modifications

Professional No Money Down Loan Modification Services, and Pro Se Loan Modification Support. Litigation Enhanced Loan Modification Options Available.

Short Sales Programs

Professional Realtor Short Sale Programs and Investor Short Sale / Leaseback Programs Available.

Bankruptcy Documents

Professional Bankruptcy Paralegal Document Preparation Services; including listing property as unsecured asset.

Credit Repair

Repair and Improve Bad Credit and Increase Credit Score with Professional Credit Repair Services

Income Opportunities

Get Paid to Help Others Stop Foreclosure & Mortgage Fraud with FRAUD STOPPERS Foreclosure Help Products & Services 

Get cutting edge foreclosure help and mortgage fraud resources when you join FRAUD STOPPERS today. We offer litigation support, admissible evidence, expert witness testimony, education, training, and support in all 50 states to attorneys and pro se homeowners. 




FRAUD STOPPERS foreclosure help and mortgage fraud products and services are intended to help you save time and money, and increase your odds of success, getting the legal remedy that you deserve with legal education, nationwide attorneys, custom court ready legal documents, trial ready evidence products, expert witness affidavits and testimony, credit repair, bankruptcy, short sales, loan modifications, keys for cash & settlement negotiations, and more.

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Discover the truth behind the mortgage & banking fraud that caused the 2008 banking meltdown, and how you can profit from it.

  • Foreclosure Help
  • Foreclosure Traps & Pitfalls to Avoid
  • How to Respond to a Notice of Default
  • How Table Funded Loans Really Work
  • Winning Court Strategies
  • Winning Mortgage Fraud Lawsuits
  • How to Make Money Helping Others
  • And Much More
“Well guys here we are 14 months later and I just left the court where Wells Fargo foreclosure case was dismissed with Prejudice. That’s right with Prejudice! Can you believe it. Now all we have to do is sue for quiet title and I’m home free.” Victor Seabrooks

“I am very happy with the work your company has done and your genuine concern. Next month I am going to sign on with Legal Shield as you also suggested.” Julie Meadows

“FRAUD STOPPERS helped me in many ways. I contacted them because I was struggling with a foreclosure action started by Bank of America. FRAUD STOPPERS began its help by providing a free audit of the mortgage history of my property and introduced me to the concept of tangible and intangible note and security documents.” Dutch Maynard

James Jones

Btw, the Substitute Trustee sale NEVER took place yesterday, County Recorder asked how I managed to pull that off, I said Fraud Stoppers! Lol  James Jones

Melanie Strapp

I want to thank you for your help, i won my case  and the bank want to settle out of court.

Melanie Strapp



I would like to say that I love your website,and I think you guys are spot on when it comes to the issue with loans originating from the area 2005,2006,2007 and so on.

Dutch Maynard


FRAUD STOPPERS helped me in many ways. I contacted them because I was struggling with a foreclosure action started by Bank of America which devolved to LSF9 Master Participation Trust serviced by Caliber Home Loans (actually owned by LSF9, covertly). FRAUD STOPPERS began its help by providing a free audit of the mortgage history of my property and introduced me to the concept of tangible and intangible note and security documents.

Margo Biuso


Through your agency I was referred to law firm that is working on research of my original mortgage file. This I was told is about a year, and I am about 3 months into it.

Terrence Clarke


Yes we need more fraud stopper in all area of this Society. To tell it as it is about the one percent and the ninety nine percents.

Daniel Lee


Thanks too the one and only Fraud Stoppers I found that I was a tenant and not the owner and I was kicked out of my property as a tenant in common and not the owner. Over come the deception  and a bifurcated separation of tittle and deed.

Lani Bernard


Yea thank you Mr. Frank.. you are gods mercy for us.. smile

Patrick Griffin


Fraud Stoppers Team took me out of the confusion and darkness and put me on a road of structure and knowledge . Each day there was a goal set and achieved , I had been fighting a battle they were initiating a process , that made all the difference. On each step of their process I found their paperwork to be top notch , there support people always there with the right answers. If you like I find yourself fearful wandering in darkness and confusion bombarded with information and misinformation ;make a call to the Team at Fraud Stoppers . I did and have no regrets.

Fred Schneider


Thanks again for ALL you do to help people like me and all the others you make claim you have helped.  You and Neil are doing a great job and there seems to be a LOT of movement out there and across our nation to finally get people to understand this huge racketeering scam that has gone on far too long.

Patty Cueto


I do realize that I got a great deal on the docs. I just want to thank you again for all you have done for me, also I’m very grateful for finding you on YouTube. Keep up the great work !!! We definitely need more people like you in this world,

Tim VanderLinda


You folks are just great people who give solid information I have not been able to obtain until today. Just a big thanks and little hope that your who I think you are, considering how long I have faced the incessant frauds and crimes that have essentially stripped everything in my life without any honest advocate. Thank you again for any type of help you provide.

