Stop Foreclosure with FRAUD STOPPERS: Expert Mortgage Fraud Defense and Homeowner Empowerment

Foreclosure occurs when the owner of a mortgage seizes the property to repay the debt because the borrower has failed to make timely payments. Foreclosure can also be triggered by other issues, such as failing to maintain the property or attempting to transfer the title without paying off the mortgage. The foreclosure process typically involves missing payments, receiving a demand letter, and then a notice of default. The duration of the process varies by state, but it ultimately results in the loss of the property, its sale to someone else, and the need to move out.

To avoid foreclosure, borrowers have options such as paying off the entire debt or seeking assistance from the bank. Banks are usually willing to work with borrowers to help them keep their homes, offering tools like forbearances for temporary hardships or short refinancing to reduce the loan amount. However, if foreclosure cannot be avoided, it has significant consequences. A foreclosure stays on the credit record for seven years, and the borrower may still be liable for any outstanding balance on the mortgage that the lender couldn't recover through the property sale.

The impact of widespread foreclosure can be detrimental to the real estate market. During the Great Recession, numerous foreclosures caused significant drops in real estate prices, especially in areas where borrowers had negative equity and felt no loss by walking away from their homes. In 2008 alone, over 2 million homes had at least one foreclosure filing. This high number of foreclosures had a substantial effect on the housing market, leading to depressed prices and a surplus of homes for sale.

FRAUD STOPPERS is an organization dedicated to helping homeowners facing foreclosure by providing assistance and resources to stop the process. They specialize in identifying and exposing fraudulent practices by mortgage lenders, servicers, and foreclosure attorneys. By utilizing their expertise, homeowners can take proactive steps to challenge the validity of their mortgage and potentially halt the foreclosure process.

FRAUD STOPPERS offers various services to support homeowners in their fight against foreclosure. They provide educational materials, including guides and videos, to help individuals understand their rights and navigate the complex foreclosure system. Additionally, they offer access to a network of attorneys and legal experts who specialize in foreclosure defense. These professionals can review mortgage documents for any signs of fraud or violations of lending laws, which can be used as leverage to negotiate with lenders or challenge the foreclosure in court.

By utilizing the resources and expertise provided by FRAUD STOPPERS, homeowners have a better chance of stopping foreclosure and protecting their homes. Through their comprehensive approach to foreclosure defense, FRAUD STOPPERS aims to empower individuals and level the playing field against unscrupulous practices in the mortgage industry.

When it comes to protecting yourself from fraudulent practices, you need a trusted partner by your side. That's where Fraud Stoppers comes in. With our extensive range of services and dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to helping individuals like you combat fraud and safeguard your rights. Whether you need assistance with litigation support, foreclosure prevention, expert testimony, or legal education, Fraud Stoppers is here to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

How Can We Assist You?

1. Bloomberg Securitization Audits & Litigation Packages:
Our team of experts specializes in conducting Bloomberg securitization audits and providing litigation packages. By thoroughly analyzing the securitization process, we can uncover any irregularities or fraudulent activities that may impact your mortgage or loan. These audits serve as a crucial foundation for building a strong legal case.

2. Chain of Title Investigations & Litigation Packages:
Fraud Stoppers conducts meticulous investigations to determine the validity of the chain of title associated with your property. Our litigation packages equip you with the necessary tools to challenge any flawed documentation and protect your property rights. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of your title.

3. Expert Witness Affidavits & Testimony:
Our team includes experienced professionals who are available to provide expert witness affidavits and testimony. Their deep knowledge and expertise can be invaluable in supporting your legal case and strengthening your position in court. We ensure that you have a trusted expert by your side who can provide accurate and compelling testimony.

4. Stop Foreclosure Services:
If you are facing the threat of foreclosure, Fraud Stoppers can help you navigate the complex process and explore options to halt the proceedings. We offer comprehensive foreclosure prevention strategies designed to buy you valuable time and protect your home. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are upheld and that you have the opportunity to fight for a fair resolution.

5. Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuits:
If you believe you have been a victim of wrongful foreclosure, Fraud Stoppers can assist you in filing a lawsuit to seek justice and compensation. Our team has extensive experience in handling wrongful foreclosure cases and will fight tirelessly to protect your rights. We understand the devastating impact of wrongful foreclosure and are committed to holding the responsible parties accountable.

6. Quiet Title Lawsuits:
Fraud Stoppers can help you clear any clouds on your property title by initiating quiet title lawsuits. Our legal experts will guide you through the process, ensuring your ownership rights are safeguarded. We understand the importance of a clear and marketable title and will work diligently to resolve any disputes or issues that may hinder your property rights.

