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Hi, fraudclosure heroes! Please forward the info below (and link to workshop Sunday ) to all who you consider leaders in helping victims of fraudulent foreclosure. Our board members, member-leadership, advisory board members and other anti-fraudclosure movement leaders are invited to a meeting this Sunday at 3 pm with a Dr. Richard Cordero, a judicial expert, to discuss our combined vision for how to obtain unprecedented citizens’ hearings and justice in response the fraudclosure crime syndicate. It will include Dr. Cordero’s teaching of his quite learned process for every victim of fraudclosure to write their affidavit/story in a way that is effective in 500 words or less, which we plan to offer to the public every following Sunday in November. Please take the time to research Dr. Cordero and his leadership over the past 10 years in addressing judicial corruption. (See his extensive writings on the website, listed below, before coming to the meeting, in order to move the discussion/organization along quickly.) We will be taking his idea to end judicial corruption and extending it to systemic corruption.


Political/Legal Action Committee and Networking Committee Meeting Report: If you are a board member you can go to our drive and you will see what we were working on last night at the Legal/Political Action Committee meeting and continue to work on–it’s a petition to our government and the file is called “to our government officials” (click on 9 boxes at the top right of the google account–log in like I explained to you in the email about it, and then click on the big triangle which will take you to the drive). Those board members who decide to be part of working on this petition can all work on it from there, but Maia and I have agreed ( at the last member support meeting) to be the principal writers (unless others have time?).  We’ve also attached what we have so far, for commentary. If anyone can find a similar petition or one that was successful, or has ideas for the outline or wording, please let us know today. (If you can, Maia, call me as soon as you can–also sent you Google link.) We want the petition live in the next few days, if possible. It will help us to Network as well, because we are using an activist action network platform to spread the word, which automatically will direct signers to our membership-signup page. It also outlines basic points we want people to include in their affidavits. 


At the Con events, the 10th and 24th, Charles Marshall will speak for about 10 minutes on how to respond to foreclosure complaints, we will watch and discuss The Con (part 1) and then have a Q & A, including an announcement about the affidavit-writing. Can you commit to being there?


Besides important personal things I must take care of today (like car issues, school/work, and a vacation at the end of the month , fyi, November 29th-December 5th) I have to organize the 5 public facebook events we’ve agreed to with The Con producers and Dr. Richard Cordero and I need all of your help with getting the word out on those events (look for them tonight). I’m leaving our board member Mishelle out of the expectation to participate in organizing any facebook event (as she usually would have done for us) because she is faced now with the writ of possession having been issued and can’t be bothered with anything else. Other board members, please look for the event pages (one may come from the New Untouchables as well), which should appear on our facebook page by the end of the day. Who can help get the word out to foreclosure vicitms and possible foreclosure victims on social media?


We had push-back/disruption from Bob and Tony at the committee meeting about the need for writing a petition (which we must discuss at our Member Support and Facilitation Committee meeting on Friday–how committee meetings are facilitated). However, according to our Constitution, the people have the “right to petition” our “government”. Although it is a long-shot, in combination with a well-organized affidavit/story-writing campaign to the Biden Commission, to our government officials (esp. the DOJ), and to the press, along with Teresa’s video efforts and local/national in-person events, I think we can get the outcome we need. I agree with Cordero’s conclusion–which echoes Patrick Lovell’s– that one important outcome would be unprecedented citizens’ hearings on corruption, whether or not the Biden Commission and Congress organize such hearings. Details about this month’s campaign should be discussed at this Sunday’s leadership meeting with Dr. Cordero, who has agreed that we should push for government/citizens hearings on the corruption of Wall St with the courts in taking our properties (not just judge’s corruption, but the whole thing) . Before we meet, please go over Dr. Cordero’s website, I want to invite not only our board and advisory board to that meeting, but also leaders of The New Untouchable, AXJ, Fraudstoppers, and any other local or national groups fighting against fraudclosure (our Coalition Against Corruption). Can you please send contact info for any other individuals or people who have been leaders in this movement? 


I also agree with Ramon–who volunteered to study the Cordero paperwork and come to this Cordero/Leadership meeting on Sunday–that we need to work in unison with other individuals and people who have already done so much work in this arena. 


American Property Owners Network is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Dr. Cordero Presentation on getting our Affidavits to the Biden Commission and the press

Time: Nov 7, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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