Welcome to FRAUD STOPPERS PMA, an International Private Members Association.


FRAUD STOPPERS provides litigation support product and services for mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud; and a whole lot more!

We service all 50 states of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Regardless of what program you are interested in, our ability to help you get what you want depends greatly on the information and documentation we have to work with. Therefore it’s important to take the time to provide any and all information needed for the service you are requesting.

When it comes to information and documents the more the merrier. However, how you provide the information and documents matters!

To help us help you (and others) better and faster we request that you upload documents directly to your case file. If you can.

Now, if you cannot upload documents to your case file, per our specifications, you can fax them to 800-459-1215 or email them to docs@fraudstoppers.org

Nevertheless, regardless of where or how you send your documents (upload, fax, email) please try to:

  1. Combine or merge multi-page documents into one single PDF document or file.
  2. Combine or merge multiple PDF files or documents into one single PDF document or file.
  3. Compress the size of each PDF file or document, if needed.
  4. Properly label or name each document. (example: Loan Docs, Legal Docs, Public Recorded Docs, MISC, etc.)

The attachments or documents should be limited to 80MB in size if you are uploading them to your case file and under 20 MB (total) if sending via email. The only file types allowed are pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, gif, jpeg, png, html, htm, shtml, bmp, csv, txt.

Please do NOT fax or email us one page or one document at at time! A little effort up front can save everyone a lot of time moving forward.

You can convert, combine, and compress documents for free at https://smallpdf.com/

For mortgage fraud and foreclosure defense issues we would like to see the following documents, if available:

  1. Promissory Note (loan agreement)
  2. Mortgage or Deed of Trust (security instrument or lien)
  3. Most Recent Loan Statement or Threatening Demand Letter (with current loan number on it)
  4. Any Foreclosure or Court Documents
  5. Any and all Public Recorded Documents, recorded against the subject property at the County Recorder of Deeds Office or County Land Records Office. Get a copy of everything from the time of purchase (or last refinance) until today.


If you are missing documents, don’t worry, just send what you have now and we will help you get any other docs needed.

You can also call your current lender or loan servicer and ask (nicely) to fax you a copy of all the loan documents they have on file. You can give them our fax number 800-459-1215 and we will upload them to your file for safe keeping where you can download them at any time.


If you need help moving your case file forward:

  • Add a detailed note or task reminder to your case file and select FRAUD STOPPERS to be notified.
  • Call 800-459-1215 extension 2 for Members Support
  • Scheduled a Members Support Call




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