Jennifer Rogers considers herself a savvy consumer.

“I read terms and agreements. I make sure I’m doing things the right way,” said Rogers, a Scottsdale resident.

She thought she did things the right way when she used mobile depositing for a $1,500 check.

But two months later, she says Bank of America took $1,500 out of her account with no explanation.

“I called the bank and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, is there some kind of mistake? What’s happening?’ And they said ‘We can’t tell you’,” said Rogers.

Jennifer had to do her own digging.

“I’m trying to figure out: Where’s my money? Who took it? And why does it say the bank took it?” said Rogers.

She filed a police report, working with a detective to get more information.

“The check was lost and stolen,” said Rogers.

She learned that the mobile deposit went through, but someone stole the actual check. Bank of America held Jennifer responsible.

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