Paragraph 22, The Notice of Default and Right To Cure: How To Use This Most Overlooked Foreclosure Defense To Defeat Summary Judgment and Win at Trial

(Foreclosure Workshop #16: Rebroadcast from July 17, 2016)

This important broadcast, first exclusively airing on The Foreclosure Hour on July 17, 2016, is being repeated because homeowners are still largely under-using this powerful weapon against foreclosure, given the sloppiness and dishonesty of loan servicers, although it is available in virtually every mortgage and deed of trust situation.

John Waihee and I are pleased to have heard from many of our listeners that since that first broadcast they have used this defense successfully and easily to defeat summary judgments, even when pro se, but too many homeowners and even their counsel are still inexcusably overlooking this powerful defense.

Foreclosure Workshop #16:

Paragraph 22, The Notice Of Default And Right To Cure — How To Use  This Most Overlooked
Foreclosure Defense To Defeat Summary Judgment And Win At Trial

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