Stop Foreclosure News September 25, 2020

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Stop Foreclosure News September 25, 2020

Bank Stocks Tumble After They Report $2 Trillion in Money Laundering

Posted by Neil Garfield

So the banks themselves have disclosed the fact that they were laundering money for all sorts of people. And while they probably were paid higher fees than normal money transfers, that doesn’t completely explain why banks, of all business entities, did such a thing on such a wide scale. I have an explanation.

First of course is the fact that they were making these disclosures to regulators who had no capability of even reading the disclosures, much less acting upon them. The argument about regulation is a false choice. There is no argument. Corporations, limited partnerships, trusts and yes, banks are creatures of the state — they are legal fictions whose existence is entirely dependent on state and Federal law. There is no corporation in the natural world. They are allowed because government decided they facilitate commerce, and capitalism in particular. It’s the government that allows them to exist and it is the government that should therefore regulate them. There is no such thing as a free market if only some of the players are allowed to dictate the terms of play. That’s fascism. In the case of false claims of securitization of loans, there is no free market if nobody knows what is really happening. That’s fraud.

Second, this reminds me of 2008 when Bernie Madoff was exposed for committing the “largest economic” crime. That reveal diverted attention from an economic crime that dwarfed the $60 billion that Madoff took. Investment banks converted data about loans into “assets” deriving their value from bets about — rather than ownership of — the loans. In so doing they were able to print counterfeit money. They sold the “data” multiple times without ever having to credit the debt account because there was no debt account. They drove up home prices by selling payments that homeowners could afford in a failing deal based upon falsely inflated appraisals. Then to add insult to injury, they foreclosed on millions of homes. They are about to do that again, with the number of foreclosure filings and reported “delinquencies” (on loan accounts that don’t exist) soaring.

Third, illegal money laundering for terrorists, drug cartels and criminals was a cover for how the banks moved trillions of the money they siphoned out of the U.S. economy. Buried in these reports are clues to what they did with the money. We already know that Goldman Sachs became the leading owner and operator of storage and distribution for precious metals. Where do you think that money came from?

It’s doubtful that our government will find any effective way of clawing back $ trillions of dollars taken out of the US economy and leaving us in fragile condition. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop them from doing it again. Every foreclosure is another highway robbery. There is no loan account, there is no loss and the money they get from any payments by borrowers or any sales of property goes into the pocket of the investment banks who, in turn, park it off shore for rainy days. When they need money for bonuses, reserves or earnings announcements they need only “repatriate” the stolen money in the form of trading profits.

Pizza delivery guys started earning hundreds of thousands of dollars selling what appeared to be loan products and inreality were invitations to self-sabotage. If something looks too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. The banks wouldn’t hire, much less pay, someone with no formal education, training or experience selling “loan products” unless the investment banks (i.e. securities brokerage firms) were making a thousand times their normal fees through sleight of hand.

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38-year-old SoMa mainstay Don Ramon’s faces foreclosure, after illegal tenants damage building


Now a community organizer and event planner in her forties, Brackett has found herself at the forefront of an effort to save Don Ramon’s from foreclosure.


Johnstown Comfort Suites files for bankruptcy after foreclosure notice


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Windber requires foreclosed property owners to enter registry

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Ordinance 2020-2, which was approved by the borough council in early September, requires every borough property in mortgage default or foreclosure …


Here today, foreclosed tomorrow

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Here today, foreclosed tomorrow. Politics | Landlords, lenders feel the strain of economic relief measures. by Harvest Prude Posted 9/24/20 …


Homeowner assistance portal launched to assist Nevada homeowners

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Utilizing the existing foreclosure mediation portal, HMN has added The Homeowner Connect (THOC), a one-stop resource for homeowners …


All Things Real Estate: Homeowners not part of pandemic relief packages

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As a result, our house is going into foreclosure. … and Economic Security (CARES) Act placed a moratorium on foreclosures nationwide until Dec.


Missouri ranks high for eviction fears compared with other states

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Black Knight’s First Look: Early-Stage Delinquencies Improve Further, While Seriously Past-Due …

Total U.S. loan delinquency rate (loans 30 or more days past due, but not in foreclosure): 6.88%Month-over-month change: -0.53%Year-over-year …


A tidal wave of evictions is forming. It’s not too late to stop it

The Boston Globe

… the mounting rental debt or risk of foreclosure among property owners. … harm, on top of the life-altering repercussions of eviction and foreclosure.

