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Foreclosure News September 18, 2020

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Foreclosure News

WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.,as RMBS Master Servicer

Posted by Neil Garfield on 09/15/20

RMBS SERVICING AGREEMENT Dated as of June 30, 2006
Mortgage Loans American Home Mortgage Investment Trust 2006-2

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ARTICLE IDefinitions
Section 1.01 Definitions.
Section 1.02 Other Definitional Provisions.
Section 1.03 Interest Calculations.
ARTICLE IIRepresentations and Warranties  
Section 2.01 Representations and Warranties Regarding the RMBS Servicer.
Section 2.02 Existence.
Section 2.03 Enforcement of Representations and Warranties.
ARTICLE IIIAdministration and Servicing of Mortgage Loans  
Section 3.01 RMBS Servicer to Act as RMBS Servicer.
Section 3.02 Subservicing Agreements Between RMBS Servicer and Subservicers.
Section 3.03 Successor Subservicers.
Section 3.04 Liability of the RMBS Servicer.
Section 3.05 Assumption or Termination of Subservicing Agreements by RMBS Master Servicer.
Section 3.06 Collection of Mortgage Loan Payments.
Section 3.07 Withdrawals from the Protected Account.
Section 3.08 Collection of Taxes Assessments and Similar Items; Servicing Accounts.
Section 3.09 Access to Certain Documentation and Information Regarding the Mortgage Loans.
Section 3.10 Maintenance of Primary Insurance Policies; Collection Thereunder.
Section 3.11 Maintenance of Hazard Insurance and Fidelity Coverage.
Section 3.12 Due-on-Sale Clauses; Assumption Agreements.
Section 3.13 Realization Upon Defaulted Mortgage Loans.
Section 3.14 Indenture Trustee to Cooperate; Release of Mortgage Files.
Section 3.15 Servicing Compensation.
Section 3.16 Reserved.
Section 3.17 Reserved.
Section 3.18 Optional Purchase of Defaulted Mortgage Loans.
Section 3.19 Information Required by the Internal Revenue Service Generally and Reports of Foreclosures and Abandonments of Mortgaged Property.
Section 3.20 Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Section 3.21 Waiver of Prepayment Charges.
ARTICLE IVServicing Certificate  
Section 4.01 Remittance Reports.
Section 4.02 Reserved.
Section 4.03 Reserved.
Section 4.04 Advances.
Section 4.05 Compensating Interest Payments.
Section 4.06 RMBS Servicer Compliance Statement.
Section 4.07 Report on Assessments of Compliance and Attestation.
Section 4.08 Attestation Reports.
Section 4.09 Annual Certification.
Section 4.10 Intention of the Parties and Interpretation.
Section 4.11 Indemnification.
ARTICLE VThe RMBS Servicer  
Section 5.01 Liability of the RMBS Servicer.
Section 5.02 Merger or Consolidation of or Assumption of the Obligations of the RMBS Servicer.
Section 5.03 Limitation on Liability of the RMBS Servicer and Others.
Section 5.04 RMBS Servicer Not to Resign.
Section 5.05 Delegation of Duties.
Section 5.06 Indemnification.
Section 5.07 Duties of the RMBS Servicer With Respect to the Indenture.
Section 5.08 Compliance with Applicable Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.
Section 6.01 Servicing Default.
Section 6.02 RMBS Master Servicer to Act; Appointment of Successor.
Section 6.03 Reserved.
Section 6.04 Waiver of Defaults.
ARTICLE VIIMiscellaneous Provisions  
Section 7.01 Amendment.
Section 7.02 GOVERNING LAW.
Section 7.03 Notices.
Section 7.04 Severability of Provisions.
Section 7.05 Third-Party Beneficiaries.
Section 7.06 Counterparts.
Section 7.07 Effect of Headings and Table of Contents.
Section 7.08 Termination.
Section 7.09 No Petition.
Section 7.10 No Recourse.
Section 7.11 Consent to Jurisdiction.
Section 7.12 Certain Terms Concerning Indenture Trustee.

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This RMBS Servicing Agreement, dated as of June 30, 2006, among Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as RMBS Master Servicer (“RMBS Master Servicer”), American Home Mortgage Investment Trust 2006-2, as Issuing Entity (the Issuing Entity”), American Home Mortgage Acceptance, Inc. as Sponsor (the “Sponsor”), American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. as RMBS Servicer (the “RMBS Servicer”) and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, as Indenture Trustee (the Indenture Trustee”).