Julie Meadows


I am very happy with the work your company has done and your genuine concern. Next month I am going to sign on with Legal Shield as you also suggested.

Robert Willis


This is Willis from SC. I thank the whole staff of the Fraud Stoppers in doing a great job in the litigation dept. Especially Amy! She is one heck of a woman. Joe you are very lucky to have her on your team! Peace and blessings to you all.

Liz Combs


Thank you so very much, Frank and Damion, for being on top of this and so quick in your response. I will be reviewing it later on this evening, or perhaps tomorrow morning! I appreciate the notes back to me!

William Montes-Pack


I am satisfied with the answers and corrections.  The answers definitely helped me understand the relationship between government guaranteed loans, recordings & securities.

Judith T Gilchriest


Thanks guys it’s so good. So unbelievable all the stuff in my loan still gotton finish paper work n send other letters gonna send the rest all at once and wait 21 days I think they already responded with paperwork different than there compliant can’t wait to right a review just a lot to learn but so expertly laid out and trust you guys go far and beyond the act of duty and have all the expertise and stand behind your company’s word

Marcella Hernandez


Among many attributes, Fraud Stoppers’ program has a great deal of information and resources available.  It’s really good to have information that someone I trust has looked at and approves of before spending time reading it.

Fraud Stoppers sends me helpful emails like this one. Great advice.

Cynthia Cameron


You guys are doing a great job!

Wendy Stein


Beautiful product launch!!!! Looking forward to working with ya’ll again, soon!

Robbie Lee


I got them done finally yesterday and bank didn’t put home on the market they stopped the sale hmm wonder why ? I got a good reason want to hear bet you already know don’t you ? Cause they do not hold the NOTE! I am happy made me believe more thank you not for making me worry jk but for sicken in with me I can be a handful and I am Sorry I worry all the time but I wanted to tell Sir TY

Phil Hewett

Thanks for the effort…hope I can put it to good use.

Charles Rapoli

Just wanted to pass on to you a big thank you for the analysis. It was great talking to someone that brings a ray of hope through all the deceptive evil that surrounds us. I reviewed the documents and I am very impressed with the information. I have learned even more.I look forward to more and thanks. Keep up the good work.

Roberto Vigil

Hello Frank, the Audit Report by Bert was amazing, I was able to enter it into evidence at trial on July 15, I am working on the findings of facts due end of this week and then we wait for the order buy October. Meanwhile can you recommend an Attorney to look at it and give me a legal opinion and plan going forward, I am really pleased with your services, Thank you so much, .come back

Earl Combs

Thank you very much, Damion and Frank! Your work is much appreciated! Thank you, also, for a speedy response!

Julie Brown

Thanks for all your help.  I appreciate it.

Mrs. Reyes

I hope all is well with you.  I just wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday and thank you for all your hard work.  I look forward to working with you in the new year.

Wendy Green

Thank you so very much for your concern and the information you are willing to share. I will follow-up as discussed.


I certainly appreciate you and the work being done to help others.Thanks again.

Pamela Owen

I forgot to mention that I’m still in my home! AND I’m having fun!

Mike Nicholson

I think Fraud Stoppers is awesome. What you guys do is to help others save their homes from foreclosure.

John C

FRAUD STOPPERS helped me stop my foreclosure and get a huge principal reduction on my mortgage.

Elizabeth Smith

I just wanted to say thank you to FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me get a $35,000 keys for cash settlement.  So YES, I would absolutely refer FRAUD STOPPERS to anyone looking for help with a foreclosure issue, because they didn’t make any false promises to me, and they did exactly what they said they would do.

Stephanie Johnson

Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me sue for mortgage fraud at the last minute. I stopped my foreclosure and I am currently negotiating with my lender for a principal reduction. And it looks like they’re gonna forgive all of my late payments, over $28,000!

Terrance Matthews

I filed FRAUD STOPPERS quiet title lawsuit and Wells Fargo stopped the foreclosure sale faster than Trump fired the FBI director. I’m telling you guys I anit never seen anything like this before. FRAUD STOPPERS I owe you guys big time. Thank you.

Matt Pacht

I wanted to say thank you to FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me save my house from foreclosure and get a super awesome loan modification. In fact Ocwen agreed to forgave almost all of my late payments. So thanks FRAUD STOPPERS. You guys are great!

Cindy W

I live just outside Austin Texas. I just wanted to take a second and say thank you to FRAUD STOPPERS. I filed FRAUD STOPPERS wrongful foreclosure lawsuit after Bank of New York Mellon sold my house, and 9 months later I’m still here. Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS

Monica and Kevin

Listen if you need help with your mortgage we recommend FRAUD STOPPERS because we got the help we needed for free!

Steve Labady

My neighbor referred me to FRAUD STOPPERS, and within a few minutes on the phone I knew I found the right place to help me with my foreclosure. They connected me to a local law firm that filed a federal lawsuit against Bank of American for me, on contingency.

