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Did you know 83% of mortgages examined by the FDIC contained significant compliance violations? Did you know these violations & errors could help you stop a foreclosure sale and get financial compensation and clear and free title to your home? Join FRAUD STOPPERS today and let us investigate your mortgage, so you can get the justice you deserve.

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9 our of 10 loans examined examined by our team of industry experts contain legal violations, errors, breaches of contract. These legal violations and errors could give you an advantage when it comes to challenging a foreclosure or negotiating with your mortgage company. Join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today and get the facts you need to get the justice you deserve.


Loans Contain Legal Violations & Errors

In Legal Errors Can Stop a Foreclosure Sale

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This short video will explain what happens after you join FRAUD STOPPERS and what benefits you will enjoy. 

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If you are not sure what your options are, or what you should do? Don’t worry because when you join FRAUD STOPPERS you will get a mortgage fraud analysis, case review, and professional consultation to discuss all your available options, answer all your questions, and help you formulate an effective and affordable strategy to getting the mortgage and foreclosure relief you need to save your piece of the American dream.


Join now and get instant access to affordable legal documents that can stop a foreclosure sale or eviction, help you sue for mortgage fraud or foreclosure fraud, get a loan modification, file for bankruptcy, or other legal remedies that may be available to you.


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Join FRAUD STOPPERS and take advantage of leading industry experts who can give you mortgage & foreclosure relief you deserve:


  • Foreclosure Defense Attorneys
  • Mortgage Fraud Investigators 
  • Licensed Paralegals
  • Professional Mediation Experts
  • Licensed Realtors
  • Private Investors


Overwhelmed with mortgage payments?
Fearful of foreclosure?
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Frustrated with your mortgage company?
Confused about your options?
Not sure who you can trust?


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“I’m grateful for the knowledge the materials and the resources that fraudstoppers has offered in the battle against the banksters thank you very much.”

Bill Zielinski

I was going through a hard time with foreclosure.  They were going to foreclosure on my house and had foreclosed on one house (dad’s).  The situation caused me to be stressed out!  A Freeman lawyer told me about Fraudstoppers.  Fraudstoppers sent me information dealing with foreclosure which I found very helpful.  It allowed me to stand-up for my home.  I am now still in my home and the Bank has backed off of foreclosure.  Gratefully yours,😀Karen Hill, Homeowner, Washington State

Karen Hill

“Thank you all for the hard work you have done its been a blessing to have you guys on my team I appreciate all the help and advice I have received from you please keep up the great work and encouragement that you all have been involved in yay for my team.”

Cheryl Mendoza

“I got nervous there for a while not knowing if you guys were real, now I am certain you are, I just want to say I am greatful for your specialty and the work you have provided to me. I am grateful to you and to John, I now feel relieved as I was trying to find for a long time. Wish I had connected with you sooner. But I look forward to using your products and working with you guys going forward. Thanks again.” Roberto Vigil, New Mexico 

Roberto Vigil

“Fraudulent foreclosure is never something a homeowner is TRULY prepared for. With the help and resources I found through FRAUD STOPPERS, the fight for justice has not stopped!”

Nina Farr

“Well guys here we are 14 months later and I just left the court where Wells Fargo foreclosure case was dismissed with Prejudice. That’s right with Prejudice! Can you believe it. Now all we have to do is sue for quiet title and I’m home free.” Victor Seabrooks

Victor Seabrooks

Affordable Pricing

FRAUD STOPPERS PMA has the most affordable option available to help you save money.

You are completely protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t like FRAUD STOPPERS PMA Membership over the next 14 days, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.


Your FRAUD STOPPERS PMA Membership Includes:

  • Mortgage Fraud Audit
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  • HOME Financial Report
  • Bloomberg Securitization Check & Trust Verification
  • Chain of Title Analysis 
  • Professional Consultation
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For information on foreclosure defense call us at 800-459-1215. We offer litigation support, admissible evidence, expert witness testimony, education, training, and support in all 50 states to attorneys and pro se homeowners.


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