Stop Foreclosure and Sue the Banks for Fraud for only $295 

Join FRAUD STOPPERS right now and get the FACTS & EVIDENCE you need to win.

  • A Mortgage Fraud Analysis to uncover legal violations of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) regarding the improper negotiation, transfer, and delivery of the mortgage loan contract.

  • A Bloomberg Securitization Search (Loan Lookup) to uncover the true holder of the note with rights to enforce.

  • A U.C.C Mortgage Fraud Report (if applicable) detailing violations of the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C) found in your mortgage loan contract.

  • A Potential Cause of Action Consultation to discuss the details of your mortgage fraud analysis and available options for remedy

  • Powerful Informal Discovery Documents to help gather material facts needed to lay the groundwork for a federal and state lawsuit

  • A TILA Rescission Letter to rescind (cancel) the mortgage loan contract using the power of federal law

  • TORT Letters to stop a foreclosure sale

  • A Turnkey Federal FDCPA Lawsuit demanding financial compensation for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)

  • Bankruptcy Forms & Information to use bankruptcy rule 3001 to get clear and marketable title to your real property

  • FBI Bank Fraud Package to report lender / loan servicer for counterfeiting securities as described under 18 U.S.C. § 474

  • Home Modification Report & Auto-Generated Mod Docs to streamline your loan mod approval

  • BONUS REPORTS that includes insider banking secrets, winning cases, and more

  • Members Only Access to Litigation Support Products & Services designed to help you save time and money and increase your odds of success getting the legal remedy you deserve





For information on foreclosure defense call us at 800-459-1215. We offer litigation support, admissible evidence, expert witness testimony, education, training, and support in all 50 states to attorneys and pro se homeowners.





Get the FACTS & Evidence to win the legal remedy that you deserve today.





FRAUD STOPPERS Can Help You Stop Foreclosure and Mortgage Fraud

If you or anyone you know is facing foreclosure, or has already lost a property to foreclosure, and want to sue for mortgage fraudforeclosure fraud, wrongful foreclosure, or quiet title to your home FRAUD STOPPERS PMA can help you save time and money and increase your odds of success getting the legal remedy that you deserve. If you have received a Notice of Default (NOD) or a Foreclosure Notice (Foreclosure Complaint) and you want to know how to respond to the Notice of Default (NOD) or a Foreclosure Notice (Foreclosure Complaint) join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today because FRAUD STOPPERS has a proven system to help you fight to save your home from foreclosure and sue for mortgage fraud. FRAUD STOPPERS turnkey Quiet Title Lawsuit package or Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit package includes a court ready complaint (petition for damages), Bloomberg Securitization Audit, Expert Witness Affidavit, Application for Temporary Restraining Order (to stop a foreclosure sale or stop an eviction), Lis Pendens (to cloud the marketability of the title to the real property), and Pro Se legal education material that can show you how to win a Quiet Title Lawsuit or win a Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit. This entire court ready Quiet Title Lawsuit Package or Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Package can help you save money in legal fees and help you increase your odds of success. Join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today and get mortgage fraud analysis and the facts and evidence you need to get the legal remedy you deserve at




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