That lawsuit is still ongoing, but I can tell you that the help I got was worth way more than the $100 membership fee I paid. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy company to help you save your home from foreclosure, I highly recommend FRAUD STOPPERS.

Roger Hader

I called FRAUD STOPPERS to help me save my house from foreclosure. But unfortunately I called them too late. Hey but at least they scam me out of money like the mortgage fraud examination company I paid $2500 to.

Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS for telling me the truth. At least you guys tried, and that’s all I could ask for. If I find anybody I’ll send them your way.

Robert Claflin

I’m here to tell you that FRAUD STOPPERS helped me save my house from foreclosure without having to spend an arm and a leg for an attorney. They provided me with a court ready lawsuit, all of the evidence I needed, and full litigation support. I was able to sue my lender for mortgage fraud and negotiate a settlement offer that was better than I had ever hoped for.

In fact the entire process was a lot easier than I expected too. They even took care of the entire mediation process for me.So bottom line, if you need help with a mortgage or foreclosure issue call FRAUD STOPPERS right now because I’m sure you’ll be as happy and satisfied as I am. Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me save my home.

Tiffany Rogers

I just wanted to let you know that I used FRAUD STOPPERS to stop my foreclosure. Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS. You guys ROCK!

Angela and Tony

We want to let you know that we used FRAUD STOPPERS to save home from foreclosure. If you’re fighting a foreclosure we recommend FRAUD STOPPERS because they’re honest, and they know how to stop a foreclosure and bring the bank to the negotiating table.

Victor Seabrooks

Well guys here we are 14 months later and I just left the court where Wells Fargo foreclosure case was dismissed with Prejudice. That’s right with Prejudice! Can you believe it. Now all we have to do is sue for quiet title and I’m home free.

Roberto Vigil

I got nervous there for a while not knowing if you guys were real, now I am certain you are, I just want to say I am greatful for your specialty and the work you have provided to me. I am grateful to you and to John, I now feel relieved as I was trying to find for a long time. Wish I had connected with you sooner. But I look forward to using your products and working with you guys going forward. Thanks again.

Liz Marks

I applied for a loan modification 8 different times and each time I was denied. I paid several companies and lawyers and none of them had any luck getting my loan mod approved.

This last time there was a foreclosure sales date set one of my patients referred me to FRAUD STOPPERS. To be honest I had already lost hope and was going to just give up, but Mary told me I got nothing to lose to call them. Thank you FRAUD STOPPERS you guys did the impossible. I owe you one.

Susan Holtz

FRAUD STOPPERS helped me in my foreclosure fight with SPS. They gave me the legal documents to stop the foreclosure sale, and they negotiated a principal reduction of my loan of more than $50,000. I would recommend FRAUD STOPPERS to anyone. Cheers!

Edgar T

Thank you for all the help. I just got everything in order ready to file last night. I’m going to go over everything one more time today thoroughly to make sure I did everything 100% correctly so I can file this evening.  I will also call Nathan today to get more information on using him. I’m very excited to get this filed. I will definitely keep you updated on my progress. Thank you.

Dorine Javier

Forgive me this a very trying time for me an my family. Im unclear on the eviction timeline, but Thank You an the Team . Im forever humble an GRATEFUL. I look forward to making referrals. Im so excited about being able to help, my family an a few FRIENDS. Once again Thank You and God Bless you an the TEAM. Sincerely Dorine Javier

Andrea Genrette

I am very grateful for FRAUD STOPPERS.

Mike Pop, Phoenix AZ

Well, is over now. I lost the house I filled 2 times with the COURT HOUSE.

First time I filled for restraining order and I was denied without getting to see the judge.

The second time I never got an answer. I must done something wrong by filling. Too bad I could not find an attorney in Phoenix to help me.

Anyway, as far FRAUD STOPPERS PMA’ services, 2 tombs up. Regardless, I will strongly recommend your services to any one I will find in need.

Frank, and all your team, THANK YOU.

Respectfully, Mike POP.

“To err is human, and I’m a human too”. Life moves on, and so will I.


Thank you, we contacted Usbank Headquarters and they stopped the Auction of our Home and property yesterday and are doing an Investigation on the whole matter. We also contacted the FBI ,FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, & Legal Aid finally got back in touch with us & they said they we’re probably going to take our case. Thank y’all again & GOD BE 4 Y’ALL ALWAYS…CHARLES &


Janet West

Good Afternoon, It is raining, flooding, and awful here in South Carolina. How is the weather there? The purpose for this email is; I have exhausted all credit in order to eat, have lights, food, water, gasoline, insurance, filing papers with SC Courts, and of course to my creditors.

Is there an attorney that you can contact on/for my family’s behalf, and seek representation for civil litigation, of SC Rules 22, 23, 37 and 14 most importantly Fraudulent, Criminal activities by others regarding our home, monetary loses, credit reports, etc?

There is no attorney in my state that will represent us, even though, I have spent five years in litigation. Need someone out of state that can practice law in my state.

