Robo-signing is over, but robo-suing is growing.

A small group of debt collectors are robo-suing people who default on their credit cards. Now, state and federal authorities are cracking down.

Originally posted by Justice League

Remember the term “robo-signing”? You know: what all the mortgage companies were doing a couple of years ago when they kicked people out of their homes without following the process of law. Did you know that robo-signing is still happening tens of thousands of times every day?,

Most people don’t know. But it is true. This time, it involves buyers of credit-card debt who are robo-suing. Every day, about a dozen of these companies take this procedural shortcut by filing lawsuits to try to use the courts to force people into paying back the debt they’ve defaulted on. These suits have no true legal standing because they violate the most basic principle of theburden of legal proof. That’s because the robo-signers, signing hundreds or thousands of documents a day, don’t take the time to check whether the people they’re suing really owe those debts. These credit-card debt buyers have done this about 40 million times since the financial crisis began in 2008. And they will do it again over and over – about 10 million times a year.

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