Over the past few weeks, I’ve given my condolences to at least 15 different people … dear friends who have lost a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle or spouse. It’s always heart-breaking to learn a friend is hurting, but to hear their family member didn’t have a Will makes me sad since I know the extra stress they’re now faced with.


Not having your affairs in order leaves a big burden on family members left behind. There are legalities to follow …and access to good attorneys is always beneficial. This is why I am passionate about what I do.


I believe everyone should have LegalShield to protect their family. For under $20 per month, one major benefit is your complete Will package is prepared (if married, your spouse/partner’s Will is included, too). Not just once… but, your wills are also updated each year at no cost. Plus, you have unlimited access to advice from some of the top attorneys in the country.


I’ve had this benefit for almost 18 years and it’s saved me a ton of time and money and given me peace of mind on more occasions that I can recall.


LegalShield isn’t just for folks who can’t “afford” an attorney – this isn’t legal aid. On the contrary, very wise and wealthy people throughout North America subscribe – and have for decades – because common sense dictates it would be penny-wise and dollar-foolish to NOT pay $20/month for unlimited access to the same law firms non-LegalShield clients pay hundreds per hour to use.


I have friends who spend $20 or more per week at Starbuck’s, and another few hundred or so per month on sushi, sports bars and living large. But, they haven’t “yet” prepared their Will.  Some of these friends have actually said, “Oh, I don’t need LegalShield – I’m good; I have an attorney friend who handles all my stuff.” 


I have several friends who are attorneys. It’s not just that I personally wouldn’t ask for the buddy hook-up whenever I need legal help (I respect them as business people – time is money)… but, it’s that my attorney friends can’t do ALL of what LegalShield can do for me.


My friends can’t represent me in traffic court, review all my contracts and documents on demand, write letters and make phone calls for me each time I need it, consult with me about any and every legal question I have in any area of law, take time to prepare my entire Will and update it annually without charging me, defend me in court if I’m sued, represent me against the IRS if I’m audited, provide a complete criminal defense for me if I’m ever in a tragic car accident, pick up my calls by the 3rd ring every time I call in and get back to me within 8 business hours no matter what… oh, and they certainly won’t take my call at 4am on a Thursday if I’m having an emergency.


Not only are they not capable of doing all these things because they each specialize in different areas of law, but, they couldn’t afford to do it all for $20/month… no matter how much they loved me. As a matter of fact, 99% of all my attorney friends are members of LegalShield – having this service is a no-brainer to them.


Over the years, many friends who couldn’t be bothered when first shown LegalShield have later approached me to ask if LegalShield could please help them with a serious legal situation – often, it’s one that would have been covered 100% had they been a member. LegalShield can always help, but the big stuff will be at a 25% discount after-the-fact. I can’t help but think, “it would have cost you $240 to have LegalShield for the whole last year, and you could have spoken with attorneys every day for free to get advice and guidance so you could have avoided this situation you’re in now…. but, because you blew it off, now it’s going to cost you $4,000”.


My heart is with my friends who have lost loved ones and are now having to deal with massive legal drama. It’s so stressful. Don’t do that to your family.


When you’re ready to learn how important investing $5 per week into your family is, getting your Will done, and learning to use your own law firm proactively as a benefit in your life, I’ll be here for you.


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