7. Professional Paralegal Support:
Navigating legal proceedings can be overwhelming, which is why Fraud Stoppers provides professional paralegal support. Our highly skilled paralegals are well-versed in various legal processes and can assist you with document preparation, research, case management, and more. We aim to streamline your legal efforts and provide the necessary support to maximize your chances of success.

8. Nationwide Attorney Network:
Through our extensive nationwide attorney network, Fraud Stoppers can connect you with skilled attorneys who specialize in fighting fraudulent practices. These legal professionals are dedicated to protecting your interests and providing you with the best possible representation. We carefully select attorneys with a proven track record of success in fraud-related cases, ensuring that you have a strong legal advocate on your side.

9. Legal Education and Training:
At Fraud Stoppers, we believe in empowering individuals with knowledge. We offer legal education and training programs designed to help you understand your rights, navigate legal complexities, and make informed decisions. Our educational resources cover a wide range of topics related to fraud prevention, foreclosure defense, consumer rights, and more. By arming

yourself with knowledge, you become better equipped to protect your interests.

10. Loan Modification Audits & Litigation Packages:
If you're considering a loan modification, Fraud Stoppers can conduct audits and provide litigation packages to ensure that the process is fair and compliant with the law. Our experts will review the terms of the modification, analyze the lender's actions, and identify any potential fraudulent practices or violations. With our support, you can pursue a loan modification that truly benefits you.

11. Auto Loan Audits & Litigation Packages:
Fraud Stoppers offers audits and litigation packages specifically tailored for auto loans. We thoroughly examine the terms of your auto loan, including interest rates, hidden fees, and potential violations of consumer protection laws. If any fraudulent practices are discovered, we will assist you in pursuing legal action to seek appropriate remedies.

12. Student Loan Audits & Litigation Packages:
Student loans can be a significant financial burden, and fraudulent practices in the student loan industry are not uncommon. Fraud Stoppers can assist you in reviewing your student loans for potential fraud or predatory practices. Our experts will conduct audits and provide litigation packages to address any issues, ensuring that your rights as a borrower are protected.

13. Credit Card Loan Audits & Litigation Packages:
Credit card loans often come with complex terms and conditions that can be exploited by unscrupulous lenders. Fraud Stoppers specializes in auditing credit card loans and providing litigation packages to challenge unfair practices, such as hidden fees or illegal interest rates. Our goal is to help you fight back against predatory lending and seek fair treatment.

14. Debt Settlement Negotiations:
Debt settlement negotiations can be complex and challenging, but with Fraud Stoppers on your side, you can navigate this process with confidence. Our team has extensive experience in negotiating with creditors to reach favorable settlement agreements. We aim to reduce your financial burden and help you regain control over your finances.

15. Bankruptcy Paralegal Support:
For individuals considering bankruptcy as a means of finding financial relief, Fraud Stoppers offers professional paralegal support. Our knowledgeable paralegals will guide you through the bankruptcy process, ensuring that you fulfill all necessary requirements and maximize the benefits of bankruptcy. We understand the intricacies of bankruptcy law and will provide the assistance you need to achieve a fresh financial start.

Lendingwise: Streamlining Your Efforts

Fraud Stoppers is proud to offer Lendingwise, our innovative CRM system designed to streamline your efforts and provide you with essential tools and resources. Lendingwise offers a wide range of features, including:

- Calculate Your Financials: Easily assess your financial situation and explore various scenarios to make informed decisions.

- Summary Findings and Proposals: Receive comprehensive summaries of findings and proposals tailored to your specific situation.

- Auto-Generate Forms & Documents: Save time and effort with automated generation of necessary forms and documents.

- Supporting Document Checklist: Access a comprehensive checklist of supporting documents required for your case or legal proceedings.

- Description of Loss Mitigation Programs: Understand the various loss mitigation programs available to you and their specific benefits.

- State Specific Foreclosure Laws: Stay informed about the foreclosure laws specific to your state, empowering you with the knowledge you need to protect your rights.

- How to Escalate or Appeal a Loan Mod Denial: Receive guidance on how to escalate or appeal a loan modification denial, ensuring you have avenues to seek a fair resolution.

- Links to Important Resources: Access a curated collection of important resources, including legal references, educational materials, and additional support networks.

Save Time and Increase Your Chances of Success

Fraud Stoppers understands the value of time and the importance of efficient solutions. That's why we offer autogenerate documents that can provide immediate relief and lay the groundwork for litigation. These documents include:

- A Tort Letter to Stop

Foreclosure Sale: If a foreclosure sale is imminent, this letter can help halt the process and buy you valuable time.

- Error Resolution & Information Request Letter: This letter demands a physical inspection of the original, wet-ink-signature loan documents to uncover any potential irregularities or violations.

- Qualified Written Request Letter: This letter aims to uncover and verify accounting errors and violations to strengthen your legal case.