COVID-19 update: CDC order temporarily halts residential evictions nationwide until 31 December … – International Law Office

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Common Pleas – September 23

Putnam County Sentinel

Sept. 11. The Union Bank Co., Columbus Grove, was granted a foreclosure against Shelly M. Clark, Hebron, in the amount of $77,124.72, plus interest …


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Governor Northam announces expansion of rent, mortgage relief for landlords


… in federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding to assist households facing eviction or foreclosure due to COVID-19.


Former township official faces community activist for Jackson County board seat

Snell said the county may need to prepare for higher rates of evictions and foreclosures because of statewide records of abeyance, which could in turn …


Facing default, developers of downtown Des Moines skyscraper sue city for $101 million

Des Moines Register

The latest filing was a so-called “cross-claim” in the foreclosure case. Essentially a lawsuit within a lawsuit, it alleges the city incorrectly declared the …


Guest column: Financial education for employees can increase productivity

Memphis Business Journal

… achieve financial self-sufficiency and break the cycle of poverty and its effects, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, unemployment, and crime. And …


Mortgage holders falling through gaps in safety net

Houston Chronicle

“Given the disparities in accessing mortgage help right now, adopting this policy would help prevent a huge wave of foreclosures in Black and Latinx …


CT hometown honors Rock & Roll Hall of Famer with new park

Middletown Press

According to the Journal Inquirer, the town acquired the 3.15-acre property in downtown Rockville in a 2017 foreclosure. Pitney had such hits in the …



The default(s) for which this foreclosure is made is/are as follows: Failure to pay when due the following amounts which are now in arrears: PAYMENT …


New online tool for Nevadans struggling to pay mortgages amid pandemic

KLAS – 8 News Now

… a one-stop resource for homeowners and can also be accessed through the Home Means Nevada website which helps with foreclosure mediation.



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Christopher and Sara E. McGath, et al., foreclosure sought for property on East Seventh Street, Salem. Brian Christopher Adkins, East Liverpool, and …


Flagstaff Ballroom Purchased by New Owner

The Flagstaff Event Center and Ballroom was recently sold for $620,000 at an emergency foreclosure auction. Stars including the Dorsey Brothers and …


Fitch Takes Multiple Rating Actions on Three Spanish RMBS

Fitch Ratings

… following months and therefore Fitch has also incorporated a 10% increase to the weighted average foreclosure frequency (WAFF) of the portfolios.


Former Republican lawyer accused of stealing campaign funds faces dozens of new felony forgery …

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Cronin was “very cooperative” and told investigators his ex-wife had tasked him with resolving the foreclosure actions on the house they previously …


Developers of the Fifth seek $101 million in counterclaim against city

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It also outlines grievances the developers say led to Bankers Trust Co. filing a foreclosure petition against the Mandelbaums, claiming they defaulted …


Owners of Desoto Square Mall file for bankruptcy


The bankruptcy filing prevented a foreclosure auction from taking place on Wednesday. The mortgage company had sued the owners for payments …


Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg should be obsessing over helping Pennsylvanians, not …

The Philadelphia Inquirer

… households expect loss in income in the upcoming weeks and 25% said they are likely to experience eviction or foreclosure in the coming months.


Thanks to ‘forgiving’ father, no prison time for Oconto County woman who stole from bank accounts …

Green Bay Press Gazette

He plans to purchase and renovate a home to replace the one he lost in the foreclosure. Defense attorney Rick Meier told Judge there were several …


First United Corporation Announces Fourth Quarter 2020 Dividend

Herald-Mail Media

… servicing and disposing of the real estate that the Bank acquires through foreclosure or by deed in lieu of foreclosure. The Bank also owns 99.9% of …


Register of deeds releases COVID-19 real estate statement

Wicked Local Sharon

Notice to foreclose mortgages, the first step in the foreclosure process, have been curtailed due to a moratorium placed on foreclosures and evictions …



Press of Atlantic City

You, Erika Murphy, are made party defendant to this foreclosure action because you are a mortgagor/owner of the above premises and Plaintiff seeks …


Managers zero in on America’s suburbs

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Wall Street won big buying up homes during the foreclosure crisis and renting them out. Now, it’s headed back to the suburbs in hopes of scoring …


Hayward, Alameda County extend commercial eviction moratoriums

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Then in April, the council prohibited evictions of commercial tenants and homeowners facing eviction due to foreclosure under the moratorium.


