How to use your knowledge of securitization to win foreclosure and quiet title cases

Neil Garfield Apr 22

In an effort to show the relevancy of securitization in the collection businesses established with each new transaction with homeowners, I have had some discussions about the usefulness of knowing who has access to funds paid by homeowners and who gets paid any money as a creditor of the homeowner.

In our example here the servicer is Ocwen, but it could be any one of a dozen or more companies that are named as “servicers but who do not receive payments nor distribute money to investors or creditors.

• Homeowner payments by check are sent to a PO Box that is in the control of a lockbox provider like FiServ or a depository bank providing lockbox services through a FINTECH company (frequently Wells Fargo).
o The box is not owned by Ocwen but Ocwen is named as a DBA for the party that owns and controls the box.
o Ocwen neither deposits the money nor can it access the money.
o Its records showing payments and payment history are based upon reports FROM Fiserv who is operating under contract not with Ocwen but with an intermediary for the investment bank bookrunner.
o Testimony from an Ocwen representative is hearsay on hearsay. It is excludable from evidence if a timely and proper objection is raised.

• Homeowner electronic (EFT) payments (ACH, auto withdrawal etc.) are directed to an account owned and operated by the FINTECH company just like the paper check payments. The account is owned by Fiserv and maybe CoreLogic dba Ocwen.
o Ocwen neither deposits the money nor can it access the money.
o Its records showing payments and payment history are based upon reports FROM Fiserv who is operating under contract not with Ocwen but with an intermediary for the investment bank bookrunner.
o Testimony from an Ocwen representative is hearsay on hearsay.

• Homeowner correspondence and legal notices (QWR, DVL etc) are directed to another PO BOX that is owned and controlled by a FINTECH company running algorithms based on artificial intelligence producing stock answers to every letter. Once again this company is dba Ocwen. Things that don’t fit within the knowledge or programming of the server processing correspondence and notices are discarded.
o No human hands or minds are involved in the receipt or processing of correspondence or notices from the homeowner.
o Generally, no signature is attached to any of the correspondence, notices, or statements sent out under the Ocwen letterhead.
o Ocwen knows nothing until foreclosure is initiated at which point Ocwen receives instructions and access to a limited set of data prepared for use in court by a FINTECH company who may or may not be the FINteCH who received and processed incoming homeowner payments.

The importance of all of this is that under the rules of civil procedure and the laws governing the definition of evidence Ocwen is irrelevant if it is not receiving the payments, processing them, and inputting data into an accounting ledger reflecting their receipt of the funds.

Unless an officer of the FINTECH company testifies that they processed the transaction, noted the receipt of payment, and produced a report for publication by Ocwen, there is (a) a lack of foundation to Ocwen representative’s testimony and (b) a very clear path to excluding Ocwen robowitness testimony without which no exhibit can be introduced.

There are two ways of attacking this. One is to issue a subpoena duces tecum to the FINTECH company and the other is to have the information already in hand. Caution: the FINTECH company gets very touchy when they are contacted directly by a homeowner.

But best practices in litigation would be to issue the subpoena while at the same time the lawyer is compiling evidence of who is performing what function — and therefore who could produce a business record showing what functions they performed.

The indemnification agreements between the servicers, FINTECH, and other vendors on the one hand, and the investment bank bookrunner on the other hand expressly state that nobody needs to get involved including but not limited to the servicer (e.g. Ocwen), the REMIC Trustee and the FINTECH company. FINTECH will not get involved in testimony or the introduction of exhibits as evidence.

If we can show that the named servicer is not receiving the funds, not disbursing the funds, and not processing funds then we can bar any “business record” as excludable under the hearsay rule even if the information on it is true. Barring the testimony of the robowitness forces the issue.

The result is
• voluntary dismissal without prejudice.
• An involuntary dismissal with prejudice
• Judgment entered for the Homeowner.

Why You Should Never Make an Admission to a Contract of Indebtedness


We understand the operating documents of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and if the security evidence by the mortgage security instrument, conveyed with the tangible note negotiation, before the cut off data of the REMIC.

We are absolutely familiar with how you would sit down and break down a true sale from party A from party B to convey the security and to maintain the fiduciary duty under the Common Law Deed of Trust to release and reconvey, release and reconvey, to maintain clear and marketable title.

So, we know the foundation under the UCC for that.

