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Utah Homeowner Wins Lawsuit Against Bank of America in Illegal Foreclosure Action

Originally posted on Justice League:

(St. George, UT) – Utah Fifth District Judge Jeffrey Wilcox listened to Sam Adamson tell his story on the witness stand about the illegal foreclosure conducted on his home by ReconTrust Company over four years ago. After taking the case under advisement Judge Wilcox issued a ruling stating that the foreclosure sale on Adamson’s home was void and never happened. “Judge Wilcox listened to all of the testimony and carefully reviewed case law and made the appropriate ruling,” Attorney John Christian Barlow, who represents the Adamsons, told KCSG news.

This ruling is significant because it renders ReconTrust foreclosure action invalid as if it never happened. For years Utah homeowners have battled Bank of America (NYSE: “BAC”) and its subsidiary ReconTrust Company over the validity of the bank’s foreclosure actions in Utah, Barlow said.

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