- Federal Debt Validation Letters: These letters help gather material facts needed to exhibit to your complaint, providing a solid foundation for your legal proceedings.

- TILA Rescission Letter: Utilize the federal Truth in Lending Act and the groundbreaking Supreme Court case decision Jesinoski v. Countrywide to rescind your loan, should violations be identified.

- Home Modification Report: This report assesses the suitability and fairness of proposed home modifications, ensuring that they align with your best interests.

- Financial Summary: Gain a clear overview of your financial situation, helping you make informed decisions about the best course of action.

- And More: Our comprehensive range of documents and reports is designed to support your specific needs and legal objectives.

Fraud Stoppers is your trusted partner in fighting fraudulent practices. We are dedicated to protecting your rights, uncovering fraud, and seeking appropriate remedies. With our extensive range of services, professional support, and innovative tools like Lendingwise, we empower you to take control of your financial well-being. Don't face fraud alone—contact Fraud Stoppers today and let us fight for the justice you deserve.


Mortgage Fraud Daily update ⋅ June 1, 2023

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

Victoria mortgage broker suspended as regulator cites ‘misappropriated millions’ – CBC


Greg Martel and his company Shop Your Own Mortgage are facing civil claims … the BCFSA about their fear of having invested in a financial fraud.


Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty — for now — to federal wire fraud and money laundering charges


Alex Murdaugh was arraigned Wednesday on federal money laundering and wire fraud charges for indictments saying he stole money from his clients.


Victoria mortgage broker facing multiple lawsuits has licence suspended

CTV News Vancouver Island

Securities Commission alleges fraud committed by B.C. crypto firm. Earlier this month, his company Mortgage Auction Corporation – which oversees …


Williamson County launches fraud alert program | KXAN Austin


According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud are the fastest-growing crimes in the country, the county clerk’s office said.

KVUE News on Twitter: “The fastest-growing crimes in the country are property and mortgage fraud –

Full Coverage


Joel Greenberg associate claims alleged bribes were car registration payments – Click Orlando

Click Orlando

Friend of ex-tax collector Joel Greenberg pleads guilty to crimes related to prostitution, loan fraud · A friend of former Seminole County tax …


how to avoid mortgage fraud – menafn


regions secured loan rates what are inteest rates on a reverse mortgage. However, according to the two teasing dragons of Longha Lobster…


Bankman-Fried Seeks Documents From Former FTX Law Firm in Crypto Fraud Case

U.S. News – Money

FILE PHOTO: Former FTX Chief Executive Sam Bankman-Fried, who faces fraud charges over the collapse of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, …

    Stop Foreclosure NEWS

Beware Of These Vacation Rental Scams That Con Guests And Hosts – Forbes


Later, he oversaw insurance and mortgage coverage for Bankrate and was the editor-in-chief of MoneyWise. Doug has been quoted by The Wall Street …


Polish Law Firm Sees Surge in Cases After Pivotal FX-Loan Ruling

Bloomberg Law News

Bankman-Fried Points to Law Firm Advice as FTX Fraud Defense (1). FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried is laying the groundwork for a defense that argues …


Man with alleged ‘Russian organized crime’ connections accused of defrauding Sask. Social …

Regina Leader Post

The amount of the alleged fraud was not disclosed. … Two Saskatoon realtors charged in investigation into alleged $5M mortgage fraud.

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

2023 Hurricane Risk Report – CoreLogic®


The U.S. overall mortgage delinquency rate dropped to a new all-time low in March. May 25, 2023 …


Five Jersey City Gang Members Sentenced in Connection to 2020 Stabbing – TAPinto


Former Hudson County Law Enforcement Official Faces Prison Term in Connection with Mortgage Fraud · Driver Dead in Jersey City Crash.


Bank fraud: KPCC gen secy taken into custody | Kozhikode News – Times of India

Times of India

KOZHIKODE: A day after the suicide of farmer Rajendran Nair (60), the victim of an alleged loan scam at Pulpally Service Cooperative Bank in …


Ways to Make Homebuying More Affordable – My Home by Freddie Mac

My Home by Freddie Mac

With a CLT, homebuyers purchase the structure with a mortgage but lease the land it sits on at a below-market rate through a monthly fee — together, …


DataDigest: Where renters can actually afford to buy – HousingWire


With mortgage rates currently at 7.04%, many first-time homebuyers – typically millennials – will be forced to continue to rent.

Is this a mortgage fraud? : r/FirstTimeHomeBuyer – Reddit – Reddit

Full Coverage

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

Mortgage prisoner, 67, faces homelessness due to ‘aggressive’ repossession from zombie lender


At worst, the documents he was given are fraudulent. Indeed, in 2011 cases of mortgage fraud involving SPML were reported.


