How to Dodge a Lawsuit
Whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, you must know what smart defendants do to dodge lawsuits.
If a defendant is served with a complaint, he may dodge the lawsuit by filing motions to avoid filing an Answer!
This is called the “flurry of motions”.
Once a defendant files an Answer, he’s locked in and misses this chance to dodge the lawsuit altogether.
Don’t file an Answer if you can dodge the lawsuit with a “flurry of motions”.
Inexperienced lawyers and pro se people make the mistake of filing an Answer to plaintiff’s Complaint … instead of using the flurry of motions.
•    Motion to Dismiss
•    Motion to Strike
•    Motion for More Definite Statement
Each of these motions postpones the necessity of filing an Answer to the Complaint … and gains you valuable time and evidence-gathering opportunities!
In some cases it puts an end to the case. Period!
Use your Flurry of Motions.
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