Family court, probate court, civil and criminal cases all seem to be marching to a tune of “It’s who you know, not the merits of your case.”


It only stands to reason that if judges are throwing cases, then they are being paid off to do so. It may be a shocking assertion, but no more shocking than what has become common fare these days.


There is still time to register for the March 4 webinar, “How to Research Judges (and other public officials) Using Public Documents.” The focus of this webinar is on illegal financial activities by judges, indicative of money laundering and more.


The issue of the prevalence of judges laundering bribes and payoffs through their property loans will be a heavy focus. You will learn how to use public documents to determine if your judge fits the profile of a money launderer. In addition, you will learn how to spot other signs of economic malfeasance—one judge researched, for example, reported a business interest in a corporation which was then determined to have had its corporate license revoked by the state years prior.


If you are interested in registering for the webinar, you may remit the payment (60.00$) via paypal to For other means of payment, please contact me directly at 541 708-3534.


We all need to know how to do this research. We need to know how to determine if we are in the clutches of a judge who has been paid off to throw our case. The results of this research– in terms of restoring justice– have already been profound, in individual cases. Let’s get the ball rolling and let’s all learn how to spot a “wired” judge and learn how to get justice back on track.


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