Unsealing the past: Marion Fire Department opens time capsule from 1905

The Marion Star

York County business woman sentenced in mortgage fraud case. crime. York County business woman sentenced in mortgage fraud case.


Man posing as mortgage adviser jailed for defrauding buyers out of £16k

Mortgage Solutions

Jaspal Singh Juttla was sentenced to three years in prison for four counts of fraud by false representation and one count of carrying on a …

Approved persons: obligations to prevent mortgage fraud | Practical Law – Thomson Reuters – Practical Law – Thomson Reuters

Full Coverage


Planet Home Acquires Platinum Home Mortgage Branches

National Mortgage Professional

Planet Home Lending LLC, a Meriden, Conn.-based mortgage lender and servicer, announced Thursday that it has acquired assets of retail lender …

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) calculations | FCA

Financial Conduct Authority

When offering customers a mortgage, lenders are required to disclose the associated costs of the contract. One measure used for this is the Annual …


Photos: York Suburban High School graduation 2023

news. Here’s the York County municipality that grew the most 2020-2022 · crime. York County business woman sentenced in mortgage fraud case.


18 governors urge Biden to end mortgage rule for those with good or poor credit | Plus

Jackson Progress-Argus

“In short, the new LLPA framework will inevitably increase mortgage … Knights goalie Robin Lehner hit with another fraud claim in bankruptcy …


Polly’s Adam Carmel on how they are navigating the tech ecosystem – HousingWire


Each week, Ten Minute Talks showcases mortgage or real estate leader … Half of Q4 2022 transactions had wire and title fraud risks Mar 01, 2023.

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

Freedom Mortgage Customers’ Social Security Numbers Leaked in MIAC Data Breach

JD Supra

To learn more about how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft and what your legal options are in the wake of the …


New shared-ownership deal from Bucks BS – Mortgage Finance Gazette –

Mortgage Finance Gazette –

Key features include fixed rate of 5.20% until 31st May 2028, maximum loan to Share (LTS) of 95%; loans from £50,000-£500,000; and maximum 6 …


How to Avoid Paying Closing Costs #shorts #mortgage #realestate #homebuying … – YouTube


Video by @craigtberry The Mortgage Reports is presented and operated … 3 Tips to Avoid Mortgage Wire Fraud #shorts #mortgage #mortgagescam # …


Trump attorneys seek recusal of judge in New York criminal case – CNBC


Merchan fined the Trump Organization $1.6 million for a long-running tax fraud scheme. The prosecution’s star witness was the Trump Organization’s …


what is a fixed conforming mortgage – menafn


michigan mortgage fraud cases. 2023-06-01 01:55:02 Read(762977次). 【what does mortgage protection cover 】 Looking at the movement, …


Average mortgage rates continue to rise – Rightmove

Mortgage Finance Gazette –

Rightmove’s Weekly Mortgage Tracker shows that for an 85% LTV five-year fix, the average rate at 31 May is 4.5% – down just 0.01% on last week but …

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

MPowered Mortgages Launches New Features to Automate Mortgage Application Process Further

Fintech Finance

MPowered Mortgages, the fintech mortgage lender using A has today announced a … Are Unable to Respond Effectively to Fraud and Financial Crime.


Synthetic identity fraud: Can your team recognize it? | ABA Banking Journal

ABA Banking Journal – American Bankers Association

In many cases, the only evidence a bank has of being defrauded is a loan default or an unpaid credit-card bill, which the institution eventually …


Swiss Face Rent Hikes With First Mortgage Gauge Jump in 15 Years –

Switzerland’s national benchmark for mortgage costs rose the first time in its history, setting up thousands of tenants on the country’s …


Former Saco School Board member sentenced to 2 years probation for bankruptcy fraud

The Portland Press Herald

… after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud in U.S. District Court. … make the required payments on their mortgage starting in November 2017.

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

$1M fraud scheme targeted Eastern NC Town, feds say – Triangle Business Journal

The Business Journals

An alleged fraud scheme involving real estate in a North Carolina town is … the mortgage proceeds in the Laurinburg Project,” the lawsuit says.


U.S. Home Mortgage Lending In Q1 Falls To 23-Year Low

National Mortgage Professional

Just 1.25 million residential mortgages were originated in the first quarter of 2023 in the United States — the fewest since late-2000, …

when you sell your house do intrest fall off the mortgage – John Bead blog – John Bead blog

is my loan secured or unsecured – DAS Law – DAS Law

how long will it take to pay off my mortgage calculator – –

Full Coverage


Ballantyne Business Owner Indicted for COVID-19 Fraud

Queen City Nerve

James Seidel has been indicted on 16 counts of wire fraud and theft of … rent/mortgage, utilities, and other ordinary business expenses, …


BYND Investors Have Opportunity to Lead Beyond Meat, Inc. Securities Fraud Lawsuit


… LLP (“GPM”) announces that investors with substantial losses have opportunity to lead the securities fraud class action lawsuit against Beyond.


