Here we go again with the same repeated offender bankster: Dual Tracking!!!!

When Elizabeth and David Ball fell onto financially hard times after David lost his job in 2014, they decided to undergo a home loan modification.

Upon starting the process with CitiMortgage, Elizabeth clearly remembers asking how to proceed with the payments on their home.

She tells CBS 11:

“In one of the conversations, I was like should I make a house payment? They were like no! Don’t do that because that will confuse the issue, that will really mess things up.”

But when CitiMortgage’s collection department failed to receive mortgage payments, the Balls got a nasty surprise in the mail— a foreclosure warning.

Worried and confused, Elizabeth called CitiMortgage again to clarify the situation. The company told the mom again that it was nothing to worry about:

“She said, that department isn’t caught up with what we’re doing here in the modification department.”

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