Then, we also understand the underlying arguments that the banks and their attorneys use against people making securitization foreclosure defense arguments, which may have done a proper statement of fact as to what’s required to accomplish a true sale between all these parties and maintain perfection over the lien.

However the banks and their attorneys are going to succeed by not having a Chain of Title, by stating that they negotiated the note in Bearer Form under Article UCC 3205 Sub section B with no payee named as a bearer instrument.

This essentially gives them a purported temporary perfection of the original holder, while they physically transfer the instrument, by daisy chain, which doesn't require for them to maintain a Chain of Title, until the instrument is specially endorsed.

This is how the banks and their attorneys beat almost everybody from New York to California on standing, and whether or not they had a secured interest over the lien; because nobody has a the way to argue against whether or not they made the instrument of bearer paper and physically negotiated it, because they weren’t required to maintain a Chain of Title in that aspect.

So that’s how the banks and their attorneys are able to win nine times out of ten. Because what they're saying is that in the negotiation under 3205 B, the security followed the note, whenever the custodian of record received the instrument prior to the cut-off date, making the note and the security securing trust property before the cut-off date.

That's how the banks and their attorneys are able to beat you.

So let’s reverse engineer this, let's take that note all the way back to the closing, and reverse the whole concept and transaction.

What you have to be able to show is that you have one purported transaction, concealing the realistic transaction.

Did the lien’s beneficial interest maintain perfection, and was it therefore eligible to be negotiated with the note in that capacity, as statutorily required?

However what that would require that you were the actual creditor and that you actually made that note as a maker issuer, for the purposes of being the beneficiary of the debt that was created.

This is what the banks and their attorneys want you to believe in the matter of equity:

  1. That your signature was as a maker issuer and therefore created value to the instrument
  2. You negotiated with the party that you sat down at closing with
  3. They accepted the instrument by negotiation
  4. They were a federal reserved depository institution that could accept article three instruments by deposit
  5. They gave you consideration in the form of cash, not Ultra Vires, for your promise to pay instrument executing an underlying indebtedness contract


Well in an IRC 1031 Like Kind Exchange, Table Funded Securitized Mortgage Loan Transaction that didn't happen. That did not happen; that negotiation, acceptance and consideration is not what a table funded securitization transaction is! 


So the money is not created from your signature, negotiated and then the note negotiated between state to state physically, that doesn’t happen in a table funded transaction.  Rather it's in direct reverse engineer - the money was created from the sale of the certificates and the special deposit, special purpose vehicle on Wall Street.

They take the certificate holders funds to the securities to special deposit the pool of assets.  That pool of assets is used in the SPV alternative investment opportunity through the warehouse line of credit, and that's what the sponsor bank is using as the table funding credit in the transaction itself.

So yes, we would have some arguments like robo-signing and the improper negotiation, transfer, and delivery of the mortgage loan contract all the way through the securitization scheme, as part of the material defects found in the transactional scheme itself - but what we don't want to do is provide any language as an admission to you being the account debtor.

You also want to make sure you understand what is meant by using terms like the “alleged debt”, because you're going to piss the Judge off, really badly; a lot of people do it. Because, they don't know how to speak to the transaction as it relates to what that means.

So let me give you the perspective that the Judge is going to have. The Judge is only looking at the intent of the contract. So all the little details, the semantics of this right now, the first thing the Judge is going to do, is look at it from a cursory equity standpoint.

Q:  Did you intend to get a home

A:  Yes

Q:  Are you in a home?

A: Yes

Q:  Okay, so you're in the collateral.

A:  Yes

Q:  Okay and did you intend whenever you went to go get the home to get an obligation or a loan associated to that.

A:  Yes

Okay, yes that's obvious or else you wouldn't be in the collateral

Q:  Okay so you're in the collateral - an obligation exists - and you also pledged a lien to encumber your property to secure that obligation, so that if you couldn't perform on the contractual payment obligation the holder of the obligation would have the lien to enforce, do a foreclosure sale to enforce an ultimate means of collection.

A: Yes.

Okay.  So just looking at the intent of the contract, you are in the collateral, you know that you signed something at the closing- there's an obligation – and it's in default.

The institutions claiming to be the holder of that obligation and to be the secured party of record via an assignment of the security instrument perfected in public record.

Are there any other parties that are involved in this transaction?


And if some other financial institution was holding an obligation and saw that deed of trust or signed with a deed of trust recorded on public record, they would immediately file to acquire the title and they would be there defending their right to the obligation and the collateral itself.