Freddie Mac Prices Approximately $1.5 Billion SLST Securitization

… and step-rate, seasoned RPLs, most of which were modified to assist borrowers who were at risk of foreclosure to help them keep their homes.


Annual CardRatings Study Reveals States with Credit Conditions Most Vulnerable to the Pandemic


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Veterans with COVID-19 financial troubles can defer mortgage payments, VA says


“Providing loan deferment as an option could be the one thing standing between financial normalcy and foreclosure.” VA cannot require mortgage …


HD Custom Homes co-owner Stephen Dukes arrested

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Nowcast: 10 metros most threatened by high numbers of FHA delinquencies (based on FHA …

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The report shows that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) completed 252,014 foreclosure prevention actions in the second quarter of 2020, …


Service Directory List

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Fixing a Foreclosure Problem in Massachusetts

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Fortunately, there are options available for fixing a foreclosure. As someone who has both helped buyers of foreclosed properties with these matters, and …


Veteran faces foreclosure over flagpole

Wright County Journal Press

Veteran faces foreclosure over flagpole. Thu, 09/24/2020 – 2:17pm lisa. Full text available to online subscribers only. To purchase an online …


Fannie Mae Extends Temporary Moratorium on Residential Foreclosures and Evictions

Tonkon Torp LLP

At the end of August, Fannie Mae announced an extension of a temporary moratorium on residential foreclosures and evictions that was originally set …


Warren Co. 2020 Tax Foreclosure Auction


Warren County Real Property 2020 Tax Foreclosure AUCTION SAT., OCT. 17, 10 AM Registration begins @ 9 A.M.. Warren County Municipal Center


Promissory Note

Houston Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are flipping properties, wholesaling, or lending, knowing the role of each of these documents can help you understand the foreclosure …


Details About the Sullivan County Tax Foreclosure Auction

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assume payments! foreclosure! beautiful 10 acre in luna county, new mexico investment property!

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Government Auction




Government Auction



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038-14C NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND FORECLOSURE SALE, made this 8th day of September, 2020, by Trevor B. Reid, Foreclosure Commissioner, …


Thinking About Buying a Foreclosure?

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Lynchburg News and Advance

As home buyers look for deals in times of uncertainty, many are becoming aware of foreclosed homes and the benefits that come with purchasing one.


Owners of DeSoto Square mall in Bradenton file for bankruptcy. Foreclosure sale canceled

Bradenton Herald

The foreclosure sale order, filed with the Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court, stated that the property would be sold to the highest bidder for cash.


5 Reasons Why It Is Smart To Invest In Foreclosure Properties

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MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE. Default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness secured by that certain mortgage executed by …


Survey Finds Half of US Hotel Owners at Risk of Foreclosure

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A new survey by the American Hotel and Lodging Association shows half of hotel owners in the US said they are in danger of foreclosure by their …


Eviction and foreclosure prevention program helps families during COVID-19

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The Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program continues to offer rent assistance for households affected by COVID-19. Northeast Iowa Community …


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Black Knight’s First Look: Early-Stage Delinquencies Improve Further, While Seriously Past-Due …

WFMZ Allentown

Total U.S. foreclosure pre-sale inventory rate: 0.35% … Number of properties that are 30 or more days past due or in foreclosure: 3,867,000


Things could get worse for hotel industry, Nashville among hardest hit


According to the survey, half of hotel owners say they are in danger of foreclosure while 2/3 say they can hold on for just six more months at the current …



Morning Journal News

Emily Brown, et al; foreclosure sought. Cherie Jenkins-Barcey, 50, of Salem v. Joseph R. Barcey of Alliance; divorce sought. Michele L. Lubecki of …


Legal Challenges Greet New Moratorium on Residential Evictions, Foreclosures

JD Supra

A previous ban on foreclosures and evictions from homes with mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has also been extended through the …


Columbiana County Common Pleas

The Review

Barbara J. Drohn, et al; foreclosure sought against property at 451 Empire St., Leetonia. Bayview Loan Servicing v. Emily Brown, et al; foreclosure …


NJ SHARES & Volunteers of America Delaware Valley Expand SMART Program, Providing Rent …

Press of Atlantic City

“The SMART Program is designed to help individuals facing foreclosure or eviction help steer them back on a path of self-sustained living,” explained …


New Hampshire named fifth best state for homeowners

New Hampshire Business Review

The study compared all 50 states across 10 metrics: median price per square foot; home value appreciation; ratio of home value to income; foreclosures …


Need help with an eviction? There’s an app for that


Civvl promises independent contractors they’ll earn up to $2,000 per week for helping with evictions and foreclosure cleanouts. But is it legal?


