State, city leaders help Bridgeport senior citizen facing foreclosure find options for relief

State and city leaders stepped into help a Bridgeport senior citizen facing foreclosure of her home find options.
When Lenora Bromfield came to the U.S. from Jamaica in search of a better life, she says one of her biggest aspirations was to achieve the American dream of home ownership. Decades later, that dream has become uncertain now that she faces foreclosure on her home.
Bromfield, who says she got cheated by her own attorneys during the foreclosure process, is one of many Bridgeport homeowners who didn’t understand at first if the president’s extension of the eviction moratorium applied to foreclosures.
“My state of mind — I’m very angry, I’m very frustrated. I have reached out to a lot of people, but to no avail,” she says. “Somebody has to intervene in my situation.”
Sen. Richard Blumenthal says the extension will not stop the foreclosure process for people like Bromfield, but it will keep them from being evicted at the end of that process.
“Her situation is heartbreaking; it is symptomatic of the housing crisis we face in this country, but there is relief,” he says. “There’s also a forbearance program, so we’re going to reach out to any and every source of help.”
Bridgeport City Council members Jorge Cruz and Jeanete Herron are also stepping in.
“Landlords are bringing a handwritten letter to the door telling them they need to get out now – you need to know your rights. That’s not the process,” Herron says. “There’s a court process involved. If you feel harassed, call the police.”
Officials say Bromfield won’t have to leave her house during the extension period.
Blumenthal says the forbearance program could keep thousands of Connecticut residents from facing eviction.

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