Managing Your Mortgage When Faced With Your Own #Scandoval | NerdWallet #Shorts


Break up got you needing to figure out how to handle your mortgage? Kate Wood shares two options to help figure out your home finances when …

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

“Wool Wanderings” Fiber Art Instillation at The Vault at Gallery Mortgage – The Herald-Times

The Herald-Times

… fiber art instillation at The Vault at Gallery Mortgage opens Friday, June 2, … York County business woman sentenced in mortgage fraud case.


you should always earn a salary that’ll be enough to cover your entire student loan debt – menafn


“You will tear my things, throw my things, and call me an orphan.” related articles. equifund mortgage 2023-06-01. mortgage fraud …


UK mortgage lending hits record low in sign of housing market stress – The Guardian

The Guardian

Bank of England data shows sharp dip in borrowing as Nationwide says house prices falling at fastest annual rate since 2009.


Lenders warn of mortgage slump in second half of 2023… – Estate Agent Today

Estate Agent Today

Property fraud is a significant risk for agents, particularly as fake… Why a traditional KYC approach is no longer fit …

  Stop Foreclosure NEWS  

Photos Cessna plane crash I-83 and Pa. Turnpike – York Daily Record

York Daily Record

York County business woman sentenced in mortgage fraud case. |. Threats cancel drag queen story hour at York JCC Pride event.


Mortgage rates rise as lenders pull hundreds of deals – Which? News –

A host of lenders have upped interest rates on their mortgage deals in response to stubbornly high inflation and predictions of further base rate …


UPDATE – Berliner Tageszeitung: Criminal complaint in Berlin, Germany, against Elon Musk …

Financial Post

Posthaste: Canadians’ high mortgage debt a ‘ticking time bomb’ as renewals … Germany, against Elon Musk and Twitter for possible fraud to the …


AI on the Minds of Nation’s Largest Lenders – Banking Exchange

Banking Exchange

Banks to Spend Big on Tech to Fight Fraud, Study Finds … Banks Showing Stability, While Mortgage Rates Rise.


Manassas Man Pleads Guilty In $7M COVID Fraud Scheme: Authorities – Patch


A Manassas man pleaded guilty last week for his role in a scheme that involved $7 million in fraudulent COVID relief loans.


Borrowers Urge Judge To Keep PHH Price Gouging Suit Alive – Law360


A putative class of PHH Mortgage customers said its case against the company for fraudulent payment fees should not be tossed because the company …


US Mortgage Rates Hit Near Seven-Month High During Debt Impasse – Bloomberg

US mortgage rates surged to the highest level since early November last week when debt-ceiling talks were still at an impasse, stifling demand for …


Berliner Tageszeitung: Criminal complaint in Berlin, Germany, against Elon Musk and …

Financial Post

Posthaste: Canadians’ high mortgage debt a ‘ticking time bomb’ as … Elon Musk and Twitter for possible fraud to the detriment of users GNW …


which entity has a legal responsibility to report mortgage fraud – DAS Law


iberia bank secured loan ,how low can mortgage rates go. … 【how do you register a mortgage in sarasota florida 】 “It’s nothing.


Freelance Paralegal or attorney needed to help file a Mortgage Fraud Civil Complaint


Hi. I need a Freelance Paralegal or attorney needed to help file a Mortgage Fraud Civil Complaint. I’m located in New Jersey.




foreclosure Daily update ⋅ June 1, 2023


What Does Foreclosure Mean? | The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool

When real estate is foreclosed upon, this means that the owner of the mortgage has taken the property it secures to repay the debt that’s owed against …

Foreclosure Homes For Sale In Guyana – Fiscaal Vergelijker – Fiscaal Vergelijker

foreclosed log cabins for sale in north carolina –

Facts About Foreclosure and How to Get Out of It – We buy houses in Colorado Springs – We buy houses in Colorado Springs

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Foreclosure starts decrease 7% in April | News |

Salem News

IRVINE, Calif. – ATTOM, a leading curator of land, property, and real estate data, today released its April 2023 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report, …

Foreclosure starts decrease 7% in April – Ground News – Ground News

Full Coverage


Getting A Mortgage After Foreclosure – advisor – Forbes


Note that lenders are instructed to reject borrowers whose credit history includes a foreclosure in the last two years, even with extenuating …


Michigan residents who experienced foreclosure may be eligible for a settlement payment

Michigan Radio

It involved foreclosed properties that were sold at auction from 2013-2020 for more than what was owed in outstanding taxes and fees. Counties have …

