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Do you know that APPRAISAL AND MORTGAGE FRAUD CAUSE AN ESTIMATED 83% OF ALL MORTGAGES TO BE LEGALLY PROBLEMATIC? This is due to the overappraising of homeowners’ properties and the mortgage industry’s pervasive carelessness, haste, and downright fraud in recent years. You already know from the news that during the refinancing craze and the real estate boom over the last decade, lenders were shoveling mortgages out the door as fast as they could. Mortgages are routinely sold multiple times, often too quickly and without proper documentation, leading to a greater legal mess. Appraisers have been complicit too. Many appraisers artificially inflate property values to help lenders justify predatory loans and receive repeat business.

Discrepancies are found in the majority of mortgages audited. An audit will expose serious non-disclosure violations, accounting “errors,” fraud and other schemes of dishonesty. With proof in your hands, you can choose to move forward and turn the tables on your predatory lender. Obtaining a Forensic Appraisal and Mortgage Audit is elemental to every Loan Modification, Short Sale, and Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. The findings of our Audit can significantly improve the opportunity for a positive resolution to the homeowners.

This video will give you an idea of how lenders have had very little regard for the homeowners. Mortgage Fraud Scandal Brewing

A loan audit can help you! The legal experts of Mortgage Fraud Examiners can review your appraisal and mortgage documents, looking for fraud, other tortious conduct, and common violations of federal and state statutes. Armed with this information, you can force your predatory lender to negotiate with you on your terms, rather than theirs, or you can sue them to get the remedies to which you are entitled.



To see if your loan qualifies for this service or to purchase this audit now join FRAUD STOPPERS because we are an authorized reseller | wholesale distributor of this amazing audit. Your $295 Membership Fee is deducted from the cost of this audit. 



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