Now You Can Get a Free Mortgage Fraud Analysis & Professional Consultations to Help You Determine Your Legal Options for Remedy


Get the facts and evidence that you need to make the right decision to save your piece of the American dream. Do not pay any attorney or other so called foreclosure defense expert or mortgage fraud expert until you have our team of top professionals review your loan and lawsuit documents for legal violations, errors, and fraud that you can use to stop foreclosure and sue for financial compensation for fraud and clear and marketable title to your real property.

We need some info and docs to conduct a free mortgage fraud analysis for you to determine what legal options for remedy you have available.

Therefore please complete our LITIGATION INTAKE FORM


Next fax or email us copies of the documents listed on our DOCUMENT CHECKLIST

It is also very helpful to provide a DETAILED TIMELINE. Here is a SAMPLE DETAILED TIMELINE

Having a detailed timeline, completed intake form, and all your documents properly labeled and in order will help anyone you decide to work with help you faster and better. So, please take the time to complete this vital task.

Once we have your detailed timeline, completed intake form, and copies of your documents, we will conduct a preliminary mortgage chain of title analysis.

Then, depending on your situation and desired outcome, we will schedule consultation call(s) with the following professionals to help you get a full spectrum analysis of all your loan and legal options available:

  • Licensed Private Investigator / Mortgage Fraud Expert
  • Licensed Attorney(s)
  • Licensed Paralegal(s)


If you are missing documents, you can call your mortgage servicer and ask them (nicely) to fax or email all the documents they have for your loan to you, so you have them for your records. You can give them our fax number if you wish.

You can also call your county recorder of deeds office or land records office and ask if you can download documents online, to avoid driving to get them. Get a copy of every document recorded against your subject property, from the time you purchased the property or from the time the last mortgage was recorded, until present.

Please do NOT send photos of your documents.

Only fax or email PDF version of docs. 

You can convert, compress, and merge documents online for free at


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The average turnaround time for free fraud analysis and consultations is 24 to 48 hours.


In the meantime, you can get instant affordable access to a local attorney for limited attorney support services and formal legal education with these two resources:

  1. Legal Education
  2. Legalshield


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