Quiet Title is a lawsuit filed to establish ownership of real property. A Quiet Title lawsuit is a proceeding to establish an individual’s right to ownership of real property against one or more adverse claimants. Others have used Quiet Title lawsuits to get clear and marketable title to their real property, and now you can too.

If you want a cost effective way to file a mortgage fraud lawsuit, quiet title lawsuit, or wrongful foreclosure lawsuit FRAUD STOPPERS PMA can provide you with a court ready lawsuit package that includes your complaint (petition for damages), trail ready supporting evidence and exhibits, expert witness affidavit, expert witness testimony, application for temporary restraining order to stop a foreclosure sale or eviction), lis pendens (to cloud the marketability of the title to your real property), subsequent motions, education and training material, and full litigation support. If you want a proven way to save time and money, and increase your odds of success, suing for mortgage fraud, quiet title, or wrongful foreclosure, register for a free mortgage fraud analysis right now and find out if your loan qualifies for one of our court ready, turnkey, lawsuit packages.

Our Premium Quiet Title Lawsuit and Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Packages include a court ready complaint (petition for damages), supporting evidence, exhibits, expert witness affidavit, application for temporary restraining order (to stop a foreclosure sale or eviction), lis pendens (to cloud the marketability of the title), and Pro Se education and training material. For more information on our Quiet Title lawsuit package go to:

The Trial Ready Evidence Package includes a court ready Bloomberg Securitization Audit with time stamped Bloomberg screenshot[s] verifying the Trust Vehicle associated with your specific loan; including C.U.S.I.P. number and tranche loan level data. It also includes a copy of the Pooling & Servicing Agreement (which is Trial Ready Material Evidence of Securitization), a Complete Mortgage Fraud and Robo-Signing Check, Credit Default Swap Analysis, and a Full Chain of Title Analysis (Chain of Title Investigation) of all the ASSIGNMENTS & TRANSFERS of your mortgage loan contract, revealing how and where your loan was transferred from the origination of the loan until present; revealing all of the breaks in your properties chain of title and any clouds on title, and a signed and notarized EXPERT WITNESS AFFIDAVIT signed by one of the top industry experts in the United States who has provided expert witness testimony all across the country.

The expert witness that we utilize has trained and certified over 500 industry experts and attorneys in forensic mortgage fraud and securitization auditing. His reputation is impeccable, has an MBA from UCLA, is a Licensed Financial Analyst, has series 7 securities license, a series 63 securities license, he is an adjunct professor at Long Beach State University on Securities and Financial Systems, and has no criminal record or civil record of bankruptcies or otherwise.  He has been deposed nearly 100 times, and he conducts the ongoing securitization certification training courses that are approved by the bar association in 5 states and the board of education. So you and your attorney can have confidence that you will have no problems getting him past a MOTION IN LIMINE concerning VOIR DIRE.

This chain of title investigation or chain of title analysis that is included in your trail ready evidence package can reveal where your lender or loan servicer(s) lost legal rights to enforce the security instrument (your mortgage or deed of trust. Furthermore the securitization analysis can show where the actual money that funded the mortgage loan transaction came from (usually from a sponsoring bank that was working on behalf of the trust) which can show that no legal rights to enforce the security instrument were created in the first place.

The court ready complaint (petition for damages) for quiet title or wrongful foreclosure drafted by leading foreclosure defense attorneys and they are designed to cover most, if not all, potential issues related to your current mortgage loan situation including Fraud in the Inducement, Fraud in the Concealment, Declaratory Relief, Breach of Contract, Lack of Standing to Foreclosure and/or Wrongful Foreclosure, Slander of Title, Rescission of the Mortgage Loan Contract, and Quiet Title. This court ready, turnkey, complaint comes to you ready to Print, Sign, and File into the court saving you thousands of dollars in upfront legal fees associated to starting your lawsuit Pro Se or with an attorney.

The Application for Temporary Restraining Order included in this Quiet Title or Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit package can be used to stop a foreclosure sale or eviction.

The Lis Pendens included in this Quiet Title or Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit package can be used to cloud the marketability to the title to your real property discouraging any real estate investors or buyers from purchasing the property at a foreclosure auction; and it can also help prevent the sale of the real property at the foreclosure sale or foreclosure auction, and after the sale or auction.

The Pro Se Legal Education and Training Material that can added to this quiet title or wrongful foreclosure turnkey lawsuit package covers Online Legal Research, Legal Research Hints & Tips, How to Use Evidence Rules, Effective Written Motions, Effective Spoken Motions, Affirmative Defenses, Complaints & Causes of Action, Essential Courtroom Objections, Appeals Procedure with Forms, Summary Judgment Motions, Summary Judgment Defenses, Trial Procedure, How to Handle Witnesses, Frequently Used Forms, Criminal Defense, Property Law, Contract Law, How to Collect Judgments, Official Rules of Court, Standard Pleadings, Discovery of Evidence, How to Hire a Lawyer, How to Control Lawyers and Judges, Common Law Maxims, Natural Law Theory, Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuits Post Yvanova in California and Cutting Edge Foreclosure Defense (CALIFORNIA BAR), Principal Reductions Through Strategic Litigation- Under Homeowner Bill of Rights, How to Cancel Secured and Unsecured Debt Obligations Through Strategic Litigation (NEW YORK BAR), Foreclosure Defense Post GLASKI & SB900 (CALIFORNIA BAR), Foreclosure Defense Seminar (FLORIDA BAR), How to Win Quiet Title (NEW YORK BAR), Contract Litigation and UCC (TEXAS BAR), Achieving Principal Reductions While Creating Leverage With Banks (NEW YORK BAR), Mortgage Securitization (NEVADA BAR), Foreclosure Defense Using Bankruptcy (NEVADA BAR), Quiet Title Workshop (GEORGIA BAR), Mortgage Securitization and Quiet Title II (NEVADA BAR), Securitization in Litigation And Quiet Title I (CALIFORNIA BAR), and MORE!

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