Are Foreclosure Judges Taking Bribes from Banks to Illegally Foreclose on Homeowners?

Investigative journalist Janet Phelan, author of the book Exile and expert on uncovering evidence of financial corruption infesting our courts, exposes how corrupt foreclosure judges may be taking bribes from mortgage lenders, loan servicers, and foreclosure attorneys and law firms to out-of-hand rule in favor for lenders seeking to Illegally foreclose on homeowners.

If you are fighting foreclosure fortunately there are now multiple tools available for those who wish to hold their judge accountable for financial hanky panky. Research indicates that roughly two thirds of the judges have financial and loan profiles redolent of money laundering. That means that your judge may have accepted pay offs in order to throw your case, and if so that means that he or she is one of the Corrupt Foreclosure Judges that need to be investigated.

If you suspect Corrupt Foreclosure Judges are on the take you can download and use this Request For Judicial Disclosure, a boilerplate form created by Randy Kelton of the Rule of Law Radio.


Download the Request for Judicial Disclosure form here:


Learn more about how you can enforce due process and the rule of law at:


For more information on how judges are getting paid under-the-table to deny innocent homeowners the justice and legal remedy that they deserve watch Janet’s informative webinar on how to research your judge’s financial affairs, archived at The Lawful Path Catalog


Janet Phelan Reporter at large EXPOSING corruption, abuse and crime within our government

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