Arkansas Foreclosure Law Firm, Mickel Law Firm, Admits to the Absence of any Mortgagee in Court Documents




Why would a lawyer go to court without a client?

Answer: Because they are engaged in total fraud, and they don’t care who knows it.

It doesn’t matter if the lawyers trying to foreclose on your property don’t work for any real party of interest, or even if there isn’t a real party of interest who has the legal right to foreclose, because the judges cant seem to get past the fact that you are late on your mortgage, and therefore well someone should be able to foreclose on your property.

Maybe the mailman or your children’s teacher should be able to foreclose on your property. After all, well you did miss your mortgage payments, right?
OK, so what difference does it make if this law firm doesn’t actual represent anyone, and they openly admit that there is on mortgagee who is the holder of the note in due course with rights to enforce? After all someone should be able to foreclose, so it might as well be bozo the clown and his lawyers, for all the judge is concerned.


Folks if you want trail ready evidence to prove that the party attempting to foreclose on your property does not have the legal right to do so get our court ready audit and expert witness affidavit today and get the evidence you need to win in court. Otherwise the judge just might let bozo the clown and his lawyers steal your happy little home.

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