Is it identity theft or invasion of privacy?

by Neil Garfield


They have stopped calling the certificates mortgage  bonds because they have nothing to do with the mortgages and they are not bonds.

Hat tip to “Summer Chione”

This is a very good article that was written as an email. My compliments to the author.

However, after additional analysis and reflection I think I have come to a different conclusion regarding identity theft by the banks. The securities that were sold were merely based upon data reported by the investment bank in its sole discretion — meaning the issuing investment bank (masquerading as an underwriter) could say anything it wanted and everyone else (including counterparties to hedge and insurance contracts) were contractually bound to accept such pronouncement.

The actual asset that was securitized was the proceeds of a bet about the value of the fictitious portfolio or data arising out of specific events. All this was done under cover of a scheme in which the certificates that investors purchased were originally labeled as mortgage bonds. They have stopped calling the certificates mortgage  bonds because they have nothing to do with the mortgages and they are not bonds.

As part of the illegal scheme they pretended to own the debt, note and mortgage of homeowners when in fact nobody did own it. And to corroborate the erroneous presumption that the loans were being acquired through purchase and sale they added personal information about the individual homeowners. So the securities were sold but apparently not the identities. And the identities of homeowners were not actually turned into any sort of commodity.

So my current opinion is that, without consent of homeowners, they were name dropping and they were distributing confidential personal information to those who had no actual need to know that information, because the “investors” (i.e., victims) were buying into certificate accounts that conveyed no right, title or interest to any debt, note or mortgage.

This means that if a claim exists it might be invasion of privacy. Such a claim would also highlight the fact that securitization of loans does not in fact exist.

The following is Summer’s article:

CoreLogic is much more dangerous than you think.

CoreLogic  is a Grey Lord of Black Knight (Fidelity Financial) and Investment Bank whose duty is to PUSH YOU in foreclosure by any possible means. They also manipulate your data in their system and prepare forged documents in foreclosures.

Black Knight and CoreLogic are the actual  parties who originates and services your “loan” from money provided them by Investment Banks.

All others are scam. So, don’t try to understand how default debt buyers like Truman Trust or Lone Star or BlackRock got your loan as “default debt”. They never did.

They merely entered their password on Black Knight/CoreLogic’s system where information about your loan is listed as “defaulted”

I use Rubic’s Cube as a sample to illustrate how Black Knight’s system works, just to visualize .

Generally, the cube has 6 sides which can rotate in all directions. You can only see the front of the cube – but not the mechanics.

It used to be purely mechanical game, now it was invented electric self-solving Rubic’s cube.

Now imagine that each side of the “cube” is DATA about your loan and other loans. Green side is performing loan; yellow is default, red is foreclosure, blue  are swaps ; white is options; orange are futures or hedge contracts.

Anyone who has client number and password can get asset to DATA about your loan in its  square  of the cube. But the data always stays inside the cube, only sides are turned into different directions.

Truman Trust  most likely has its client number and password in Black Knight/CoreLogic’s  system where DATA about your loan is shown as  default while Rushmore Servicer has its own password to present you copies of someone’s accounting entries as “evidence of ownership” .

This is how all possible players appear in Elle’s transaction. At some point all of them used Black Knight’s DATA about her loan to trade it while ALL transactions and money were handled by Black Knight/CoreLogic who paid insurance and taxes from investors money while Big Banks pocketed your escrow funds.

While Black Knight uses its system Empower to originate about 62% of ALL loans since 2015; CoreLogic has numerous platform, one of which called Lending Pad.

CoreLogic steal your identity, resell it to millions of other people (particularly predatory lenders)  without ANY consent from you or your knowledge; and place you under all possible undue hardships like bogus Flood Insurances – without any FEMA involvement. FEMA agreed to this scam because it means free easy money for them.

CoreLogic is the one who appraise your property above market place to help banks to trade your identity at the higher price.

CoreLogic is the one who secretly from you  maintain ALL your data, has access to ALL your credit reports forever. 

Lenders can request an Instant Merge credit report and find the most up-to-date borrower information available from the three major credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

HOW Merge Credit can get your information from major credit bureaus and WHY nobody tell you about transfer of your data to CoreLogic???

CoreLogic Flood Determinations are the most widely accepted and transferable Life of Loan Determinations on the market. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, CoreLogic guarantees that its Flood Determinations meet all federal regulatory requirements. Using the Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Flood Determinations provide all of the information necessary to determine whether flood insurance is available or required

This is slavery and terror.

CoreLogic is  a part of First American Title (with whom they purportedly “spun” about 10 years ago. Thus, when you get a property Title Insurance from a smaller sham conduit “Title Company”, you get it from the Mafia.

Either from CoreLogic’s FAM or Black Knight’s bundle of Title companies. Smaller “issuers” merely sell you CL or BK policies which will not cover anything.

CoreLogic Integrates Credit and Flood Services with LendingPad

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