We can negotiate attorney’s cost, and there is no doubt we will lose our case. As possibility contingency? Notice rules related to banks, lawyers, judicial procedure and emails as legal communications of The SC General Assembly’s, I believe the 122nd and 123rd. Or send me an invoice and I can see if one of my creditors will assist with addition credit.

Again, without your support, I would have given up a long time ago. and I truly thank you for your humanity. Problem is out of hand and I have an advocate, as or you. We are on a mission, and again, “I feel so humbled and blessed to have you as a friend in my life!”

Janet West, Aiken SC

The Big Trap Door for Foreclosure Defense Litigants and Lawyers: Damnum Absque Injuria

The Big Trap Door for Foreclosure Defense Litigants and Lawyers: Damnum Absque Injuria by Neil Garfield In the introduction of pleadings or memorandums of law, I often read that tens of millions of mortgage loans were sold into the secondary market. It might look like that, but nothing could be further from the truth. I think the big trapdoor can be found in such pleadings and memoranda --- this is how we end up admitting something that if true would make all errors in foreclosures damnum...

Mortgage Loan Servicers Profit  From Foreclosures

Mortgage Loan Servicers Profit  From Foreclosures  “Servicers” Post Losses: Why? Because most of their revenue and profit comes from foreclosures not servicing by Neil Garfield If servicers were actually collecting money and dispersing money they would not be reporting heavy losses. The truth is that they don't collect any money and they don't make any disbursements to "investors." That is why they can't answer questions about collection or disbursements. They are not servicers as we think of...

Mortgage Fraud & Foreclosure Daily News Update ⋅ May 7, 2021

        Mortgage Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ May 7, 2021           12 arrested in California for alleged mortgage 'conspiracy ring' National Mortgage News The indictment accuses the defendants of conspiring in grand theft, identity theft, forgery, filing false documents, money laundering and aggravated ...           LAPD Announces Arrests for a $15 Million Mortgage Fraud and Green Loan Scheme in Southern ... Random Lengths ... 12 individuals on 133 felony counts for allegedly operating a...


Keep Your House: Understanding the lies about the FDIC. by Neil Garfield A mistake is not the less so, and will never grow into a truth, because we have believed it a long time, though perhaps it be the harder to part with; and an error is not the less dangerous, nor the less contrary to truth, because it is cried up and had in veneration by any party."—Locke, in King's Life of him, second edition. Vol. I. p. 188, 192. I receive lots of inquiries about foreclosures where the FDIC is involved...

Facts about bad mortgage loans and how significant a risk is mortgage lenders and mortgage loan servicers noncompliance with consumer protection laws?

Facts about bad mortgage loans and how significant a risk is mortgage lenders and mortgage loan servicers noncompliance with consumer protection laws? If you are facing foreclosure or you are struggling with a fraudulent mortgage loan and you want to find evidence of mortgage fraud that you may be able to use to your advantage consider getting a FRAUD STOPPERS Bloomberg Securitization Audit because a Bloomberg Securitization Audit can give you and your attorney the evidence you need to sue for...


Securitization is Hybrid of Supply Chain Finance: The Key word is CHAIN First, let me say that there is nothing wrong with supply chain finance. In one form or another, it has been used for thousands of years. The same can be said for securitization --- if that is what is really happening. Second I have been getting quite a lot of questions about my articles and one of the more common questions can be paraphrased as "So where does the money come from?" I want to re-emphasize that while it...

the Mortgage Follow the Note

Does the Mortgage Follow the Note or Vica Versa? by Neil Garfield The key to all successful foreclosure defense strategies is to test the facts instead of assuming you know. Most people have their eyes glaze over as soon as you start talking about this. Does the mortgage follow the note or does the note follow the mortgage? The real question in the minds of nearly every layperson, lawyer, and judge is "who cares?" But because everyone wants to seem as though they are informed and nobody wants...

Signatures Without People: Fake Loan Documents

Fake Loan Documents Signatures Without People: Don’t Believe the Documents: They Are Not real. by Neil Garfield Be aware that in many cases no human hand has ever touched the documents. Nobody signed it.Securitization was always intended to extinguish the debt without barring the ability to enforce it. This legal impossiblity has been treated as "law" for nearly 25 years. This is increasingly true as human forgers and robosigners are no longer necessary due to technology advances and the...

Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure Fraud Audits Daily News Update ⋅ April 30, 2021

        Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure Fraud Audits Daily News Update ⋅ April 30, 2021           Jury begins deliberations in Hild's trial for fraud charges over bond pricing RichmondBizSense Jury deliberations in the embattled local mortgage executive's criminal fraud trial in Manhattan federal court begin today. The founder and former CEO ...     Flag as irrelevant     Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson Indicted On Federal Tax Fraud Charges Block Club Chicago Thompson is also accused of filing five...

