When, Why, What, and How.

Slay your opponent with depositions!


Like other tools in your “Lawyer’s Little Red Toolbox”, depositions are best used:

  1. At the right time,
  2. For the right reason,
  3. In the right way!

A deposition is not a friendly coffee-klatch!

It’s not a “social event”.

Beware of sneaky lawyers, who try to turn the serious fact-finding business of deposition into a friendly “conversation”.

Do not allow it.

When you see it begin, stop it immediately!

Lawyers will try to lead deposition witnesses into a false sense of safety by seeming “friendly”, asking questions about Aunt Suzy’s recipe for butterscotch cookies or where Uncle Bill spent his vacation last year. This is not to get at facts but to trick the witness into “chatting”, to get you and the witness off-guard so improper questions can be “popped” in while you day-dream about how many quarters you put in the parking meter outside.

“I understand you’re quite a golfer, Mr. Witness.”

Red flag!

Don’t be duped.

Your opponent’s lawyer doesn’t care a thing about the witness’ golfing.

He’s on a fishing expedition.

He’s after something else.

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