So because there's no other financial institution showing up claiming to be the holder and to having a subsequent assignment of deed of trust or mortgage recorded for enforcing through a foreclosure action - than nine times out of ten - the Judge is going to give the party holding the obligation the benefit of the doubt as a matter of the intent of the contract.

So, in terms of the intent of the contract, this is where it becomes so viable for you to understand, what your capacity into the transaction is.

When the judge ask you:

“Did you sign the note - in the effort to get the collateral?”

Your answer is “Yes.”  - But you need to be able to specify the answer to yes as “well yes your honour but I’m not the account debtor.  I signed into this transaction as an accommodation party or guarantor. The party that I signed as a guarantor for, made available the obligation through a securitization transaction without my knowledge and purportedly negotiated the security evidence by the deed of trust/mortgage lien that I pledged to them, uniquely, to secure these receivables in this transaction as well. 

What I need to know your honour is does my lien secure the tangible contractual obligation or does it secure the receivables?”

The answer to the receivables is no. You cannot attach article 9 to the UCC receivables (securities) to enforce a lien on real property. A lien on real property under revised article nine is not secured by a lien on real property, so article nine does not fit the common law argument that the transfer of an obligation carries the beneficial interest of the lien and the lien itself.

Here is the lie that the banks almost always defeat homeowners with.

"Here's a copy of the note your honour, the security follows the obligation we all know that."

Yes, that’s accurate, under common law and U.S. Supreme Court. Carpenter v. Longan (1872) the note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity.

Furthermore under revised article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) the banks do not necessarily have to record each transfer of the mortgage loan contract in public records; all they have to do is, in essence, be in possession of the note and they can claim rights to enforce it.

Therefore you need to be able to be able to explain (and prove) how your capacity is to the obligation. “Your honour I am not the account debtor.  I was a guarantor to this party.  I am not a guarantor to everybody else that claims to be the holder of the obligation"

And it’s their capacity of an accommodated party to the certificate holders on Wall Street.  They're not the real creditors.  Their job is to put the certificate holders into funds associated to your payment string.

All of this is predicated on laying the proper order of operations, in line with statutory capacities, that clearly part and parcel and separate the root question of: Does revised article nine and liens on real property secured defaulted receivables in a securitization transaction?

That's your root question.

You just have to be able to have it all put in the proper sequence in statutory capacities, as it relates to your state, and what took place in order to defend the lien itself the property.


How have you been harmed?


In pre-foreclosure it's not so much that you've actually been harmed, it's whether or not they have clean hands in the transaction.  So this, at its root is an Equitable Estoppel issue. In the like kind exchange transactional scheme there is a senior secured party and a junior secured party – the originator of the loan (named on the note as the lender) is the senior secured party, and the trustee for the REMIC trust is the junior secured party.

But it's one transactional scheme, its one organism, so you have to be able to show that they - in the race of diligence - that the junior secured party made sure that the originator recorded that underlying security of trust, so they could perform the rest of the transaction.  But ten years later upon default of the receivables, to cause an assignment of the beneficial interest of evidence about your underlying security instrument, that security instrument doesn't maintain perfection from now, until infinity. You can lose perfection over that lien. 

So, having the proper capacity, order of operations, and then statement of facts of how they lost perfection, and to show that it is inequitable for the holder of the receivables to attempt to cause an assignment of the underlying security instrument, because they were only negotiated the receivables, with unclean hands. That’s what you have to show that they don't have an equitable claim to.

Hypothecation is a third party pledging collateral on your behalf. So, let's say for instance, if you pledged the real property to the originator party on the ten thirty one exchange transaction scheme you specifically gave legal title to that party. Not to the trustee under that instrument, and the beneficiary of the security instrument. The beneficiary of the security instrument then in turn pledged a separate and subsequent value - which is the proceeds of the real property.

Let me give you an example.  Consider a wheat field. The land is the real property, but the Wheat and the Harvest are the proceeds of the real property.

In this securitization transaction the original secured party is granting the proceeds, the actual required collateral to the real property and hypothecating that proceed as the payment intangible, which is the transferable record on the obligation.

So, you have to be able to show that it's under revised article nine; it does not apply to liens on real property.  It may apply to title loans, student loans, and unsecured obligations, but it does not apply to liens on real property.

Remember, it's either you sold the contract in its entirety to a successor and interest through a true sale; or you sold the underlying tangible value of the contract.