Research Trust Law in Your State

Research Trust Law in Your State: Trust officer must sign, not agent or servicer. by Neil Garfield It's nice to be in the position where people do research and send it to me. It seems that Florida Statutes explicitly prohibit anyone other than an authorized trust officer who works for the alleged trustee to sign any oath, affirmation or certification. That means that no agent claiming powers from the trustee can do so. The trustees is already an agent --- and by statute the only agent --- who...

Foreclosure News Daily Update ⋅ April 29, 2021

        Foreclosure News Daily Update ⋅ April 29, 2021           New York's Highest Court Eliminates A Spurious Issue In Foreclosure Litigation Forbes Sometimes a lender accelerates the loan and then doesn't pursue foreclosure, instead sitting on its hands and doing nothing. If that continues for six ...           Maryland extends moratorium on new residential foreclosures Baltimore Sun Maryland is extending the moratorium on new residential foreclosures through June 30. The Maryland...

Mortgage Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ April 27, 2021

Banks Make Fake Threats About “True Lender” Language in Illinois Law by Neil Garfield This is a lot like 2008. But then the banks threatened to pull the plug on all trading platforms for bonds and other securities. They manage to convince a large number of decision-makers in the nation's capital and in State capitals around the country that if securitization "infrastructures" were compromised, the entire financial system would collapse thus bringing the entire economy to a halt and the end of...

Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure Daily News update ⋅ April 26, 2021

        Mortgage Fraud Daily News update ⋅ April 26, 2021           Hild trial week 2 recap: CFO grilled over details of bond fraud scheme RichmondBizSense Hild, founder and former CEO of Chesterfield-based mortgage company Live Well Financial, is charged with securities fraud, mail fraud and bank ...           Clearwater, FL Patch.com Good morning Clearwater, We are new to the area straight from S.C.. I own and operate a small handyman company called Honey do list done.           Five...

How to Deal with Mortgage Loan Servicers Demand Letters

Legal Death Trap: About Those Letters You Get from the “Servicer” by Neil Garfield THIS IS ABOUT MONEY, NOT DOCUMENTS When a homeowner starts asking questions about the existence, ownership and authority over their debt, note or mortgage, they will at best be misled and probably be the recipient of bald-faced lies. A typical exchange results in the receipt of a letter that is unsigned, with no human name stated, and no title. So first of all the letter is unsigned, which advances plausible...

Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure Fraud News Daily Update ⋅ April 21, 2021

  Foreclosure News Daily Update ⋅ April 21, 2021       FHFA aims to align foreclosure policies with CFPB National Mortgage News ... to prevent a wave of foreclosures, FHFA Director Mark Calabria said Tuesday during a virtual conference held by the Mortgage Bankers Association. CFPB Tries To Fend Off A Potential Foreclosure Crisis - pymnts.com CFPB April 5 Announces Foreclosure Restriction and Additional Loss Mitigation Requirements - JD Supra FHFA aims to align foreclosure policies...

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Gary Dubin Takes on the Entire State of Hawaii

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Gary Dubin Takes on the Entire State of Hawaii   Gary Dubin, Esq. Takes on the Entire State of Hawaii by Neil Garfield Dubin was disbarred by the Supreme court for the State of Hawaii. I have previously written about his situation because, in my opinion, he is the target of investment banks who have an out-sized influence on government.I also believe that the process by which attorneys are disciplined is defective two respects:The first is that the litigation of...


COURTS ARE REOPENING FOR FULL TIME FORECLOSURES   Dear Academy Members and Friends,   Chief Judge Janet DiFiore released a message to the legal community today, which included an announcement that, effective Monday, May 24th, "all judges and court staff will be required to physically return to work in their assigned courthouses. It is time to return to our normal and full courthouse staffing levels in order to support the fuller resumption of in-person operations, including jury...

Vaccine Passports: EMERGENCY FREEDOM ALERTS 4-11-21

NEWSLETTER: EMERGENCY FREEDOM ALERTS: 4-11-21 By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 11, 2021       Act 4:10  Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. Act 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. ——————————————– From: Mark Maesano...

Foreclosure Fraud and Mortgage Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ April 8, 2021

        Foreclosure Fraud and Mortgage Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ April 8, 2021           Servicers, Bankers React to CFPB's Proposed Foreclosure-Avoidance Actions DSNews.com In order to prevent a tide of foreclosures that could overwhelm servicers, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) earlier this week proposed ...           Oregon House passes new foreclosure moratorium Daily Journal of Commerce PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A measure that would reinstate and extend Oregon's moratorium on...

Discovery in Foreclosure Litigation

The dirty details of discovery in foreclosure litigation by Neil Garfield Defending against discovery demands is a contact sport that most litigators enjoy because they get to torture their opposition --- while at the same time learning all about the litigation strategy of their opposition. It is mostly regarded as a win-win situation for the defenders and that especially includes foreclosure mills who in reality don't even have a client who is a party in the subject litigation (hard as it...

