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OMG we really did it. The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners is fighting behind the scenes to put an end to the foreclosure madness and corruption plaguing our nation; and we finally have our CA courts in a vice grip with the Criminal Joinder that was filed. Last Wednesday a Criminal Joinder was filed at these courts to which allow people not only from California but from all across the nation. We explain why on our . The POWER case is HUGE and this woman is the Advocate of all Advocates whom has been involved in many protests just as you all are. Thus my reason for reaching out personally to you specifically.

This Criminal Joinder is why many of our league member will be out in force next week to the homeless shelters in our areas to try and find those whom are living on the street because of thee wrongful foreclosures.

We have hundreds of volunteers across the nation joining us, and it is our prayer, our hope that this protest will be heard around the world. All this costs is the copying or filling out this CV-30 Joinder form and mailing it in to the court.

For our three very special investigative journalist (CA-WA-Canada) also included in this BCC we ask you fill out a media request form and get it in ASAP, because the “yit” is about to hit the fan as we already have about a hundred of these in the mail as of this weekend from our core league members going in. Her case is also on the web link herein.

You can download the blank Criminal Joinder CV-30 form below or just use our pre filled form so that you can forward to those not so lucky that you know who have been victimized by the Federalized Banking industry at large.

Bottom line, they have been using us, by usurpation of our names, to launder trillions of our Nations Money off shore through these illegal foreclosure process’ to boot us on the street and force us to flip the bill. You all know me, have spoken with me, and have the connections to participate in one of the worlds largest foreclosure protest in the history of mankind.


Attorneys representing the Defendants_w_emails

CV-30 – interested Party Form


Scan_BNY Mellon Certs




Please help us help both you and your clients who have not been so lucky to really drive this message home.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain in this stance. Please, we need your help…

Remember, the connections that you have may just be the very ones we need to pull this through for all of us, so do not be shy, you all know that i would not send this if i did not know for sure we have a strong hold in… i appreciate you, and i know how brilliant you are. come shine your light! #ShareTheLove! Pass it on….

To reiterate, this is a criminal joinder to which applies across the board, especially for any MERS nominee as this is a trademark system used for derivative trading of copyright material, to which is usurpation of your social security number for use trades.

In other words, they have been using your SS# for intellectual government property trading and the attached MERS trademark is prima facia evidence that MERS was the undisclosed BORROWER against your SS# through which the projected value of your APR (what it would cost to pay off your loan full term) was borrowed in order to tandem net advance your transaction while in turn offering certificates against the manipulated LIBOR index for derivative trading.

There are many things being withheld from the general public at large that are far to detailed to go into and way too many good people have suffered for it.

There are over 530 REMIC’s that can directly be applied and many players involved in this scheme. The league objective in assisting with the sharing of this joinder action is for the implementation of a Grantor Recovery Redemption Rehabilitation system to which will force a swap down these back trades through this backwards BK using diminutive of loss principles under the 16th Amendment to offset the deficit and to balance the books to which have been holding our SS# trades in tax shelters under the IRS notating us as the unaware investor under a Amicus Curiae being finalized for submission into federal claims.

Bottom line, in order for derivative trading to exist there has to be a copyright in which to trade off of.  A living breathing human being cannot be copyright material as our stories are ongoing and belong to us alone.   If you read the below MERS trademark agreement with NationsBank you will soon come to realize that what has been done – is nothing more than a form of human trafficking by treating humans as nothing more than government chattel under the SS# being used as derivative swaps.

Those in homeless shelters over the weekend have shared with me stories of abuse, rape, removal of children for state custody, murder of pets, and yes even murder of people including elders whom have simply vanished.   As someone who has been beaten myself i know how very real this is.  The Powers case holds S.W.A.T orders of a 50 year old unarmed woman and her son forced at gunpoint, not for anything she did, but for what she knew.

Thank you for those whom are already spreading the word and especial those whom have already gotten signatures from people in those shelters, as no one should be left behind or forgotten.  We are the victims, we are the surity this nation is backed by and we will not stop until these illegal foreclosures stop and the people of this nation whom have been injured by court blocking of due process rights to which we have already exposed.

There have been two talk shows already about this case and more being scheduled on-line in the upcoming weeks,  for those of you getting the word out there please feel free to use the direct link to POWERS v BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON on the site for more updates as they become available.

I cannot reiterate enough.   THIS IS HUGE – the only expense to joinder is the cost of the paper and mail to get it into the court.   There is no hidden agenda, this is a peaceful protest for novation through change.


Here is a video to watch



> suggested:

> 1. Fill out the form, have your affidavit of crimes against

> you/declaration notarized and attached to the form 2. Fill out an

> Envelope for Return of copies stamped 3. Send the original and two

> copies, original for filing and 2 copies for return 4. Make sure you

> have it returned with signature required for you 5. Overnight the

> package to the court clerk for filing UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT




ATTN: Court Clerk for filing


411 W 4th St, Santa Ana, California 92701


God Bless you all…


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