W I T N E S S E T H   T H A T : WHEREAS, pursuant to the terms of the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, American Home Mortgage Securities LLC (the “Company” or “Depositor”) will acquire the Mortgage Loans;

What is the condition subsequent? — acquisition of loans. What does the agreement do? Nothing until the loans are acquired.

When are the loans acquired? Never.

Where can this agreement be found? Why was it uploaded? So lawyers in foreclosure cases could claim judicial notice of what appeared to be a government document when in fact the investment banks were taking advantage of a loophole that allows them to upload documents that are not reviewed, approved or controlled in any way.

Bottom Line: Before you start analyzing the document read the beginning. If it refers to an event that is not recited as having already occurred, or a transaction that is not specifically identified such that one could easily determine if the event had already occurred, then read no further. the document is worthless unless and until evidence is introduced proving that the event occurred.

The only proof that matters is the payment of value for the underlying debt or obligation. No such transaction exists because the only people who paid value were investors and all they received was an unsecured IOU (certificate/mortgage bond) from the investment bank. They did not receive ownership or any right, title or interest to any loan because they didn’t want it.

The same is true for the investment bank and everyone else. That is why they can claim they are not lenders and therefore not subject to claims of violations of lending laws. And THAT is why if you ask for proof of purchase of the loan you will get nothing but obfuscation and lies.

The same lesson holds true for “servicer” records. Are they the servicer? Only if they are administering a credit account for a creditor. If there is no account there is no creditor. If there is no creditor there can be no servicer. If there is no account there can be no claim of loss in that account.

Foreclosure News September 18, 2020

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FRAUD STOPPERS Daily Foreclosure News Alerts September 18, 2020

Daily update ⋅ September 18, 2020


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Courts will be “log jammed” by a rush of foreclosure proceedings, pushing back the time it’ll take for foreclosures to become finalized, he said. Jack …


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Hotels risk foreclosure left and right. It’s estimated roughly one out of every four U.S. hotels cannot keep up with its mortgage payments, and delinquent …


Foreclosure News September 18, 2020

Commissioners Talk Foreclosure Auction

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Berrien County’s foreclosed properties auction is set for September 26, but some county commissioners have concerns about how it’s being handled.


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Manhattan condo developer may face foreclosure on 4 projects

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ONE of Manhattan’s most prolific condo developers is facing potential foreclosure on four properties, after years of laggard sales – and a lender finally …


Foreclosure News September 18, 2020

Talking Business with Becky Bradley: Lehigh Valley leaders working to keep people in their homes …

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Neighbors in Niagara Falls Frustrated Over Garbage Dumped at Foreclosed Home

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Millions Are House-Rich but Cash-Poor. Wall Street Landlords Are Ready.

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… led to the emergence of Wall Street’s landlords during the foreclosure crisis a decade ago—there is likely to be a lot of forced sales and new renters.


Ovation co-developer Stan Thomas alleges he was defrauded out of hundreds of millions of dollars …

Nashville Business Journal

Throughout 2018, Thomas staved off a succession of foreclosure auctions, before deeding the property to a Gamma entity in early 2019. In court filings …


$120843 in environmental remedies for Concord foreclosed property

Independent Tribune

The City of Concord purchased the 208 Kerr Street NW property October 2015 as a tax foreclosed property. The community had concerns about the …


Class Action Suit Against Reverse Mortgage Lenders, Servicers Dismissed

Reverse Mortgage Daily

If the homeowners failed to comply, the companies would then file for foreclosure on the loan, the suit contended. The loan in question was originated …


Ypsilanti moves forward with affordable housing building near downtown

The city acquired the property from Washtenaw County for $101,977 under the right of first refusal after it was placed in foreclosure, records show.


CDC Eviction Moratorium Not Enough, Activists Say


On Thursday, one month before the Massachusetts eviction and foreclosure moratorium expires, activists urged lawmakers to approve legislation (H …


Foreclosure News September 18, 2020

Wave of foreclosures seen hitting commercial real estate

Laredo Morning Times

The property has entered foreclosure, due to high vacancy rates. Its problems preceded the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, but as cash- …


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Are foreclosures ahead? While there’s no crystal ball to answer this …

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People are concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to the foreclosure crisis that followed 2008, but those are two completely different real …


Fitch Downgrades Three FTA UCI Tranches; Removes four from RWN; Puts Three on Negative …

Fitch Ratings

Fitch applies additional foreclosure frequency (FF) adjustments to these loans based on the most recent date between last date in arrears or …


Mortgage assistance among Marion County’s final allotment of Cares Act funds

The Indianapolis Star

… new initiatives — including roughly $7 million in building modifications for the Indiana Convention Center and a foreclosure prevention program.