Foreclosure & Mortgage Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ April 5, 2021

Attack the “Successors” by Neil Garfield In analyzing the paperwork in front of you, make sure you read every word and do not accept anything said at face value. A popular ruse by foreclosure mills is the use of the word "successor." I have been saying that this word is used as a cover-up for "we don't have title to the debt, note or mortgage." That means they have no loss connected with a claimed scheduled payment that was not received by a "Servicer" who had no right to receive it in the...

Mortgage Fraud & Foreclosure Daily News Update ⋅ April 3, 2021

        Mortgage Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ April 3, 2021           Former Nike manager Errol Andam reaches plea deal on federal charges, faces up to 37 months in ... oregonlive.com Andam agreed to plead guilty to charges of wire fraud, money laundering and submitting a false mortgage application, according to federal court ...           'Blockchain Recovery' Scam Is Posing as a Legit Firm, UK FCA Warns Yahoo Finance Impersonating legitimate organizations is a...

How to use “Unpublished” Opinions

How to use “Unpublished” Opinions by Neil Garfield One of the peculiar aspects of foreclosure litigation over the past two decades has been the overuse (by appellate courts) of instructions not to publish opinions that favor homeowners in litigation. So the homeowner wins in that case but other homeowners and their attorneys probably never hear about it.   This means that another homeowner who is fighting with exact same parties on an identical claim can lose and even have the case...

Mortgage Fraud & Foreclosure News Daily Update ⋅ April 1, 2021

        Mortgage Fraud News Daily Update ⋅ April 1, 2021           Lake County Recorder launching alert system to help thwart identity theft, mortgage fraud nwitimes.com The person then takes the deed to a bank, fraudulently obtains a mortgage and disappears with a large amount of money.           Recruiting, AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Hedging, HELOC, Anti-Fraud Tools; CFPB Meeting Transcript ... Mortgage News Daily Led by two listing agents, the group of fraudsters helped unqualified...

rules of evidence

Courts Are Wasting Time, Not Saving It: Apply the rules of evidence and both claims and defenses will fall. by Neil Garfield The excuse for the sloppy ways that the rules of civil procedure and the rules of evidence are applied in a case where the foreclosure process is invoked has always been "limited judicial resources."That is shorthand for we don't have the time to hear stupid defenses since the claims are clearly valid.   Practically every successful foreclosure defense attorney...

5 million families to be evicted when moratoriums end

Allowing 5 million families to be evicted when moratoriums end, is not a solution. It’s problem by Neil Garfield Allowing 5 million people to be evicted when moratoriums end, is not a solution. It's problem.Here is the solution for any landlord that owns rental property and any homeowner living in their homestead, where the property is subject to a recorded lien (mortgage or deed of trust). 1. Require all current servicers AND "successors" of "lenders" to prove they paid value for the...

Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure News Daily update ⋅ November 21, 2020

How to Attack Facial Validity of Lawsuits, Summons and Other Foreclosure Documents by Neil Garfield "Facial validity" consists of two words that are usually completely misunderstood in courts of law and frequently either misused or abused by the proponents of false claims on behalf of the false claimant or butchered by either neglect or inexperience by homeowners and their lawyers. And sadly most judges overapply it even in the face of gross abnormalities and fatal deficiencies.   People...

Mortgage & Foreclosure Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ March 19, 2021

BERGEN COUNTY MAN ADMITS DECADE-LONG $80 MILLION FRAUD SCHEME NEWARK, N.J. – A Bergen County, New Jersey, man today admitted orchestrating a long-running bank and securities fraud scheme, which led to large-scale losses for financial institutions and investors, Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael A. Honig announced. Seth Levine, 52, of Teaneck, New Jersey, pleaded guilty by videoconference before U.S. District Judge Madeline Cox Arleo to an information charging him with one count of conspiracy to...

Foreclosure Daily News Update ⋅ March 17, 2021

Basic Premise in Foreclosure Defense: Documents Are Not Events by Neil Garfield The objective in foreclosure litigation is not to prove something. The objective is to prevent the claimant from proving anything. The fundamental error of most homeowners, lawyers, and frankly judges, is the failure to distinguish between the real world and the fictional world portrayed by documents in front of them. A novel is a work of fiction. It can achieve credibility by referring to things that might have...

Disbarred Attorney Michael Pines Fraud Warning Alert

FRAUD STOPPERS FRAUD ALERTPublic Service Announcement (PSA)Regarding Disbarred Attorney Michael Pines   Disbarred Attorney Michael Pines Fraud Warning Alert Mr. Michael Pines, [AKA: Michael Roberts] was released from prison and the CA state mental facilitate and is no longer a licensed attorney. However several recent reports indicate that he is allegedly currently committing some of the same criminal acts he was previously convicted and sentenced for. Reports exist of Mr. Pines...

