The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners has a sealed lawsuit in Federal Court of Claims 

  It has been assigned a DOJ commercial agent for Civil Justice, and Assistant Attorney General, a Director and an Assistant Director.  After months of back and forth arguments to try and kick us out, the 9th circuit court of appeals has issued an order for the United States of America to answer the complaint. 

This was done based upon the merits of the complaint and the whistleblowers from across the nation that stepped forward.    The complaint itself can be viewed at the @Disleage ( website, posted as public notice.   

The demand was for restitution recovery and rehabilitation to hold those responsible for these financial crimes…. accountable.   The United States has under April 8th to answer, understand that the United States stepped forward and they were not the initial party in the suit.   Attached is our information on the April 25, 2019 San Diego Walk to Take Back our Homes. 11am – 1pm PST   It is a peaceful walk to include all the survivors of Financial Crimes Against Humanity. We are inviting public servants to align and walk with us in solidarity to end homelessness and the genocide of home ownership caused by Financial Crimes Against Humanity!

The walk will end in Balboa Park with a no host picnic lunch.   Now more than ever our voices need to be heard.   If you or someone you know was victimized by this premeditated mortgage crisis, (you read that right, and we hold the proof) then come on down..   The time IS now, We Are The Peaceful Revolution and the winds of change are blowing.  Contempt of law will no longer be tolerated.   Thank you for sharing and attending, we are looking forward to seeing you there. 

Please send this email and the attached document to your contacts so they can #Clickshare the love     END FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY END BANKING FRAUD (  

walk to take back our homes PDF

We are walking together to tell the world that we still own our homes and homelessness is NOT an option. FRAUD eviscerates all judgments, evictions, theft of our private property and belongings! We are walking to show the Foreclosure Mills and Public Servants that we are united and not stopping until the Indictments are brought down on the Criminals Stealing our lives and our properties are returned.

We start our walk down Ivy Street at: (The Can of Worms) McCarthy & Holthus Law Firm offices of: QLS-Quality Loan Service Corp. 11:00 am on April 25 411 Ivy Street, San Diego, California. Walk participants include experts in Title, Real Estate, Lending, Law Enforcement, California 18 members, Professionals and people from all backgrounds who are Survivors of Financial Crimes and will be sharing experience and thoughts of remedy!

(We invited Governor Newsom and other Public Servants to join us too) Everyone in America is a victim of the financial crimes associated with the theft of homes and no identity is safe. This Walk is for everyone because whether you know it or not, you are a victim of Financial Crimes as an American!

It is time to take back our land, homes, estates and lives! JOIN US!! Bring your lunch as we will head to Balboa Park nearby to share lunch and continue networking. Learn more about Financial Crimes and what is being done to end them: Contact: Billie – / and Michael –

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