Remember when people paid off their loans and they received their notes and their deed back, and they would have deed burning parties?

That doesn't happen anymore because that transactional scheme where that was your note, that you made and negotiated with a bank that could accept it, deposit it, and give you real money for a loan so you could purchase the property.  That’s the savings and loan model.

In that transaction the bank you contracted with actually risked giving you real money, and was going to hold that thirty year instrument until its full rate of return.  Its portfolio division wanted to buy that obligation and they underwrote you as your credit worthiness and they gave you the loan.  You had skin in the game, you qualified financially and they were willing to take a risk on you.  That was a real contract between you and the bank.

But what happened with the securitization bubble is they lifted the Glass–Steagall Act and the Gramm Bliley Leach Act and they made way for this transactional scheme were they could divert the risk of creating the money, which was done by lying and cheating the certificate holders through a perspective supplement which was pre-fabricated on the yield spread of those securities, under the nineteen thirty three, thirty four Security and Exchange act.

So they went to Standards & Poor’s and they got all those credit enhancements and they pre-sold those securities. Well that’s what the special deposit is for the REMIC trust, the trust vehicle; the special purpose vehicle. So, through special deposit, they generated those funds with the sale of the securities, that’s what makes the credit swaps available for the sponsor bank, to work with the originator to the table fund transaction.

Once you’re able to understand the blue print of the transaction and then you set the order of operations in place, and then you couch the interested parties, and then couch their capacity, and then what are they negotiating and what’s its statutory intangible interest, and what governs that, and once you set the mouse trap in place, and it can follow the order of operation it’s not that complicated.

To get to the root question you just have to be able to see all of that and to be able to understand the root question.

The root question is “in what capacity did you sign the note (as maker/issuer) or as an (accommodation party/guarantor)?


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A Long Island physician was charged in a COVID-19 fraud scheme, officials said. … Higher mortgage rates set stage for lower home sales.




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Mortgage Finance Gazette

A mortgage that offers customers a discounted rate of interest when building or buying an energy efficient home. A secured homeowner loan to finance …

Data sharing has largely solved mortgage fraud, now we need it to combat scams & More … – world news

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Man targeted in meals fraud probe faces passport charge – Times Union

Times Union

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A man who authorities say is a target in a sweeping federal investigation into alleged fraud in a student meals program has …




Two plead guilty in ‘We Build The Wall’ fundraising scam – MarketWatch


Badolato, of Sarasota, Florida, pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy. Without the plea deal, Kolfage could have faced up to 46 years in prison …




What to consider with a Help to Buy remortgage | Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter

Remember, the Equity Loan to be repaid is based on the current property valuation when it is being repaid instead of the original loan amount. So, …




Higher mortgage rates set stage for lower home sales | Maryland Daily Record

Maryland Daily Record

LOS ANGELES — Low mortgage rates have helped juice the housing market over the past decade, easing the way for borrowers to finance ever-higher …




NFT Fraud: Menace Of The Metaverse? – Forbes


Future game gamefi and entertainment digital technology. Teenager having fun play VR virtual reality glasses. getty. From virtual reality headsets to …




How I Manage My Money: The son of a butcher who became a multi-millionaire – iNews


Mortgage repayment £4,000. School fees £2,500. Groceries £650. Broadband/subscriptions £63. Council tax £290. Utility bills (inc water) £632.




Regulator criticises challenger banks over financial crime handling – Mortgage Finance Gazette

Mortgage Finance Gazette

Challenger banks need to improve how they assess financial crime risk, with some failing to adequately check their customers’ income and …




Mortgage rates inch further up with bond sell-offs

National Mortgage News

The unexpectedly swift increase may dampen some of the home-buying demand seen in the past year.




Average long-term US mortgage rates highest in 12 years – SFGATE


WASHINGTON (AP) — Long-term U.S. mortgage rates rose for the seventh … Trump walks out of interview after he’s challenged on false voter fraud.




Am I owed a tax rebate? UK tax codes explained and how to find out if you have paid too much


Data sharing has largely solved mortgage fraud, now we need it to combat scams – and fast · Property and Mortgages …




Average long-term US mortgage rates highest in 12 years –


The average rate on a 30-year mortgage rose to 5.11% from 5% last week, mortgage buyer Freddie Mac reported Thursday. The last time it was higher was …




Man charged with lying for $60K pandemic loan arrested again – SFGATE


Nathan Reardon, 44, was arrested on Wednesday on a motion to revoke his bail. Last year, Reardon pleaded not guilty to charges of bank fraud and …




Higher mortgage rates set stage for lower home sales – SFGATE


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Low mortgage rates have helped juice the housing … Trump walks out of interview after he’s challenged on false voter fraud.