Modifications and Mediations are Opportunities for Homeowners to Deliver Blows and Setbacks to Self-proclaimed Servicers

“Modifications” and Mediations are Opportunities for Homeowners to Deliver Blows and Setbacks to Self-proclaimed “Servicers” by Neil Garfield When presented with a situation in which a court has ordered mediation or where a proposed modification has been offered, practitioners (lawyers) should be asking themselves what they would do if they knew for a fact that all of the correspondence, notices and proposed agreements were coming from a party who neither owned the alleged debt, relating to an...

How to Win a Foreclosure Case on Appeal

How Homeowners Can Win On Appeal in Foreclosure Cases by Neil Garfield The bottom line in trial court actions defending foreclosures is that generally whatever you're thinking about your defense, you need a little more than that. On Appeal, you need a lot more than what you are supposing will present the foundation for an opinion that reverses the trial court.I often hear lawyers who are losing in trial court say something like "at least we got it on the record," implying that on appeal the...

Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure News Daily Update ⋅ March 1, 2021

The “Holder” Myth: How Wall Street Baffles the Courts Posted on March 3, 2021 by Neil Garfield In a very recent deposition expertly done by a lawyer in an extremely conservative state, the grossly illegal plan to falsely present a scenario of “securitization of loans” was laid bare despite many attempts by an experienced witness who confessed that he was primarily a teacher to other witnesses for Mr. Cooper d/b/a Nationstar. The homeowner had simply asked for confirmation of the identity of...

Mortgage Fraud & Foreclosure Daily News Update ⋅ February 20, 2021

Steps to save your home from foreclosure  First, contact your lender to understand your options. In most cases, it’s usually a loan modification or forbearance. Loan modification will lower your monthly payment, but it could affect the amount of interest you’ll pay. To qualify, you must either be delinquent or facing imminent default, like losing your job. Forbearance is when your lender temporarily allows you to pay less each month or pause paying your mortgage. It does not erase the amount...

Mortgage Fraud & Foreclosure Daily NEWS update ⋅ February 19, 2021

Why You Need to be Thinking About GAAP by Neil Garfield For 15 years I have tried to get CPA auditors to enter the field of expert witnesses against the investment banks. While some have nibbled at the line, none have taken the bait or come on board. So homeowners and their lawyers must familiarise themselves with some basic accounting concepts to avoid the many trap doors and pitfalls the investment banks have set for them. The premise here is that nobody has maintained a loan account...

Foreclosure moratorium extended

Foreclosure Moratoriums are a Trap Designed to Set You Up for Total Economic Collapse Foreclosure Moratoriums Extended to drive you even further into debt and evitable financial ruin. If you think the government is going to come and save you and you will get a free house and lower mortgage and free health care, free college, universal free income, free cars, free food stamps, free everything.... you are delusional. There is no free lunch when it comes to the too-big-to-fail-banks and mortgage...

Why Fraud Charges Keep Getting Kicked Out by the Courts

Why Fraud Charges Keep Getting Kicked Out by the Courts by Neil Garfield This is tricky. I have often had complaints dismissed because I didn't make it over the threshold requirements for surviving a motion that attacks the elements of fraud. So in answer to many questions posed to me, the main reasons why fraud allegations are ignored or dismissed are as follows: 1. Some people think that mentioning fraud in oral arguments in court actually does something. It doesn't. You might just as well...

Foreclosure Fraud & Mortgage Fraud Daily News Update ⋅ February 16, 2021

Atlanta attorney disbarred, arrested and extradited to Walton Co. on fraud charges FOX10 News On February 2, 2021 DeKalb County Police Department received a tip from Crime Stoppers regarding Dickason's location on Echo Trail in Atlanta, ... Look at the Name of the Foreclosure Plaintiff or Beneficiary: Challenge the Deficiencies Early in Litigation. by Neil Garfield A simple fact that eludes most pro se litigants is that they are litigating with a ghost. They have no obligation to defend the...

Mortgage Fraud & Foreclosure Daily News update ⋅ February 11, 2021

Mortgage Fraud Whistleblower Gets Fees Tied to $15 Million Deal A False Claims Act whistleblower will receive $152,327 in attorneys’ fees and costs for her role in bringing about a $15 million settlement between the federal government and Guaranteed Rate Inc. for alleged misconduct under federal mortgage loan programs, a New York federal court said Wednesday. This recovery for Anthonitte Carranza, who received $2.4 million under the... Read more         Foreclosure NEWS Daily Update ⋅ February...

Missouri County Sheriffs Will Arrest Feds Who Violate Second Amendment Under Biden

Missouri County Sheriffs Will Arrest Feds Who Violate Second Amendment Under Biden The Commission of Newton County, Missouri passed legislation in February that will empower local law enforcement officials to arrest federal agents who attempt to violate the Second Amendment rights of citizens within the county. The Newton County Second Amendment Preservation Act will nullify any unlawful federal restrictions on firearms that may be passed under the Joe Biden administration. “All federal acts,...

