Original mortgage documents found on separate exposed server.

The massive data breach involving more than 24 million mortgage and banking documents just got much, much worse as an investigation unearthed a separate unprotected server that provided access to some of the original documents to anyone who happened upon it online.

The details of the expanded breach come again from TechCrunch, which has done yeoman’s work on exposing this incredible breach in mortgage and banking security.

In the original breach, digital files were located on an unprotected server that contained the information from 24 million mortgage and banking documents, but the data was scraped from the original documents using OCR, a computer process that converts paper documents into electronic documents.

The original mortgage documents were converted into digital files that were not easily readable, but people’s highly sensitive personal information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and other information was accessible in the database for at least two weeks. Read on.


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