Weekly rate watch: Fixes climb higher – Mortgage Finance Gazette

Mortgage Finance Gazette

All average headline mortgage fixed rates rose again this week, according to data from Moneyfacts. The average rate for a two-year fix lifted by 2 …




Mr. Cooper promotes Gow to CFO, Elzen to EVP | National Mortgage News

National Mortgage News

Originations Editor, National Mortgage News … Career moves Mortgages … Fraud · Large data breaches reported by multiple mortgage firms.




West Springfield PD looking for suspect in credit card fraud | WWLP


The West Springfield Police Department (WSPD) is looking for help from the public for information about a credit card theft.




Donald Trump walks out of Piers Morgan interview – 1News


A teaser trailer for the interview shows the former US President taking offence at Morgan’s questions about his election fraud allegations.




Higher mortgage rates set stage for lower home sales – Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Low mortgage rates have helped juice the housing market … Steven Hotze charged for funding voter fraud investigation where.




Federal Officials Charge Minnesota Man With Passport Fraud – WJON


From life insurance to mortgage applications, computers are already instrumental in crunching the mountains of data needed to evaluate risk, and the …




Market hitting peak for cash-out refinancing – Orange County Register

Orange County Register

With home prices up 24% in 14 months, borrowers with growing equity and good credit should act now before mortgage rates go higher.




United Trust Bank adds Impact to buy-to-let packager panel | Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter

“We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the first distributors and look forward to working with Mike and the team.” Mike Walters, mortgages …




Mortgage rates cross 5% | Fox Business

Fox Business

The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is now at 5.11%, the highest level in 12 years.




Adler Says KPMG Questioned Some Deals, Found No Systemic Fraud – BNN Bloomberg

BNN Bloomberg

KPMG also found that Adler Real Estate AG, a subsidiary of the group, once exceeded a loan-to-value threshold of 60% “considering the accounting …




JD Bancshares, Inc. Reports Financial Results for Q1 2022 – Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

… investments and mortgage originations, and a more pronounced occurrence of check and debit card fraud makes for challenging comparisons.




Higher mortgage rates set stage for lower home sales – Washington Times

Washington Times

Low mortgage rates have helped juice the housing market over the past decade, easing the way for borrowers to finance ever-higher home prices.




Mortgage Rates | Business |


… Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Long-term U.S. mortgage rates rose for. … Shreveport counseling agency owner, manager sentenced for wire fraud …




GATO Investors Have Opportunity to Lead Gatos Silver, Inc. Securities Fraud Lawsuit – Benzinga


BENSALEM, Pa., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Law Offices of Howard G. Smith announces that investors with substantial losses have opportunity to …




Last September 7700 People Should Have Had Their Student Loan Forgiven – GOBankingRates


See: POLL: Do You Think Student Loan Debt Should Be Forgiven? … Student Loan Forgiveness Scams on the Rise — Avoid Being a Victim of Fraud …




Haverford Crime Blotter: Drugs, Fraud, Assault, More – Patch


Haverford Crime Blotter: Drugs, Fraud, Assault, More – Haverford-Havertown, PA – Police reported seven instances of checks being stolen, altered, …




LI Doctor Indicted In COVID-19 Healthcare Fraud Scheme: DOJ | Great Neck, NY Patch


LI Doctor Indicted In COVID-19 Healthcare Fraud Scheme: DOJ – Great Neck, NY – A Long Island cardiologist is accused of defrauding Medicare and …




Parsippany Lab’s Owners Among 6 Indicted For COVID Fraud: Feds – Patch


PARSIPPANY, NJ — Six people linked to a Parsippany laboratory, including the owners, tested positive for a coronavirus fraud scheme, according to the …




Student Loan Borrowers Will See Two New Changes from the Education Department Soon


Many borrowers have been steered toward loan forbearance programs, … Student Loan Forgiveness Scams on the Rise — Avoid Being a Victim of Fraud …




April 21, 2022 | Daily News Brief | Armed Robbery at Festival at Riva. Doctor Indicted for Fraud. Fluttr!