23-25 Se 4 St, Dania Beach, FL 33004 Foreclosure Auction – Property Onion – Property Onion

Full Coverage


Foreclosure – Opelika Auburn News

Opelika Auburn News

L1622 NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER FORECLOSURE NOTICE WHEREAS, default has occurred in the performance of the covenants, terms and conditions of a …

Acceleration of indebtedness – notice of mortgage mediation assistance, Iowa Code § 654.4B – Casetext

Full Coverage


Maguire Capital Seeks to Foreclose on Daniel Shalom Buildings – The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Marvin Azrak’s Maguire Capital initiated a UCC foreclosure on four of Shalom’s properties totaling 102 units in Manhattan and Queens.

30016 – RAIKESCHWERTNER tourismus

Full Coverage


Michigan county tax foreclosure class action settlement

Top Class Actions

Properties in Michigan may be foreclosed on if property taxes remain unpaid for three years. Proceeds from the sale of these homes are intended to pay …


Developer named in multimillion-dollar foreclosure on Miami-Dade project

The Business Journals

Bailey issued an order May 30 that placed a stay on the Altamar Financial Group foreclosure lawsuit while the receivership plays out.


Wow House On Lake Secor Just Under $1 Million, In Foreclosure | Southeast, NY Patch


Wow House On Lake Secor Just Under $1 Million, In Foreclosure – Southeast-Brewster, NY – This 4-bedroom ranch is on the market.


How Will the Recent Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minn. Decision Affect Ohio’s Land Banking?

JD Supra

We know Ohio’s highest court has upheld this state’s tax foreclosure process in … Cuyahoga County held that direct transfers of tax-foreclosed …


67 Loyal Heights units have MUP, face August foreclosure auction

Daily Journal of Commerce

An Aug. 31 auction date does give the owners a few months to find new financing. Plans seem to have stalled last year for the apartments proposed at …


Sheriff’s sale of Olney properties set for June 6

Olney Enterprise |

The Sheriff ‘s Sale of foreclosed properties in Olney starts at 10 a.m. … Fielder Collins & Mott, which handles the County’s foreclosure sales.



Salem News

Jill Ann Melvin, Valley Drive, East Liverpool, et al.; mortgage foreclosure sought. Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, Troy, Mich., vs.


COLUMBIANA COUNTY COMMON PLEAS | News, Sports, Jobs – The Review

The Review

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Columbus, vs. Jill Ann Melvin, Valley Drive, East Liverpool, et al.; mortgage foreclosure sought. Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, …


LEGAL NOTICES – The Taylorsville Times

The Taylorsville Times

NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE … and the holder of the note evidencing said indebtedness having directed that the Deed of Trust be foreclosed, …

Prior Owner of Foreclosed Property Denied Right to Redeem Based on Procedural Error – Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC

Sheriff Sale results for May 31, 2023 – Toledo Legal News – Toledo Legal News

Foreclosure on vessel June 7 – Public Notices – Portland Tribune – Public Notices – Portland Tribune

Full Coverage


How to buy a foreclosed home – MSN


Heard that you can score a great deal when you buy a foreclosure home? Buying foreclosed homes soared in popularity during the Great Recession as …

ATTOM: Zombie Foreclosures Increase – MBA Newslink – Mortgage Bankers Association – MBA Newslink – Mortgage Bankers Association

Pros, cons of buying a home in foreclosure – Amjambo Africa – Amjambo Africa

Forsale – Dubai Oasis Capital AG – Dubai Oasis Capital AG

Full Coverage


Daily Log: 6-1-23 | News |

Tahlequah Daily Press

Civils. Janet Maddox v. Title to Motor Vehicle. Newrez LLC DBA Shellpoint Mort v. Farrah Johnson, et al – foreclosure. Looney Family …


An Edifice Dispossessed – The Broadsheet – eBroadsheet


Century-Old FiDi Office Building Faces Foreclosure. An historic office building in the Financial District is facing foreclosure, …


St. Paul Port Authority never paid for downtown parking ramp, but appeals court says seller can’t sue

Yahoo News

Wells Fargo finally foreclosed on the property in December 2021, cutting off any chance of payment to Luzaich’s company. During the foreclosure …


Waiting on NC death certificates, families forced to put their lives on hold

Charlotte Observer

That can put some at risk of losing homes to foreclosure, said T.J. Caune, a Charlotte lawyer who handles probate and estate matters.


