Hope you can all help get this out to as many people as possible, post this link and share with anyone who will get the word out, Facebook, Twitter, anything. A Huge thank you to you all in advance as I know you will do your best to help spread the word as you have all been doing for so long. Below is what you can cut and paste if you wish or edit as you please, if the link doesn’t work, cut and paste into a new window as it works for sure that way, I tested it both ways.


It does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat, this nomination is appalling it is the Democratic party that has asked to tell our stories lets tell them. Below is a partial list of The Treasury Secretary’s duties and why he isn’t qualified for the job


Thank you and my God bless all of you, I know you have all suffered greatly but we can still try this one last shot. Good luck


The Senate Democrats have invited people to tell their stories about OneWest Bank at this website: https://democrats.senate.gov/foreclosureking/#.WFP3AxQydUR


A borrower’s perspective as to why Mnuchin should not be Treasury Secretary:

  • Managing Federal finances; (Well he couldn’t get our small accounts right, how on earth is he qualified to manage the Federal finances expect that he is so good at enriching himself and the elite and he will continue to do that at the expense of the American people as his record has shown.)
  • Managing Government accounts and the public debt; (Once again, he can’t manage to get millions of mortgage accounts correct, he engineered a financial fraud on the FDIC and tax payers through the loss share agreement thereby helping to increase the public debt. An  agreement which incentivized his bank to foreclose on loans) If he can’t properly manage millions of small loans how can he manage Government accounts.
  • Supervising national banks and thrift institutions; (Wait, this will be putting the fox in charge of the hen house, how can a man who has proven to use fraud, lies, forgery, false accounting and more while in charge of a bank be qualified to supervise other banks and financial institutions, this is a travesty)
  • Enforcing Federal finance and tax laws;(Not qualified, he failed to follow these laws while in charge of One West Bank so how can he be trusted to enforce these laws against his buddies in Wall Street. HE CANNOT)
  • Investigating and prosecuting tax evaders, counterfeiters, and forgers. (Not qualified-his bank counterfeited notes by making multiple copies of them, he evaded paying taxes on loan transfers by using MERS and other fraudulent means to transfer servicing rights and notes, his bank was king of forgeries using foreclosure mills like David Stern’s office, Nationwide Title Clearing to fabricate and forge documents they needed to foreclose, submitting these forged documents into court bringing fraud upon the court, how can he possibly be qualified to investigate and prosecute institutions and individuals for the same thing he and his bank are guilty of)


  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST; there is a huge conflict of interest here, he still has major ties to CIT group who bought OWB (IMB HoldCo) and even if he were to resign his positions his friends, backers and Goldman Sachs buddies are still investors (George Soros, Michael Dell, John Paulson and more)  in this and other institutions that stand to reap huge benefits and favors if he is allowed to take this post.  He cannot be trusted and we do not want George Soros to have any links with the Treasury, too dangerous by far


Wall Street got bailed out while Main Street was told to take a hike. Our Government sold us out; yet without Main Street, there would be no Wall Street, without Main Street there would be no Government and this Government was elected to serve the people of Main Street not themselves and the Fat Cats of Wall Street.


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