Eye On Annapolis

Local doctor indicted for Medicare and insurance fraud during COVID. Man sentenced to 20-years after fleeing … Arundel Savings Mortgage Rates …




2 plead guilty in ‘We Build The Wall’ fraudulent fundraiser – WTMJ


Sentencing was scheduled for Sept. 6. Kolfage, of Miramar Beach, Florida, pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy and tax charges brought originally …




New York physician indicted in $10 million health care telemedicine fraud scheme | Fox Business

Fox Business

A New York physician was charged in an indictment on Thursday over an alleged $10 million health care fraud scheme.




Mortgage servicer data breach affects 2.5 million; Crypto wallet provider warns iOS users

Crypto News BTC

It’s solely a matter of time earlier than an trade is hit with a wave of fraud. Final yr, the mortgage trade had its flip, because it skilled a …




Higher mortgage rates set stage for lower home sales | Long Island Business News

Long Island Business News

Low mortgage rates have helped juice the housing market over the past decade, easing the way for … LI doctor charged in COVID fraud scheme.





Data sharing has largely solved mortgage fraud, now we need it to combat scams – and fast

Daily Advent

Legislation designed to allow organisations to share data safely and effectively must be prioritised A City of London police officer and a …




Ex-RBC supervisor amongst suspects in alleged financial institution mortgage fraud: Toronto police

SNBC Online

4 folks have been charged following a year-long investigation right into a multi-million-dollar fraudulent mortgage scheme within the Higher …




FRAUD STOPPERS Daily update ⋅ April 22, 2022


GOP activist Steven Hotze appears in court for first time since charges in voter fraud case

Houston Chronicle

Crime Stoppers of Houston draws scrutiny … repairman being held at gunpoint in 2020 during a bizarre search for fraudulent mail ballots.




Man targeted in meals fraud probe faces passport charge – Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle

Sydney Zuiker, safe community program director, speaks during a human trafficking presentation at Crime · Crime or politics? Crime Stoppers of Houston …




AARP offers resources to help protect veterans from fraud – WBRC


A new AARP study said service members are more likely to be victims of scams than the average person. We are on your side helping you protect …




Property developer accused of fraud, money laundering – WJHG


Nicolas Henderson is facing multiple felony charges, including fraud and … Anyone with information is to contact the Houston Crime Stoppers.




Two of Bannon’s co-defendants plead guilty to ‘We Build the Wall’ fraud – KTVZ


Two men indicted alongside former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to defrauding donors of hundreds of …




Jacksonville man pleads guilty to student aid fraud by using identities of family, homeless people


Anyone with information is to contact the Houston Crime Stoppers. Robber caught by surprise when potential victim also pulls out gun, police say.





Walton County Sheriff’s Office

April 22, 2020 WALTON COUNTY, Fla— The owner of a Walton County construction company has been charged with fraud and money laundering and is now …




Sumter County searching for suspect with several outstanding warrants –

… firearms charges, credit card fraud, and cutting off his GPS monitor. … Office at 803-436-2000 or Midlands Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.




Woman Sexually Assaulted During Long Island Home Burglary: SCPD – NBC New York

NBC New York

… the Special Victims Section at (631) 852-8791 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. … Promoted By New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud …




Deep-red Utah embraced voting by mail. Then came 2020. – FOX23 News


Pushed by constituents like Holt swept up in fears of widespread fraud, lawmakers made election security a central focus in the Statehouse this year, …




California MAGA Candidate Claims God Will Commit Voter Fraud on Her Behalf to Help Her Win

The New Civil Rights Movement

California MAGA Candidate Claims God Will Commit Voter Fraud on Her Behalf … READ MORE: Greg Abbott gave Crime Stoppers $6 million — and they’re …




WRPS Warn Residents about Cryptocurrency Investment Scams

Waterloo Regional Police Service

Over the past 10 months, fraud investigators from Waterloo Regional Police Service’s General Investigation Unit have received 20 reports from …




Greg Abbott gave Crime Stoppers $6 million — and they’re attacking Democrats: report – Raw Story

Raw Story

According to a New York Times report, “Crime Stoppers of Houston has been blasting out a different, more political message: Activist judges are …





Crime Stoppers Silent Witness – Y95 COUNTRY

Y95 Country

Cheyenne Man Wanted for Attempted Murder in South Side Shooting · 2 days ago ; Cheyenne Police Investigating Vehicle Theft and Fraud Case · 7 days ago …





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