2 LR buildings bring $4M at auction

Arkansas Online

The $4.8 million foreclosure lawsuit includes penalties and interest. Both auctions were handled by Ten-X Commercial, based in Irvine, Calif.


State senator, attorney face off in Kent County treasurer race

The County is harmed by foreclosures, which can increase homelessness and neighborhood vacancy as well as put pressure on the County’s social …


Legal Notices – September 23, 2020

Annandale Advocate




Glens Falls Post-Star

Sending a payment to the mortgage company will not stop the foreclosure action. YOU MUST RESPOND BY SERVING A COPY OF THE ANSWER ON …


Planning Considerations for Parents with Developmentally Challenged Adult Children

However, more recently, Steven received a foreclosure notice that the courts would pursue legal action regarding foreclosure on his home dating back …


2020 Lawyers on the Fast Track: Aurelia Chaudhury

Chaudhury spent five semesters in Yale Law School’s Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic, working on behalf of homeowners facing foreclosure from …


Hydrant Flushing Begins Sept. 28

Press release from the United City of Yorkville: The Public Works Department will begin to flush hydrants in the Grande Reserve Subdivision …


COVID-19: Small travel businesses hurting | Iconic Chicago hotel in foreclosure


But today, the property faces a bank foreclosure and has become one of the most potent symbols of the troubled hospitality industry during COVID-19, …


Farm Aid celebrates 35 years


Governor Jim Thompson and Willie Nelson came up with the idea at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield as a way to address the farm foreclosure crisis.


What you need to know in Sarasota-Manatee, Wednesday, September 23

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

… indoor shopping center in Bradenton filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday, the day before a foreclosure sale of the property was scheduled to take place.


Wall Street’s New Suburban Subdivision Is Full of Renters


Source: American Homes 4 Rent. Wall Street won big buying up homes during the foreclosure crisis and renting them out. Now, it’s headed back to the …


5 Valley cities among Top 25 real estate markets in US

AZ Big Media

… based largely on market strength, measured by average time to sale, median home price appreciation and foreclosure rates, among other factors.


No evictions in New York until October 20th

This week it announced an extension of the state’s moratorium on COVID-related commercial evictions and foreclosures for a month. It now runs …



Greensboro News & Record

AMENDED NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE 20 SP 15 Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust made by …


Organizers make final push to get Clevelanders counted in 2020 Census

News 5 Cleveland

“This neighborhood had the highest foreclosure rate in 2007, in the entire United States,” said Ward 12 Councilman Tony Brancatelli. Brancatelli said …


Sandusky to market Cold Creek properties

Sandusky Register

For several years, city workers have acquired tax-delinquent and/or vacant lots through a foreclosure process in the sparsely populated subdivision. “We …


Coalition asks Governor to extend eviction moratorium, stop utility shutoffs

Florida Politics

Stop Foreclosure

Ron DeSantis to again extend his moratorium on evictions and home foreclosures, and to add protections for Floridians who may soon see their …


BERC: Tennessee housing market has mixed Q2 performance in wake of COVID-19

Murfreesboro Voice

The foreclosure rates in Tennessee and the U.S. decreased by 0.15 … and mortgages, home sales and prices, delinquencies and foreclosures.


Sean Beckwith: Watching sports and ignoring the message isn’t the right play

Aspen Times

Has anyone else heard a timetable for the NFL’s foreclosure? Is The Rock buying that league like he did the XFL? I’m just wondering because I …


Korean lenders struggle with New York hotel-retail project investment

The Investor

“The lawsuit involving the foreclosure is projected to take more than two years and with the tenants continuing to leave the building, it seems it will be …


Wall Street’s Reimagined Suburban Subdivision Is Full of Renters


(Bloomberg) — Wall Street won big buying up homes during the foreclosure crisis and renting them out. Now, it’s headed back to the suburbs in hopes …


United Wholesale Mortgage goes public with $16B valuation

The Real Deal

Chelsea landlord claims “predatory” lender is charging a crippling interest rate as punishment after losing foreclosure case. Chelsea landlord claims …


FDIC, HUD announce regulatory and disaster relief in connection with Oregon wildfires


… assistance available to certain counties impacted by the Oregon wildfires, providing foreclosure relief and other assistance to affected homeowners.