Hancock Superior Court 1 – The Daily Reporter – Greenfield Indiana

The Daily Reporter

U.S. Bank Trust National Association v. David McCarty, Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority, Dianna McCarty, mortgage foreclosure.


how long after a foreclosure can i get a va loan – how to write an employment verification … – menafn


【why would an underwriter deny an fha loan 】 The girl’s scream resounded through the sky… 。 At the same time, there is a big human-shaped …


Local employment at 4-year high – total jobs decline – DON FENLEY @ CORE DATA


Landlords dumping local single-family rentals – local zombie foreclosure rate minimal · Sluggish land sales market starts to pick up …


The DEI Podcast with Max Gaston Episode 6: Justice in Housing | News | The Law School

Notre Dame Law School – University of Notre Dame

… unemployment caused by Covid-19 and Covid related deaths of income-earning family members have made the threat of foreclosure a real concern.


Former Saco School Board member sentenced to 2 years probation for bankruptcy fraud


After failing to make the payments within a 90-day foreclosure period ordered by a York County district court judge, Shea filed four petitions for …


Margaritaville San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Opens for Booking – Travel Market Report

Travel Market Report

The Margaritaville company is currently dealing with the potential foreclosure of one of its flagship urban properties in New York, …


Wayne foots bill to lock down abandoned building, site of infamous ‘pop-up party’

That transaction has been the subject of foreclosure proceedings in state Superior Court in Paterson since February 2022.


Largest Twin Cities Restaurant Patios – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

The Business Journals

22) currently faces foreclosure. Betty Danger’s Animal Farm, No. 9 on last year’s list, closed late last summer. Outdoor seating count for The …


Foreclosure | Alabama Mountains

Spot On Alabama

NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE WHEREAS, default has been made in the terms of the mortgage executed on the 10th day of July 2012,.


Foreclosure | Alabama Mountains

Spot On Alabama




Telegraph Herald

The petition was filed on March 31, 2023, and prays for foreclosure of … that the Mortgage on the above described real estate be foreclosed, …


PUBLIC NOTICES – Clarke County Democrat

Clarke County Democrat

NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE STATE OF ALABAMA COUNTY OF CLARKE Default having been made of the terms of the loan documents secured by that …


Major Lawsuit Against Federal Government Over New Flood Insurance Rating Formula Being Filed


NEW ORLEANS, LA – Fighting for families and homeowners faced with bankruptcy or foreclosure due to the rising costs of flood insurance, …


Cameron Parish joins suit against FEMA over flood insurance pricing system

| American Press

… “flawed flood insurance formula” — dubbed Risk Rating 2.0 — is forcing Louisiana families and homeowners into bankruptcy or foreclosure.


Rocket’s housing stability initiative returns to in-person canvassing – Detroit News

Detroit News

… a city is to help make sure the Detroiters who stayed are able to remain in their homes without fear of foreclosure,” Mayor Mike Duggan said.


3 Nolita Rental Buildings Up For Auction After Lender Forecloses – Bisnow


Lenders have reportedly also filed pre-foreclosure actions on six other Veracity-owned properties, with two currently in receivership, according to …

Lender alleges $16.7M owed on Carnegie Hill rental in foreclosure – PincusCo – PincusCo

Full Coverage


Louisiana sues feds over rising insurance rates – KATC


“FEMA’s flawed flood insurance formula will force Louisiana families and homeowners into bankruptcy or foreclosure,” explained Attorney General …


Insectarium evicted, building destroyed after closing – Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Inquirer

They’re pointing their fingers at a couple of chipped toilets.” The eviction caps a court battle that began in 2017, when Rubin filed a foreclosure …


Arkadelphia Plaza under new management; former owner implied in embezzlement


Mortgage holder FSNB SUB 4 LLC filed a foreclosure lawsuit against two companies owned by millionaire Jonathan Larmore, who owns strip malls …


Bill Status for SB0201 – Illinois General Assembly

Illinois General Assembly

Amends the Mortgage Foreclosure Article of the Code of Civil Procedure. Requires a court file to be sealed upon the commencement of any …


Fighting Foreclosure The Blaisdell Case The Contract Clause And The Great Depression …

We present you this proper as without difficulty as simple way to acquire those all. We come up with the money for Fighting Foreclosure The Blaisdell …


Workway hiring Coord,Foreclosure in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | LinkedIn


Posted 11:14:04 AM. Workway is a professional staffing firm, working with organizations across the country to place…See this and similar jobs on …


Foreclosure Handyman and Landscaping Vendors (Alkol, WV)) – labor gigs

charleston, WV Craigslist

Seeking handymen/contractors to perform work on pre-foreclosure and REO properties. Looking for coverage of asset in Alkol, WV.


Greenspoon Marder LLP hiring Foreclosure Associate in Hunt Valley, Maryland, United States


Posted 7:30:40 PM. Greenspoon Marder is a national full-service business law firm with 200 attorneys and locations…See this and similar jobs on …


Foreclosure – GoToAuction.COM


Foreclosure. Live Auction. Auction Date(s). Wednesday Jun 7, 11:00 am. Property Location. 568 Cascade Way Frederick, MD 21701. Auction Location.