Mortgage & Foreclosure Fraud Daily NEWS Update ⋅ February 10, 2021

        Mortgage Fraud Daily NEWS Update ⋅ February 10, 2021           First American launches mortgage fraud recognition tool Mortgage Professional America ... has launched a new tool that allows lenders and investors to more precisely identify the risk of fraud or early payment default on both new mortgage ...     Court ends DA's push to prosecute Manafort for mortgage fraud The Real Deal Court ends DA's push to prosecute Manafort for mortgage fraud. Manhattan DA Cy Vance has attempted to...

Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Daily NEWS Update ⋅ February 8, 2021

Wall Street is Lying to Investors of All Stripes by Neil Garfield Like always, there is the "in-group" and then everyone else. Ocwen is viewed as a hot trade even though it has no discernable business base other than receipt of income from conduits or sham conduits who have nothing to do except serve as conduits for payments of money to Ocwen -- but as long as it is needed as a front for Wall Street. Any security analyst will tell you that this is a company that is just waiting to be thrown...

The goal was to foreclose and resell, rehypothecate and destroy the American Dream

Well, Isn’t This Special… Posted on February 4, 2021 By Sydney Sullivan In the process of research for a homeowner in the throws of foreclosure hell, albeit stayed in moratorium for the purposes of COVID as a “Federally backed mortgage loan” pursuant to the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), a little unknown gem of information surfaced. Now, we’ve all been consumed lately with the GameStop fiasco and we’ve certainly learned about hedge funds and shorting the...

Mortgage & Foreclosure Fraud Daily NEWS Update ⋅ February 6, 2021

        Foreclosure NEWS Daily Update ⋅ February 6, 2021           All Year files last-minute lawsuit to block Bushwick mezz foreclosure The Real Deal A day before the scheduled UCC foreclosure sale of its trophy Bushwick rental project, Yoel Goldman's All Year Management filed a lawsuit in an ...     Chetrit's Tides hotel on Ocean Drive faces $45M foreclosure lawsuit The Real Deal Affiliates of the Chetrit Group are facing foreclosure of their long-shuttered hotel, The Tides South Beach....

Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure Daily NEWS Update ⋅ February 5, 2021

13 Questions: Here is what the OCC said should be minimum operating standards for “servicers” by Neil Garfield On April 19, 2013, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) published "Operating standards for scheduled foreclosure sales." This was about 5 years after public recognition of the mortgage meltdown, and 1 year after the infamous 50-state settlement in which the "servicers" and Wall Street brokers settled claims of fabrication of false documents that were forged, backdated,...

Ocwen (PHH) Slammed with Lawsuit by 33 State Attorneys General

Ocwen (PHH) Slammed with Lawsuit by 33 State Attorneys General by Neil Garfield Let them know what you think!!! The new suit is about charging illegal fees. But if the attorney generals of each state want real leverage they need only demand discovery responses to one simple question: Name the Creditor Who Authorized You to Act as Agent, Servicer, or Power of Attorney. Ocwen doesn't have any money to pay fines, penalties and damages, but the Wall Street stockbrokers (aka Investment banks) sure...

Foreclosure & Mortgage Fraud Daily NEWS Update ⋅ February 1, 2021

        Foreclosure Daily NEWS Update ⋅ February 1, 2021           New foreclosure rules align state law with Michigan Supreme Court ruling Iosco County News Herald County treasurers notify property owners of foreclosure. The delinquent tax process is a roughly two-year cycle. The property owner has until July 1 of ...           A Question for 2021 – Can a Loan Modification Stop Foreclosure? South Florida Reporter If you and your family are facing foreclosure due to falling behind on your...

Mortgage Fraud Daily NEWS update ⋅ January 30, 2021

WHAT IS A SERVICER ADVANCE? According to Ocwen it has zero credit risk and is not really an advance by Neil Garfield One place where securitization players and foreclosure players don't lie is in reports that are formally filed with the SEC. So in my research, I found a document in which Ocwen describes itself and which is subject to judicial notice because it is a government document downloaded from the Sec.gov website. The filing of 8k and other reports required by securities laws and...

Watch Out for Foreclosure Rescue Scams and Promises of Modification

Watch Out for Foreclosure Rescue Scams and Promises of Modification Everett man pleads guilty to mortgage scam The manager of an Everett, Washington, call center pleaded guilty Tuesday to a scam that took $2.5 million from about 1,000 distressed homeowners who were facing foreclosure, according to federal prosecutors. Edwin Josue Herrera Rosales, 34, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Seattle to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. U.S. District Court Judge Paula McCandlis allowed Herrera to...

Foreclosure & Mortgage Fraud NEWS Daily update ⋅ January 26, 2021

        Foreclosure NEWS Daily update ⋅ January 26, 2021           Foreclosure suit hits Palmer House retail space Crain's Chicago Business As the owner of the Palmer House Hilton hotel grapples with a $338 million foreclosure lawsuit amid the COVID-19 crisis, it's now facing a separate ...     Flag as irrelevant     Federal foreclosure moratorium extended Lake County Examiner President Joe Biden requested federal agencies to extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums for millions of...


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