Old Town of Union trailer park torn down

WIVT – NewsChannel 34

The Broome County Land Bank, which deals with blighted property in our area, acquired the land after a tax foreclosure of its previous owner.


2020 Lawyers on the Fast Track: Corinne Brennan

… on commercial and consumer bankruptcy, reorganization, workouts, foreclosure litigation and regulatory matters related to consumer finance.


Homeowners saw average equity gain of $9800 in Q2

LBM Journal

… to be bolstered by home price appreciation, which in turn mitigated foreclosure pressures,” says Frank Martell, president and CEO of CoreLogic.


Public Notice No. 10787

Platte County Record Times

Notice of Foreclosure … Note: The property being foreclosed upon may be subject to other liens and encumbrances that will not be extinguished at the …


‘Crazy, crazy’ real estate market puts Gilbert near top of rankings

Inside Tucson Business

The ranking was based largely on market strength, measured by average time to sale, median home price appreciation and foreclosure rates, among …


Lenders struggle with New York hotel-retail project investment

The Korea Herald

Another source revealed that the lawsuit involving the foreclosure is projected to take more than two years, and with the tenants continuing to leave the …


Q&A with House District 47A candidate Arlan Brinkmeier

SW News Media

… or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure? I have never been charged with a crime or had a foreclosure.


Funding failure: 75% of New Orleans rental assistance money still sitting in the bank

WDSU New Orleans

… backlog “as soon as possible,” adding that there is no time to waste as renters face evictions and landlords fear losing their property to foreclosure.


Office Of The Comptroller Of The Currency Reports Decline In Mortgage Performance

Exchange News Direct

Servicers initiated 249 new foreclosures during the second quarter of 2020, … Events associated with COVID-19, including foreclosure moratoriums …


How to be effectively desperate

Travel Weekly

… of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) are in danger of foreclosure, and, absent government relief, 68% would last only six months.


Foreclosures – Judicial and Non-Judicial

New York Real Estate Lawyers Blog

Some of our prior blog posts have dealt with foreclosure actions concerning real property. A recent New York Supreme Court case, however, deals …


If you are inquiring about a payment for a property in foreclosure, please call 503-988-3334 to …

Multnomah County

If you are inquiring about a payment for a property in foreclosure, please call 503-988-3334 to discuss payment options. toggle Menu. Assessment …


Foreign Residence Mortgage? Foreclosure? Debt Forgiveness?

Virginia – US TAX TALK

It may be hard to believe, but losing your foreign home to foreclosure can result in US tax consequences. The tax problems are worsened for the …


A quarter of US hotels at risk of foreclosure

Today’s Hotelier magazine

Stop Foreclosure

A recent report compiled by Trepp and sent to Congress by the hotel industry found that almost one in four U.S. hotels are at risk of foreclosure.


Why Homeowners Should Win Foreclosure Cases

Livinglies’s Weblog

So then you must deal with the underlying theme in all foreclosure litigation — that the homeowner is going to get a free house and is getting away scot …



Seymour Law Firm, LLC

Foreclosure. When you have bee unable to pay your mortgage the mortgage company will declare you in default after usually about …


Foreclosure Homes In Wasco, Ca


Get information on foreclosure homes for rent, how to buy foreclosures in Wasco Ca 93280 and much more. It allows buyers and sellers to quickly find …



Truman Tribune

THAT all pre-foreclosure requirements have been complied with; that no action or proceeding has been instituted at law or otherwise to recover the …


Joel Schreiber’s Waterbridge hit with foreclosure filing on $23M loan on UWS


Joel Schreiber’s Waterbridge hit with foreclosure filing on $23M loan on UWS. September 23, 2020 PincusCo Media. By Adam Pincus Lender …


Maverick obtains order of foreclosure on Silvershore’s Brooklyn Heights rental with $2.6M loan


Maverick obtains order of foreclosure on Silvershore’s Brooklyn Heights rental with $2.6M loan. September 23, 2020 PincusCo Media. By Adam …


Have you seen it? HUD foreclosure Glenwood Springs. 3 Beds, 2 Baths…

Craigslist: High Rockies

HUD foreclosure Glenwood Springs. 3 Beds, 2 Baths (Glenwood Springs). < image 1 of 1 >. 1. 3BR / 2Ba 1720ft2. house. QR Code Link to This Post.