North Bon Air, Tampa Pre-Foreclosure Homes for Sale

Find Pre-Foreclosure Homes for Sale in the North Bon Air neighborhood of Tampa. Find real estate price history, and learn about the North Bon Air …


Malden WA Pre-Foreclosure Homes for Sale

Find Pre-Foreclosure Homes for Sale in Malden WA. Get home values, and learn about Malden schools on



  FRAUD STOPPERS Daily update ⋅ June 1, 2023  



Download the CRIMEWATCH app and follow Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers. … IN THEFT/ACCESS DEVICE FRAUD – MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP – LYCOMING COUNTY.


2 suspects in Elkhart fraud investigations avoid criminal charges – WNDU


Anyone with any information regarding this crime or any other crime is asked to contact Michiana Crime Stoppers 574-288-STOP, 800-342-STOP or visit …


Police launch appeal after vulnerable man conned out of $1700 in fortune-telling scam


Police are seeking this man in relation to an alleged fraud. … to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or log onto


Police seek video after LaSalle residents thwart grandparent scam – CTV Windsor

CTV Windsor – CTV News

Anonymous tips can be left with Crime Stoppers at 519-258-8477 (TIPS) or online at For more information on Grandparent/Emergency …


Brookfield Landmark Credit Union check cashing fraud, woman sought – FOX6 News Milwaukee

FOX6 News Milwaukee

Anyone with information is asked to please contact Brookfield police at 262-787-3702. To make an anonymous tip, contact Waukesha County Crime Stoppers …


Police: Woman committed identity theft at Bank of Springfield – WICS


The Sangamon County Crime Stoppers is seeking information about an … The incident resulted in felony theft, identity theft, fraud, and forgery.


Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty — for now — to federal wire fraud and money laundering … – WOWT


Alex Murdaugh was arraigned Wednesday on federal money laundering and wire fraud charges for indictments saying he stole money from his clients.


Police warn of fraudulent cheque scam – The Observer

The Observer

Anonymous tips can be provided to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or 2:30 PM | A Wellington County OPP officer stopped …


Fraud arrest over historical offences – SAPOL

SA Police

Crime Stoppers report crime anonymously · Home · Police news · SA Police News; Fraud arrest over historical offences …


Police Warning About Driveway Paving Scams – Waterloo Regional Police Service

Waterloo Regional Police Service

The scam was detected when the victim attended their bank to withdraw funds and recognized the signs of a potential fraud.


Comer commits to contempt vote for FBI director, mulls release of confidential record


is seen during a hearing to discuss fraud and waste in federal pandemic spending … Read More House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman …


Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty — for now — to federal wire fraud and money laundering charges


Laffitte was convicted in November of six wire and bank fraud charges. Other federal indictments give detailed … Crime Stoppers wants …


Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty — for now — to federal wire fraud and money laundering charges


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Alex Murdaugh was arraigned Wednesday on federal money laundering and wire fraud charges for indictments saying he stole …


Weekly media briefs – BC RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Persons who believe they are victims of fraud can contact the Canadian … Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, or go to the website


Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty — for now — to federal wire fraud and money laundering charges

Hometown Stations

Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty — for now — to federal wire fraud and … Lima/Allen-Putman County Crime Stoppers Wanted Persons of the Week …


Volunteer Awards 2023 | Crimestoppers


That’s why we launched the Crimestoppers Volunteer Awards, now in their fourth year. Entries this year were judged by our CEO Mark Hallas, Volunteer …






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  1. Nationwide Attorney Networks: We have established a vast network of highly skilled attorneys across the country who specialize in fraud cases. Rest assured, you will be connected with a trusted legal expert who is passionate about seeking justice on your behalf.
  1. Legal Education and Training: At FRAUD STOPPERS, we believe that knowledge is power. That's why we provide comprehensive legal education and training resources, empowering you to understand your rights, navigate the legal system, and make informed decisions throughout your case.
  1. Debt Settlement Negotiations: Our experienced negotiators will engage with creditors on your behalf, striving to reach favorable debt settlement agreements. We will advocate for your interests, aiming to alleviate the financial burden caused by fraud.
  1. Private Lending: If you require financial assistance to support your legal battle, our private lending options can provide the necessary funding. Our trusted lending partners offer competitive rates and flexible terms, ensuring you have the resources to fight for justice.


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We also recognize the financial burden that fraud can impose, and we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions. Our competitive rates for services, private lending options, and expert negotiation skills can help you save money while maximizing the value you receive. Rest assured that we strive to optimize your resources, enabling you to fight fraud without breaking the bank.

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