NJ Housing Leaders Urge Senate to Pass the People’s Bill on Virtual Legislative Day, Urge Action …


The meetings urged state action to prevent the widespread foreclosure and eviction crisis that is expected in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


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Todd Teta, chief product officer at ATTOM Data Solutions, tells Bloomberg Radio’s Denise Pellegrini we should be watching for a jump in foreclosures …


South Jamaica seniors face looming eviction threat without state action

Queens Daily Eagle

“It’s very scary,” said Thompson, whose family lost possession of the 123rd Avenue home to foreclosure after her aunt, the owner, died. CitiBank and …


Osceola County fights food insecurity, increases available grant dollars

Osceola News-Gazette

In addition to helping feed residents, the County continues rental and mortgage foreclosure prevention assistance. Residents can learn more at …


Mustang is back

Petroleum News

AIDEA, which had earlier foreclosed on the Mustang assets (a gravel pad, … reneged on loan obligations to AIDEA that ultimately led to foreclosure.


Voices: Feed the People – compassion over charity

Missoula Current

Forty million more face eviction or foreclosure amid this pandemic. … There is a nationwide surplus of housing as foreclosed property or vacant hotel …



The Review

County Treasurer v. Truman Holdings; delinquent property tax foreclosure ordered against property at 1028 Lower Elkton Road, Columbiana.


Today’s Headlines

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LADOT Seeks Input On Lincoln Blvd Rework (Biking in L.A.); County Launching Mortgage and Foreclosure Relief Program (Urbanize); Fire Destroys …


How Low Can You Offer on a House?

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American Dream mega mall is hiring as it prepares to reopen

Triple Five cut a deal in August to avoid foreclosure. Our journalism needs your support. Please subscribe today to Allison Pries may be …


NYC taxi drivers drowning in debt shut down Brooklyn Bridge in desperate plea to de Blasio

New York Daily News

The city Taxi and Limousine Commission halted all medallion foreclosures in April and May during the pandemic, but records show 68 were …


A million mortgage borrowers fall through Covid safety net

The Australian

… data, potentially leaving them vulnerable to foreclosure and eviction. … local restrictions on evictions and foreclosures expire as early as January.


The 901: ‘Not today, Satan!’ Students, parents protest SCS decision to delay sports

The Commercial Appeal

Today, we’re looking at a big win for death row inmate Pervis Payne and at the prospect of a wave of evictions and foreclosures. Also, yours truly will …


PODCAST: We Talk to Zohran Mamdani, a Democratic Socialist Who Will be Representing the 36th …

Long Island City Post

Mamdani, who was previously a foreclosure prevention specialist, plans to focus heavily on the housing crisis. He talks about the need for universal …


Westchester unveils programs to help those in financial need due to COVID-19

News 12 Westchester

The next program is a foreclosure prevention for homeowners who lost their jobs – there’s $2.5 million available for them. A third program is an eviction …


Amsterdam council mulls vacant building law

The Daily Gazette

Casale said in Gloversville the situation is different in that foreclosed … lot of vacant buildings and parcels it has acquired through foreclosure, and he …


Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #189

Amsterdam News

Yes, we are about to go around a corner, a corner of foreclosure on nearly everything we cherish, everything we value and everything so dearly …



Tulsa World

… pendency of this action, and for foreclosure of Plaintiff’s lien on the above-described property. WITNESS my hand this 3rd day of September, 2020.


Navarro blames Pelosi for stalled negotiations on next round of coronavirus relief

Fox News

… because they understand the pain and suffering of the people in this country, whether it’s not having a job or whether facing eviction or foreclosure.”.


The CDC Eviction Moratorium: An Epic Case Study in Very Bad Policy

Cato Institute

A federal ban through year end would ensure what would amount to confiscatory outcomes, such as foreclosure and loss of properties, for some …


Non-Profits Work To Help Residents Of Osceola County’s Star Motel


… the pandemic has added to a homelessness problem that began with the 2008 recession when families ended up losing their homes to foreclosure.


Newsletter: September 17

Tribeca Citizen

Plus the W Hotel downtown will close permanently; the Gap building at risk of foreclosure; a dinner for $20k. THE YEAR (SO FAR) IN PICTURES


Home-sharing aims to reduce homelessness

Pamplin Media Group

“This program has the potential to prevent foreclosure and create literally thousands of rentals out of thin air because the rooms already exist,” …


Endorsement: In Seat 4, re-elect Michele Lazarow, a voice of reason on the Hallandale Beach City …

Sun Sentinel

… most recently a foreclosure on a more than $700,000 mortgage that is still pending in Broward County Court to which he is a party. Advertisement.


