Preserve the Evidence!

To Adam Bronfman, Executive Producer of The Con,

We stand in solidarity with the millions of homeowners whose lives have been destroyed by a criminal enterprise using the courts, law firms, and this country’s government entities to become complicit in a racketeering ring created and executed by Wall Street on a global scale that has perverted and inverted our entire system of justice and integrity. The evidence is laid out in The Con that will be lost to history as of June 30, 2023

We recognize you have valiantly risked your own safety to bring the truth to the world, and we are grateful for your sacrifice. We are saddened by the reality that the market didn’t return what you risked. We all recognize the Truth has little value in today’s society, however we implore you to reconsider shelving The Con on June 30, 2023.

We are amid a massive campaign to elevate the findings of The Con and the facts above the sea of lies and noise in our desperate attempt to pierce the media and government’s refusal to inform the country what happened and never stopped.

It will take a miracle to overcome the betrayal of our system and restore the integrity of the law. There is only one way we believe that is possible, and that is with The Con as our crucible.


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