When the Banks Break the Law, We Break the Banks!



Join FRAUD STOPPERS Private Members Association today and get the help you need to stop foreclosure and sue the bank for mortgage fraud. 

Fight Foreclosure Fraud

“A mortgage can be enforced only by a person who can enforce the underlying debt; a mortgage is but incidental to the promissory note.” Adam Levitin. Discovery how to stop foreclosure.

Fight Mortgage Fraud

According to a government audit nearly 83% of mortgages surveyed contained legal errors and violations that could be problematic for lenders attempting to foreclose. Learn how to make the banks pay you to go away!

Hybrid Legal Services 

Cutting Edge Foreclosure Defense Solutions and Support  

  • Preliminary Securitization Check 
  • Mortgage Fraud Analysis
  • Potential Cause of Action Consultation 
  • Informal Discovery Demand Letters
  • Access to Members Only Products & Services 
  • Quiet Title Lawsuits
  • Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuits
  • Mortgage Fraud Lawsuits 
  • Appeals Lawsuits
  • Court Ready Legal Documents
  • Full Pro Se Litigation Support 













Discover the truth behind the mortgage & banking fraud that caused the 2008 banking meltdown, and how you can profit from it.

  • Foreclosure Traps & Pitfalls to Avoid
  • How to Respond to a Notice of Default 
  • How Table Funded Loans Work
  • Winning Court Strategies 
  • Winning Cases 
  • How to Make Money Helping Others
  • And Much More

For information on cutting edge foreclosure defense and mortgage fraud resources contact us. We offer litigation support, admissible evidence, expert witness testimony, education, training, and support in all 50 states to attorneys and pro se homeowners.

“Well guys here we are 14 months later and I just left the court where Wells Fargo foreclosure case was dismissed with Prejudice. That’s right with Prejudice! Can you believe it. Now all we have to do is sue for quiet title and I’m home free.” Victor Seabrooks

“I am very happy with the work your company has done and your genuine concern. Next month I am going to sign on with Legal Shield as you also suggested.” Julie Meadows

“FRAUD STOPPERS helped me in many ways. I contacted them because I was struggling with a foreclosure action started by Bank of America. FRAUD STOPPERS began its help by providing a free audit of the mortgage history of my property and introduced me to the concept of tangible and intangible note and security documents.” Dutch Maynard










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