If We Are Serious About Racial Equality, We Need to Start in Our Own Neighborhoods


Some working-class people will buy homes that they later lose in foreclosure, but that is better than letting home-ownership become a luxury good.


Housing, Eviction and Foreclosure Assistance

Angie Craig –

Housing, Eviction and Foreclosure Assistance. Minnesota currently has a suspension on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 peacetime …


Renter Protections and Foreclosure Risk in the Era of COVID-19

Public Policy Institute of California

Recent legislation raises concerns about how comprehensive housing relief efforts have been. After the temporary evictions and foreclosures …


Foreclosure Tickets, Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 10:00 AM


Eventbrite – CELEBRITY TITLE presents Foreclosure – Tuesday, September 22, 2020 – Find event and ticket information.


Rice County Tax Foreclosure Auction

Rice County, Kansas

span style= font size 12pt Rice County Tax Foreclosure Auction scheduled for October 22, 2020 at 10 00 a.m..


TRCP 736 Expedited Foreclosure Order Application (Residential Foreclosures)


TRCP 736 Expedited Foreclosure Order Application (Residential Foreclosures) (TX)by Practical Law Real Estate Related Content Maintained …


Notice of Default and Foreclosure Sale

The News Virginian

Tax Map No.: 076E-13-4-12 NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND FORECLOSURE SALE, made this 3rd day of September, 2020, by Trevor B. Reid, …


Stop Foreclosure

Family Law

Our top priority at Macfarlane LegalWorks is helping clients find effective solutions to attain debt relief and stop the foreclosure process. Your house is …


Commissioners Talk Foreclosure Auction

Rock 107 WIRX

Berrien County’s foreclosed properties auction is set for September 26, but some county commissioners have concerns about how it’s being handled.


D30A Eviction & Foreclosure Prevention Townhall


Get information about how to plan ahead as the foreclosure moratorium ends next month. Learn more about court reopenings and what you can …


CLERICUS – Foreclosure Sale List

Sumter County Clerk of Courts

FORECLOSURE SALE LISTING. SALE DATE: 08/22/2019. The following foreclosure sales are scheduled to be auctioned at 10:00AM at the Sumter …


New Owner Wants City to Drop Foreclosure, Waive Fines on Seminole Hotel

Lake Wales News

New Owner Wants City to Drop Foreclosure, Waive Fines on Seminole Hotel. Officials Say “Ship Sailed,” Not Waiving $265,000 in Fines.


Deficiency Judgments in New Jersey | NJ Deficiency Laws | AllLaw


These are just some of the reasons to consider consulting an attorney if you’re facing a foreclosure. Deficiency Judgments After Foreclosures in New …


1061 Orange Terrace FL 33445 – Foreclosure

PBC Home Auctions

Bid now for 1061 Orange Terrace at the Foreclosure Auction! Browse our huge list of foreclosed properties to find your next home in Palm Beach …


Foreclosure PHILGROVE WAY Memphis TN 38125

Foreclosure in Philgrove Way – Memphis, TN – 3BR/2BATH – $142000 – Click for more info about this property.


Stop My Foreclosure


I have fallen very behind on the property taxes and they put a foreclosure sign up in my front yard on Sunday. I have one week to meet my goal and stop …


Columbus Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Athena Legal

Stops foreclosure on your home; Allows you to catch up your mortgage a little bit at a time instead of in a lump-sum payment; Stops repossession of …


Fundraiser by James Moore : Help James prevent foreclosure of his house


Hi everyone I’m fundraising to save my house from foreclosure by my mortgage company while I recover from two heart attacks last April. My failing …


gorgeous colorado city land. home site in pueblo county! foreclosure!

Government Auction



E 512 Jefferson, Bristow, OK 74010


E 512 Jefferson, Bristow, OK 74010 Foreclosure. Investor and homebuyer opportunity! This property was recently foreclosed upon and is now …


Rossrock Fund II, LP v Toledo

Justia Law

A foreclosure sale scheduled for October 25, 2012, was stayed after Boothe filed a bankruptcy petition in the Eastern District of New York. When that …


Zillow Foreclosures Florida Keys

The current market of distress foreclosure sales and Florida Keys … Search Free South Florida foreclosure listings, foreclosed homes, …


Emergency Order #6 Regarding Foreclosure Cases Filed in Third Circuit Court

Hawaii State Judiciary

All in-person hearings in foreclosure cases are suspended as of the date of this Order until further order of the Court. 3. All motions for summary and/or …



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