So today I was reviewing the leads in our CRM and I noticed that one of the leads (for a Mr. Gerald G) had a sales call with one of our sales reps and our senior licensed Private Investigator yesterday (Monday 03/21/17 at 4:10pm CST). I noticed that a sales agreement was sent to Mr. G yesterday, and so I called Gerald to see if he had any unanswered questions, or if he needed help moving forward in the sales process.

To my surprise Gerald told me that he had already filed a lawsuit, Pro Se, on Monday 03-21-17, right before his sales call, and had no intentions of purchasing our turnkey Quiet Title Lawsuit Package.

Apparently he deceived my sales rep and our senior private investigator (who is an officer of the court) into thinking that he was interested in purchasing our turnkey Quiet Title Lawsuit Package, when in fact he was only looking for free information and help to win his case… Namely he wanted to know the name of the Wall Street Trust that was claiming ownership to his note!

As you can imagine FRAUD STOPPERS PMA gets hundreds of calls a month, and a certain percentage of these calls are from people who do not want to purchase any legal documents or work product, rather they are looking for free information and help.

And that is 100% fine. In fact we have a lot of free resources and information on our website to help people like this. Here are some free documents that may help you:

That fact that Gerald didn’t want to purchase a turnkey lawsuit package from us didn’t bother me to much, after all our closing rate is only 30% to 40%, so most of the people we speak with don’t purchase from us…

But what bothered me was the fact that Gerald told me that he didn’t have any admissible evidence to support the lawsuit he filed, and even worse he admitted that he was ignorant about how to navigate the legal process or win his lawsuit Pro Se.

If Gerald has no supporting, admissible, evidence to back up the allegations contained in his complaint, and he doesn’t have the necessary education or information about hot to win a lawsuit Pro Se, what do you think his odds are of winning are?

I estimated his odds of winning are less than 10%.

What kind of a person would go into court knowing that they have no clue about how to win, and expect to win?

If you are going to file a lawsuit you need to know how to lay your case out so that you can win, and win on appeal if necessary!

You need to know the rules of court, and the rules of evidence. You need to know how to control your opponent’s attorney, and the judge too!

You need to know how to make sure that everyone is obeying the rules, and you need to know who to make sure that everything is on the record!

To learn how to win in court takes time and education.

Unfortunately Gerald G was unwilling to pay the price to learn How to Win in Court, so most likely he will be forced to pay the price of ignorance.

Trust me, if you are thinking about suing your lender for mortgage or foreclosure fraud you do not want to be like Gerald G. You do not want to walk into court with no supporting evidence, and no information, education, or training about how to win your case.

Instead I encourage you to invest the time and money ($249) and get your copy of the How to Win in Court Course; because the cost of learning how to win your lawsuit, is much less than the cost of ignorance!

Remember “Knowledge is Power”!

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