Protect Yourself from Lawyers … Especially Your Own!


Do you know what it takes to win?

If not, do you plan to hire a lawyer to go to court for you.

But, you probably don’t have a clue what your lawyer should be doing.

You can save thousands in lawyer fees by doing some work yourself and cut down on the lawyer’s billable hours!


Don’t hire a lawyer without knowing “what must be done to win” often end up bankrupt. The lawyers they hire bail out before trial. The innocent lose … and never know why!


If you can’t afford a lawyer, you must to fight in the dark with both hands tied behind your back!

There IS another way!

If you must hire a lawyer:

  • Know what the lawyer should do.
  • Don’t pay for incompetence or laziness.
  • Don’t let your lawyer cheat you!
  • Know how to demand effective legal service!


If you can’t afford a lawyer:

  • Force the court to protect your rights.
  • Draft proper pleadings.
  • Get evidence in the record.
  • Make effective courtroom objections.
  • Move the court to get what you want!


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