Restructuring a Mortgage to Avoid Foreclosure.

In truth, homeowners stand a high chance of preventing a foreclosure sale by deciding to file a loan modification. The loan would be restructured, and you would resume payments on a restructured mortgage. This new balance will include the balance of the old mortgage with delinquent payments and a few fees. This is a common scenario for homeowners facing foreclosure. Depending on the homeowner, and their reasons for falling behind and eventually defaulting on that home mortgage, it could be counter productive.

How to file a Loan Modification to Avoid Foreclosure.

Homeowners facing foreclosure should find many available programs to make filing for a loan modification is simple. Like many HUD approved programs, FRAUD STOPPERS offers a Free and simple solution for Filing a Loan Modification without the help of an attorney. FRAUD STOPPERS PMA also works exclusively with banking insiders who consult with our private members to structure highly favorable Loan Modifications that have a high chance of being accepted. But, generally Speaking, you can file a Loan Modification on your own without the help of a lawyer or financial consultant by following these 3 easy steps;

  1. First off, collect personal financial records as they will be used as exhibits in the loan modification.On average, modified mortgages aim to set monthly reoccurring payments averaging 1/3rd of a homeowners income.
  2. Contact your Mortgage servicer to fill a loan modification application and start the modification process. New laws require servicers to provide you with a single point of contact throughout the process.
  3. Finally, you can begin to negotiate the terms of the modification. There may be some terms you also have to adhere to. Some servicers will have a trial period in which payments are made while terms are still being negotiated.


FRAUD STOPPERS CRM System can auto populate all of your loan modification documents for you, for FREE! That’s right our system can auto-populate all of your lender or loan servicers required documents like your Loan Modification Proposal, RMA, 4506-T, QWR, Income & Expense, Hardship Letter & Hardship Affidavit, Homeowners Disclosure, Legal Contract, MARS disclosure, and MORE! If you want to try and apply for a loan modification Pro Se (for FREE) let our powerful CRM system help you. Simply join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today and get full assess to our powerful CRM system and a detailed HOME report to help you maximize your efforts. For more information click here


What Filing a Loan Modification does to affect Foreclosure.

If accepted, homeowners can be sure that a loan modification will put an end to foreclosure. Getting there can take some maneuvering, many homeowners find themselves filing bankruptcy along the way; claiming total insolvency. As a result, homeowners are able to avoid foreclosure with a restructured mortgage, that usually has a longer payment period and higher interest rate. Most of all, this modified mortgage does not have to be a permanent solution.Over time there are other ways to restructure mortgages to protect the properties equity. FRAUD STOPPERS Private Members are also reporting that they have had grace periods where they did not have to pay their mortgage. Especially in cases when combining Loan Modifications with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Click here for more information on loan modifications

What is a Private Members Association? (PMA)

FRAUD STOPPERS Private Membership has its advantages. Our company is not a law firm and does not offer legal advice. But as a Private Members Association (PMA) like the NAACP, our private members get exclusive access to file-able legal documents and scheduled consultations with banking insiders and white collar crime investigators Stop Foreclosure.

Are Loan Modifications the best Foreclosure Legal Defense?

Loan modifications aren’t the best fit for every foreclosure. Depending on the loan and a homeowners personal situation; many mortgage fraud victims are selling themselves short of what could be an opportunity to renegotiate mortgage terms that are actually in favor of the homeowner, and in some extreme cases eliminate the mortgage all together. To sue a bank, and to build an effective lawsuit, homeowners must prove damages on the banks behalf. Being in foreclosure is a great way to do that.

How to Sue a Mortgage Lender to Stop Foreclosure

FRAUD STOPPERS private members are seeing a huge reductions in the balance of their Mortgages. They are staying in their homes while filing for quiet title and similar lawsuits pro-se without an attorney. After having an in depth audit on their mortgage which highlights infractions of federal lending regulations like the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), improper transfer and delivery methods  as part of securitization, and infractions in collections practices outlined by the FDCPA. FRAUD STOPPERS PMA drafts a lawsuit citing any found infractions and any relevant case law. This combination of Bloomberg verified court ready evidence and lawsuit is extremely effective at proving wrong foreclosure.

Homeowners can Schedule a Free consultation with FRAUD STOPPERS to discuss foreclosure alternatives. Within 48 hours of uploading loan documents for review, customers receive insightful information about the status of their mortgage. The free consultation is an opportunity for homeowners to discuss what their best options are. The FRAUD STOPPERS Free Mortgage Fraud Analysis will identify common aspects of Mortgage Fraud. These results determine what type of lawsuit if an would be an effective means for stopping foreclosure, if any. Lawsuit packages vary in price, and can be filed either pro se or with the help of an attorney.

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FRAUD STOPPERS Can Help You Stop Foreclosure and Mortgage Fraud

If you or anyone you know is facing foreclosure, or has already lost a property to foreclosure, and want to sue for mortgage fraudforeclosure fraud, wrongful foreclosure, or quiet title to your home FRAUD STOPPERS PMA can help you save time and money and increase your odds of success getting the legal remedy that you deserve. If you have received a Notice of Default (NOD) or a Foreclosure Notice (Foreclosure Complaint) and you want to know how to respond to the Notice of Default (NOD) or a Foreclosure Notice (Foreclosure Complaint) join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today because FRAUD STOPPERS has a proven system to help you fight to save your home from foreclosure and sue for mortgage fraud. FRAUD STOPPERS turnkey Quiet Title Lawsuit package or Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit package includes a court ready complaint (petition for damages), Bloomberg Securitization Audit, Expert Witness Affidavit, Application for Temporary Restraining Order (to stop a foreclosure sale or stop an eviction), Lis Pendens (to cloud the marketability of the title to the real property), and Pro Se legal education material that can show you how to win a Quiet Title Lawsuit or win a Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit. This entire court ready Quiet Title Lawsuit Package or Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Package can help you save money in legal fees and help you increase your odds of success. Join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today and get mortgage fraud analysis and the facts and evidence you need to get the legal remedy you deserve at




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