Daly v First National Bank of Montgomery

The Banking cartel is one of the oldest and most powerful criminal organizations in the modern world!


Watch this video about Daly v First National Bank of Montgomery and then imagine a corporation where there are weekly employee conferences, and in the middle of their conference room there is always a rock band playing loud, disturbing music. Rather than simply removing the rock band, the attendees are required, by their boss, to work around the noise. The attendees methodically create an entire system where they can use special headphones, and acoustic panels to block the rock band’s music long enough to have an audible discussion. Sometimes the attendees are rewarded when they figure out a highly effective scheme to counter the noise. None of the attendees can ever acknowledge the band, or even dare to speak in condemnation of it, instead they learn to adjust and operate around the problem. This is precisely the case with our current monetary policy.

The greatest secret to understanding the economy is that commercial private banks counterfeit money while everyone else must work for it. This type of money (sometimes called currency) is called the broad money aggregates and It is defined as counterfeiting because the supreme law of the land states that only congress can coin money (read that to mean in today’s world, manage the creation of money). But more than 90% of our money is created outside the government ledger/digital and ledger/digital money is not legal tender as the video Daly v First National Bank of Montgomery proves.

This broad electronic money is created by private banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank., PNC Bank, Bank of New York Mellon Corp, Capital One, TD Bank, etc. Furthermore, the Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortium of corporations – mainly banks – run the world economy. The reality of the matter is that this banking cartel is a criminal organization and operate despite the constitutional laws of a sovereign country. This organization is the apex of gangland strata. They have hundreds of trillions of dollars at their disposal. They wear proper suits with ties. They attend government galas where the politicians kiss the ground the walk on. But most importantly, they are involved in controlling information. On March of 1915 they bought 27 of the top newspapers and inserted their own editors. They use operatives to monitor prominent politicians such as state governors and senators. The Banking cartel is one of the oldest and most powerful criminal organization in the modern world.

Today the banks have taken the counterfeiting a step further by introducing direct deposit debit cards. Our money is mostly created when we borrow money from the bank, and it is not legal tender paper money, it is counterfeit credit electronic money. Only the base money supply is legal tender, but this is less than 3% of the total money supply. There was approximately $1.37 trillion in circulation as of June 4, 2015, of which $1.32 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes. Meanwhile, we have a national debt of 18 trillion dollars and a consumer debt of 12 trillion dollars. This is primarily, because the banks are loaning counterfeit electronic money.

There are three economic models proposed to explain what banks actually do. One model is called “Financial Intermediation Theory”, (FI) another model is called the “fractional theory of banking (FR)” and finally the third is the “Credit Creation Theory of Banking (CC)”. The FI Theory is what banking is with a 100% Banking. That means that for each deposit there is an equivalent amount of money in reserve. The second, the FR model is fractional reserve banking. Banks only need to keep records of deposit and lend out the rest. Sometimes this model is explained with reserve requirements. This is in line with what is taught in schools using the concept of fractional reserve lending and the consequential multiplicity effect. Spend 80,000 dollars and four years and this is what they will teach you in college.

The third model, CC Theory of banking, is based on empirical evidence and therefore the correct model. It follows money creation by banks without affecting deposits. Another words, credit truly comes out of thin air (ex niholo).

Today, the courts, scholars and intelligentsia are pacified by counter explanations such as fractional reserve lending and the velocity of money. But let us be very clear about it, this is merely to hide the counterfeiting.

To the uninformed, the ECONOMY appears to be a series of coincidental events. When something catastrophic occurs in the economy, the media addresses it as though it was unforeseen. They make great efforts to avoid letting the cat out of the bag.

There are some groups that believe that the economy collapses because the banks only create the principal and not the interest, and that, therefore, there is insufficient money in circulation to pay back the he interest. The fact is that the interest and the principal could be paid back because of the velocity of money. However, if too much credit is issued too rapidly the system collapses and the velocity of money is ineffective.

Crossing that threshold should be criminal because it is an intentional destruction of the economy. But Banks time and time again used these asset bubbles to cause foreclosures and bankruptcies and thereby wealth transfer. Quite simply these recessions and depressions, are in the insider bank’s agenda. The use counterfeiting schemes to transfer real wealth from the public to their control. In short, they are trading commercial machinery, businesses, houses for computer money created out of nothing, and the courts are at their disposal.

The media mentions the national debt, but it never directs its attention as to who is buying the savings bonds and with what money? They don’t address the fact that our money does not need to be created as a result of credit, and therefore, those savings bonds are entirely unnecessary. What more, most of our Income Tax revenues goes to pay of the interest on the savings bonds that the banks acquired through the use of schemes involving counterfeit money. The schools and the media do not publicize the exact mechanism involved and so the public is always in the dark when catastrophic economic events take place. In many cases those that attempt to address the issue of counterfeiting are dismissed in court because the idea is “patently ludicrous”.

The end result is a fiefdom, where they own the corporations and the homes we live in and we pay a mortgage for most of our lives. We are going to be buried in debt, nationally and personally. Now you can look the other way and ignore the problem. You could keep voting in the Clintons and Bushes and Obamas, plenty of those guys around. You can label this comment as misinformation, and look the away from the possibility that one day our constitutional republic will be no more. It may be that you might see the validity of this comment when one day, for one reason or another, they may come knocking on your door. IF that happen remember the facts that are shown in the case of Daly v First National Bank of Montgomery and remember that FRAUD STOPPERS is here to help you fight against mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud. 

Join FRAUD STOPPERS in the fight against the criminal banking cartel and its efforts to foreclose on innocent homeowners.

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