Foreclosure Intake Specialist


Answer calls for foreclosure prevention counseling; Provide quality customer service to WIN’s customers… Read more about this job …


Foreclosures Yamhill County Oregon


We provide nationwide foreclosure listings of pre foreclosures, foreclosed homes , short sales, bank owned homes and sheriff sales. NOTICE OF …


Cash for Keys

Debt Relief Legal Group

Differences Between Chapter 7 & 13 · Foreclosure Defense · Real Estate and Bankruptcy · Florida Foreclosure Laws · Mortgage Modifications · Short …


How to Handle a Loan Modification Denial in Illinois

Lake County Estate Planning Attorney

If foreclosure proceedings were to eventually happen, your efforts would also be noted by the court. In most cases, submitting a loan modification request …


Borrower alleges foreclosure sale based on incomplete notice

The Legal Description

After their property was foreclosed upon, property owners in Chicago alleged that the foreclosure sale should not have been approved because the …


Experts Are Predicting a Surge in Foreclosures, But I See the Situation Differently

Golden Real Estate’s Blog

A rate that high could result in a foreclosure crisis, the report said. Not only could millions of families potentially lose their home, but that would also …


Reader’s Digest – Imagine getting a foreclosure notice for…


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FRAUD STOPPERS Storm Bradford Mortgage Fraud Examiners Scamming Homeowners

Foreclosure Rescue Scam Alert

The following information and viewpoint is a personal opinion and deeply held religious belief of the author; and is shared with the sole intent to help homeowners & borrowers who may be facing foreclosure or who are currently experiencing financial hardship or difficulty with a mortgage avoid foreclosure traps, pitfalls, and swindles. 

Avoid Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners At All Cost

Leading industry sources report that Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners and other get rich quick scam websites has been discovered to be the biggest conman and scam artist scamming innocent homeowners by selling a worthless appraisal fraud audit, for as much as $7500, that cannot be used in a court of law. Sources say that Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a known charlatan scam Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners and that he has been caught red handed pretending to be a lawyer.

Storm Bradford has spread lies and rumors about FRAUD STOPPERS stating that FRAUD STOPPERS is scamming homeowners with lies and disinformation, and this is the reason FRAUD STOPPERS is forced to respond to this known scammer and his smear campaign.

Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners has been reported to the Rip-off Report and to the Virginia Bar Association and the Virginia Attorney Generals office for perpetrating this ongoing fraud to scam homeowners. If you live in or you have a Foreclosure do not risk losing your home and your money by getting scammed by Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners.

Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a known banking shill who makes money buying and selling securitized mortgages and reverse mortgages to and from the too-big-to-fail-banks that have defrauded millions of American homeowners out of their live savings and the properties, while he simultaneously spread lies and misinformation about companies trying to help homeowners fight to save their homes from foreclosure.

Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners have been caught racketeering and blackmailing competitors for money in exchange to stop spreading lies and rumors about them. Storm (Norman) Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners not only bad mouths all of his competitors, and spreads lies and disinformation about them, but even more disturbing is that he then tries to blackmail them for money to stop his hate campaign.

Storm Bradford and the Mortgage Fraud Examiners are not the only scams to avoid, however they are among the most expensive foreclosure rescue scams to avoid.

Storming Scamming Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners is scamming homeowners with lies and disinformation, while profiteering from buying and selling securitized mortgages and reverse mortgages to and from the too-big-to-fail-banks. His side business appears to be peddling a mortgage transaction analysis to unsuspecting homeowners. FRAUD STOPPERS and other leading industry experts recommend that you avoid this suspected scam artist at all cost. If you are currently experiencing difficultly with a mortgage or foreclosure we FRAUD STOPPERS recommends that you get the help of a local competent attorney, and you invest the time to get formal legal education to protect yourself from scammers like Storm Bradford of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners.

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