Meet the New Boss, U.S. Bank and Black Knight; Same as the Old Boss LPS


Lender Processing Systems (LPS) which owned DOCX the notorious robosigning mill featured in the 60 Minutes episode The Next Housing Shock has changed its name to Black Knight. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Evidence in recent mortgage fraud lawsuits and wrongful foreclosure lawsuits reveal that fabricated, forged and robosigned documents are still being used by LPS (aka: Black Knight) to illegally foreclose on innocent homeowners. US Bank is using technology from LPS / Black Knight for its loan originations. If you have a MERS mortgage or loan serviced by US Bank call FRAUD STOPPERS right now for a free mortgage fraud analysis to determine if you have standing to sue for fraud.


Here is more information on DOCX, LPS, and Black Knight’s MERS scam posted by Neil Garfield on June 5, 2019

Right in Front of Our Eyes: Black Knight and U.S. Bank

Posted on June 5, 2019 by Neil Garfield


Anyone who knows about foreclosure litigation and securitization of residential debt knows that the only way the banks could succeed is if they had a central repository and central command center from which all documents were fabricated, and all instructions were issued.


For nearly all loans the central command was Lender Processing Systems, aided by DOCX. While DOCX is technically defunct and Loraine Brown went to jail taking one for the team, the functions of LPS remained the same.


LPS changed its name to Black Knight and in a PR coup transformed itself into the publisher of what is largely viewed as comprehensive data on mortgage lending and foreclosures.


Hence it went from the purveyor of false, fraudulent, forged documentation to the purveyor of data perceived as reliable and thence became a trusted source whose data is considered worthy of legal presumptions.


Systems at LPS/Black Knight include data processing on virtually all residential loans subject to claims of securitization many of which are represented by data on the MERS  Platform which is a workaround to hide separate split transfers of the debt, the note and the mortgage or deed of trust.


The systems on LPS/Black Knight are designed for the the express purpose of presenting consistent data in foreclosure claims. As such it also enables the rotation of apparent servicers, none of whom perform bookkeeping functions even if some of them interact with borrowers as if they were actually the servicers.


The rotation of servicers comes with the false representation and illusion of boarding in which the process is falsely represented as meaning that the new servicer inspected, audited, reviewed and input the data into their own system. None of that occurred. Instead the new servicer merely gained access to the same LPS system as the last servicer with a new login and password.


evidence in recent mortgage fraud lawsuits reveal that fabricated, forging and robosigning documents continue under the direction of LPS/Black Knight which receives all instructions from various investment banks who have each started their own securitization scheme masking apparent trades in the secondary market for loans and trades in the shadow banking market where “private contracts” are regularly traded without any securities regulation.


Far from dropping their connection with LPS/DOCX the major banks have completely embraced this central repository of all loan data, all of which is subject to manual and algorithmic manipulation to suit the needs of the banks; thus they produce a report that creates the illusion of credibility, reliability and even independence even though none of those things are true.


So now U.S. Bank is further embracing LPS/Black Knight technology in the form of “Empower” for loan originations. U.S. bank is of course the major player whose name is used in foreclosures despite the fact that it has no interest in the loans and does not receive one cent from foreclosure sales of property. It merely receives a royalty for the use of its name as part of a fictitious name of a nonexistent trust which is falsely represented to have engaged in a transaction in which the trust acquired the debt, note and mortgage on multiple loans.


This deal furthers the PR myth. It strengthens Black Knight as having the attributes of a legitimate player when in fact it is a central figure in the greatest economic crime in human history.




US Bank will implement the Empower LOS to manage loans purchased via its correspondent and HFA lending channels. The bank already uses Black Knight’s MSP servicing solution which integrates with the LOS; and its artificial intelligent virtual assistant AIVA.


“Aligning with Black Knight’s Empower for our Correspondent and HFA business serves our forward-looking vision of providing innovative capabilities that advance the lending process and provide a better client experience,” said Tom Wind, executive vice president, US Bank. “Expanding our enterprise relationship with Black Knight allows us to enhance our digital capabilities and customer experience throughout the entire homeownership cycle.”



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