How to Research Your Judge Webinar


Concerns are ramping up on so many levels now that the US government has gone rogue. The concerns about the integrity of the  legal system are fundamental to these perceptions. 


Many of us are embroiled in horrific cases, losing our parents, our children, our inheritances. We are focusing our time and energies fighting what is possibly a losing battle. If the judge in our cases is “wired,” then our possibilities for obtaining justice are dim.


So what is the solution? Surely going to another “wired” official is not going to help, which is why the stories of FBI refusing to investigate our claims are now legion. 


Stepping outside of the system, one gets a fresh breath of air. If exposing the “wired” public official has the effect that this veterans group in the state of Washington has claimed  Was Annette Hayes “Taken Out” by Veterans Group? – Activist Post then this breath of fresh air may turn into a hurricane. And wouldn’t it be something to just blow away the anguish, the loss, the shock at being caught in a system which so casually destroys your fundamental rights?



This research, however, is not a final fix. It has provided significant change in a number of cases. It is a step, and a fundamental one, towards freeing us from the restraints and abuses of a corrupt system.



This is the final call for the 2022 webinar on “How to Research Your Judge,” which is planned for Saturday October 8 at 3 pm Central. Registration for the webinar will close tomorrow, Friday, at 9 pm Central. You can email me any questions about registration or you can paypal me the price of the webinar, a low $30, at Upon receipt, you will automatically be registered and will receive a zoom link on Saturday morning.


Janet Phelan

“EXILE,” published 2014

“At the Breaking Point of History,” published 2021

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